Remembering William Harry Lees

William Harry Lees of Boone, Iowa has passed away. Bill Lees served as¬†Iowa SAR President in 1981.¬† He was active in leadership positions and¬†membership recruitment and¬†was presented¬†with the Minuteman Medal from the National Society,¬† S.A. R.¬† That award is the highest award presented to a Compatrtiot for active and distinguished service rendered to the National¬†Society.¬† Annually at the Spring Leadership Meeting,¬†the Minuteman¬† Committee selects and announces¬†no more than six recipients in the nation¬†for the current year.¬† The President General presents the award during the Minuteman Ceremony¬†at the National Congress.¬† It is not presented in¬†abstentia.¬† A¬†Compatriot can receive the¬†Minuteman Award only once in his lifetime. William Harry Lees¬† Feb 9, 1921 –¬† June 19, 2018 He will be dearly [...]
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