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Ebenezer Ayres

Born: Fairfield Co., CT, March 2, 1761 Enlisted: April 10, 1780 Died: December 29, 1834 Buried: Hickory Grove Cemetery, adjacent to the burial grounds of the Iowa State Penitentiery, on the north side of Fort Madison. Of Note: Served in Capt. Reuben Scofield’s company of the 9th Connecticut Militia regiment and served until January 1, 1781, with his brother John and brother-in-law-to-be, Gould Davenport. Pictures: Gravestone DM Register Article    Page 1    Page 2    Page 3 Related Articles: 40th American Revolutionary War Veteran found [...]

Hints for a winning application

You are entering a contest against the best Eagle Scouts in the United States. You will have to do research, collect and organize facts about yourself, and compose the items required to complete the application. The Scholarship awards of the SAR are tax-free money which you have earned by your work in the BSA Scouting program and the considerable personal effort required to complete the Scholarship Admission. The two page Application Form 1. You must use the National Forms and they must be in the two-sided format. 2. Put your State Chairman’s name and information in the fields at the top of page 1. This is the only person you can mail the application to; David Shannon / 1105 S. 5th Avenue W. / Newton, IA 50208 / E-mail: dshann37@iowatelecom.net / Phone: (641) 792-1310 3. The forms can be downloaded from the national website. An additional feature is that you can type on these forms in the website then copy them to an Adobe Acrobat file in your documents (Version 4 or higher is required).4. These forms must be neat, Filled out completely, and accurate. You will need help from your parents and your unit leaders. It is suggested that [...]

The Arthur M. & Berdena King Eagle Scout Scholarship Award

This National award is open annually to all Eagle Scouts in the state of Iowa who are currently registered in an active unit and have not reached their 19th birthday during the year of application. (Calendar year, 1 Jan. to 31 Dec.) The year that the BSA Eagle was awarded is not restricted. College plans do not need to be completed in order to receive the cash scholarship. Three cash scholarship awards are given at the National level: First place winner – $8000; 1st Runner-up – $4000; and 2nd Runner-up – $2000. You may apply more than one time if you continue to meet the age requirements, but no more than $8000 total may be granted to any one Eagle Scout. Entrants must complete only one application for the Iowa competition and forward to the Iowa SAR Scholarship Chairman no later than December 1 of the scholarship year. (The application must be on the two-sided forms supplied by national) The scholarship committee of the Iowa society will review all of the Eagle Scout applications and select a winner by secret ballot before February 1 of the following year. The winners application will then be sent to the NSSAR national committee [...]

Ceremony for Daniel Dow

*Webmasters Note* Pictures will be added shortly. College Springs, IA. – Grove CemeteryCeremony for Daniel Dow – Revolutionary War SoldierSunday May 18, 2008 The pathway through the native grass, lined with American flags, lead to the tombstone of the only known veteran of the American Revolutionary War buried this far west.  The stone bears the name Daniel Dow Sr. On Sunday May 18, 2008,  a memorial ceremony was held for Daniel Dow by members of the Iowa Society Sons of the American Revolution, IASSAR; the Iowa State Society Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR;  the Iowa Society Children of the American Revolution, ISCAR, and members of the American Legion Post 96 of Clarinda, Iowa.  A small group of patriotic citizens from Shenandoah and nearby communities was also there. Daniel Dow Sr. was born on April 23, 1771 in Voluntown, Connecticut.  He enlisted as a mere lad at Coventry, Connecticut  [ Check date of birth –  if the stated date is accurate Daniel would only be 5 years old in 1776 and at the end of the war in January 1783 long after hostilities ceased he would have been 11 years old.]  He served in the 1st Militia Company, 5th Regiment.  [...]

IASSAR Annual Members Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2008 Ames Public Library, 1:30 PMAmes, Iowa Attendance: Mike Rowley, President, Dean Timm, Immediate past President, Dean Swearingen, Treasurer, John Scarpino, Chaplain, W.H. Lees, Registrar, Lance Ehmke, Chancellor, Harold Meeker, Historian, Volney Smith Past President, Dr. Francis Keith, Editor, Scott Rowley, Webmaster, Paul Gordon Sr., Paul Gordon Jr., Mike Hancock, Tim Rowley, Dave Shannon, William Strouse, Ray Prusia, Frank Paul, and guests, Ann Laurence-Scarpino, Mrs. Lees, Mrs. Timm and Mrs. Swearingen 1. Call to order Welcome and brief introductions. 2. Invocation, Chaplain John Scarpino 3. Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the U.S.A., by members. S.A.R. Pledge, by members. Audio presentation of the origin of the National Anthem.3a. The President suspended the IASSAR Annual Meeting, temporarily for induction of new members. We then held the induction for the new members and any of those members that may not have been properly inducted in the past. This was followed by the distribution of member certificates, the S.A.R. Rosette pin and a printed copy of the origin of the S.A.R. logo. The President reconvened the Annual Meeting.4. Minutes of last meetingA motion was made by Mike Rowley to approve the minutes of last BOM meeting, with [an amendment of [...]

Ladies Auxiliary Meeting Minutes

MAY 3, 2008 The Ladies Auxiliary of the Iowa Society of the Sons of the American Revolution met on May 3, 2008, at the Ames Library, Ames, Iowa. The ladies participated in the opening ceremony of the IASSAR and then adjourned to the Ladies Auxiliary meeting. The welcome and Pledge to the National Ladies Auxiliary of the Sons of the American Revolution was read. The minutes of October 2007 were distributed and approved with no changes. The report on funds was given and a formal complete report will be in October 2008. The election of officers was tabled. Information on the Iowa Veterans Cemetery was presented and discussed. All were encouraged to contribute items to the Veterans Hospital for the female patients’ needs. The Patriot Program DVD and the 2008 NSSAR Annual Congress in Sacramento, CA, was discussed. The Recessional was read before the ladies returned to the closing activities of the IASSAR meeting. Submitted by Ann Laurence-ScarpinoTHE NATIONAL LADIES AUXILIARY SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONsupports the mission of the National Society SAR. Membership in the Ladies Auxiliary is open to the wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces and other women relatives of members of the Sons of the American [...]

Added previous minutes

Last years Board of Managers minutes have now been added.  You kind find them under Meeting minutes and then selecting the previous minutes from the menu on the right [...]
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