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African American Revolutionary War Patriot Memorial

See the original article at “WASHINGTON – Legislation introduced by Senator Chuck Grassley that wouldhelp establish a memorial to honor free and enslaved African Americans whoserved or provided civilian assistance during the American Revolution hasreceived committee approval. Earlier this week, the Senate Committee on Energy and National Resourcesfavorably reported the National Liberty Memorial Act. Grassley and SenatorChris Dodd sponsored the legislation which now must be considered by thefull Senate and House of Representatives. “The sacrifices of African Americans who served in the Revolutionary Warhave gone unnoticed for too long,” Grassley said. “Both freed and enslavedAfrican Americans, including Iowan Cato Mead, were instrumental in theindependence of this great nation, having served in militias and underGeneral Washington as soldiers and sailors.” The National Liberty Memorial would be located on the National Mall to honorthe more than 5,000 slaves and free African Americans who served or assistedduring the Revolutionary War. Grassley’s work to get the memorial built began when several young Iowanstook an interest in the effort and helped with the initial push for thememorial. No taxpayer dollars are used for memorials on the National Mall.This measure authorizes the National Mall Liberty Fund D.C. to raise privatemoney for the new memorial. One [...]

Revolutionary War Veteran PICTURES!

Compatriots of Central Iowa Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolutionand Brother of the Dodge Camp of the Sons of Union Veterans of the CivilWar, Just to prove how small a world this is, I thought you might enjoy anarticle from Life magazine that was written by Archibald MacLeish.  If theMacLeish name sounds familiar it is.  You might recall Barbara MacLeish wasthe driving force behind documenting Cato Mead as the only African AmericanRevolutionary War veteran buried in Iowa and she also was instrumental indocumenting Ebenezer Ayres as the 40th confirmed Revolutionary War Veteranburied in Iowa. This is an interesting article that links the Revolutionary War Veterans whowere still living in 1864 during the Civil War. I thought you might enjoy it. Life Magazine May 31, 1948 Mike RowleyProud member ofS.A.R  www.iowasar.orgSUVCW [...]

New Section

A new section has been added!  Please see the “Books” link on the right listed under “resources”.  Presently there is only one link so if you have any relevant links on books please feel free to send them along via the “Contact Us” link (last link under the Main Menu). [...]

Captain James Perrine

Brother and Compatriots, The Iowa Rifles and the Central Iowa chapter S.A.R. appear on the front pageof the Des Moines Register as part of a larger group photo.  Toe to toe andat attention. Although small it may be one of my favorite photos of our group in action. A short video may be seen here F, C & L, Mike [...]

How YOU can easily help the Iowa National Guard

Please take a minute and go to vote for this Pepsi refresh project. It is very hard on our soldiers’ eyes to try to use glasses and contacts in Iraq and Afghanistan. These Eye Surgeons have generously volunteered to donate their time and efforts to help our Soldiers see more clearly. They are currently able to offer the surgery at roughly half-price, but if they can get this grant they can offer an even steeper discount. Please be sure to share this link with your friends and family. MAY NO SOLDIER GO UNLOVED! [...]

New Photo section

The Photos section has been updated.  With the new layout adding pictures is easier than ever before. So send in your pics of all your chapter activities [...]

CIC Update

Central Iowa Chapter (S.A.R.) members, Just a quick note of thanks to all who were able to attend the program atthe Iowa Historical Museum on Friday.  The celebration of the 201st birthdayof Abrahm Lincoln had many highlights. Among those were a wonderful AbrahamLincoln performance by Mr. Dehaan of Orange City, Iowa.  He is in my humbleopinion among the best Lincoln presenters in the world. (see attached photo) Our own Compatriot, Brig. General Steve Bogle presented a proclamation fromthe Governor to the Iowa Rifles Color Guard unit. (see attached photo). In addition to seeing and speaking with members of our own chapter, I hadthe great pleasure of seeing members of the DAR, CAR, SUVCW, SVR, MayflowerSociety, Civil War Rountable and Des Moines Historical Society. Members of the Central Iowa Color Guard had the pleasure of presentinginformation on the American Revolutionary War and answering questions for112 5th graders at Beaver Creek Elementary School in Johnston, Iowa. (seeattached photo). Last of all since it is Valentine’s Day I can’t resist sending a bit ofhistory on the topic, First American-Made Valentines Sold: February 14, 1849ON THIS DAY… …in 1849, the first American-made valentines were sold in Worcester.They were designed and made by Esther Howland, [...]

Soldiers Angels

To Compatriots of Iowa S.A.R., I received the below information from the spouse of webmasterand also the mother of the youngest IASSAR member.  It sounds like a greatidea to me.  I am going to at least reduce the number to 1,703 soldierswaiting.  If you would like to do likewise Amber’s email is listed at thebottom. Thanks, Mike Rowley———————————————————————————————————————————-“amber rowley” Did you know? Did you know there are currently 1,704 soldiers waiting with Soldier’sAngels to be adopted? 1,704 servicemen and women could really use somesupport and encouragement and a word of thanks from those of us that arestate side. I’d like to take a moment to encourage your friends, familymembers, co-workers, even children to get involved with SA. It only takes afew minutes every week to jot off a note to a soldier, even if it’s just apostcard to ask how they are doing and to let them know you are thinkingabout them. Care packages don’t have to be huge, even just a few smalltrinkets once or twice a month would be ok. The post office now offers free shipping materials and flat rates formilitary packages (I wish they’d done this when I was sending them to myhubby!). This is [...]

Newest Member

Congratulations (finally) to Dr. Bovenmyer. The newest member (approved 1-7-2010) of the Iowa Society of the Sons of theAmerican Revolution. Respectfully, Mike RowleyCentral Iowa Chapter, [...]
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