Presidents Update #19

The date of the annual meeting has been set. It will be April 25th in the Des Moines area. Let me know of any ideas, speakers, those you would like to nominate for awards and most importantly any nominees for officers for 2009. Thanks, Mike Rowley President, IASSAR Working from last report to present… December 2008 18th Communicated with David Swafford, Editor of “The Drumbeat” which is the national magazine of the General Society of Sons of the Revolution (GSSR). 19th Sent out President’s Update #18 21st IASSAR member Mark Davis received approval of yet another Patriot ancestor supplemental. Congratulations Mark! 21st Discussed procedure to get a govt. marker for a Civil War veteran’s grave in Woodland cemetery with DH of De Moines. 21st I received the following story from member Richard Martin (who by the way is doing some rather phenomenal work himself). Piggyback Hero by Ralph Kenney Bennett Tomorrow they will lay the remains of Glenn Rojohn to rest in the Peace Lutheran Cemetery in the little town of Greenock, Pa., just southeast of Pittsburgh. He was 81, and had been in the air conditioning and plumbing business in nearby McKeesport. If you had seen him on the [...]

Presidents Update #18

Well we are one week from Christmas as I begin this report. The end of each year brings a time of reflection on what we have been given, what we have given and perhaps time for plans to be made of what we hope to accomplish in the coming year. Please consider stepping into one of the leadership positions next May I will list some of the activities and great things many of our fellow IASSAR members have been involved with since my last report on Nov. 1, 2008. November 2008 2nd Fran Keith updated me on IASSAR member address changes from returned newsletters. 2nd Request from IASSAR Chaplain John Scarpino to place the following on the website under the Chaplain’s Section, "Freedom is the most precious thing a man can possess. It is appropriate that our prayer today be George Washington's address, "Prayer for the United States of America," exactly as it is preserved in the Chapel at Valley Forge. Let us pray... "Almighty God; We make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy Holy protection; that Thou wilt incline the hearts of the Citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to [...]

Presidents Update #17

I hope this update finds all our members healthy and active. As we are nearing the upcoming election day I hope all of you have studied the issues, the candidates, their plans and that you are going to exercise your hard won right to vote. I am only aware of 2 of our members running for office, Senator Charles Grassley and John Scarpino (candidate for Polk County Supervisor). However I have heard that a substantial number of our members are very active working the phones for their candidates. Below are some of the activities that I am aware of that have taken place since the last update. The Central Iowa Chapter continues to broaden their activities as you will see near the end of this update. September 23rd Received membership dues update from Secretary with concern for members that were just admitted and now seeming owe dues for 2009 already. This is a situation I would like to have our State Society address if National SAR does not. 23rd Sent copy of on-line Historian Ray Prusia newsletter to the webmaster for posting if possible. 23rd Sent out Update #16 24th Received note from member Bruce Norris. Thanks for your comments. [...]

Presidents Update #16

We are just coming off a weekend that had a SAR event, the first Central Iowa Chapter meeting in years (admittedly very brief) and a bit of socialization. For me one of the measurements of a successful event is how many members are there that I have never met before, how many “regulars” attended, did I get a chance to meet any potential members and did those in attendance enjoy the program enough to come back next time. I was please with the results in all of those areas. Look for renewal and respond ASAP if possible. Thanks, MJR Last report ended August 10th August 10th Received numerous follow ups from B.M. on the possible Rev War Vet buried in Iowa. 11th Received photos and obit from M.S.C. of Montrose, IA Of the gravesite of our possible yet undocumented Rev. War Vet buried in IA 11th Potential new member D.A. of Western Iowa notified me he had completed paper work. I referred him to Bill Lees. 11th B.M. of MN confirms final documentation of Ebenezer Ayres a Rev. War Vet. Buried in Iowa. 12th I sent information on dual membership to a CT SAR member living in Iowa. 12th Sent [...]

Presidents Update #15

I just wanted to recognize a couple of individuals that are making our organization stronger. The first is Volney Smith our current secretary. Volney has improved the communication with new members and been very helpful in helping things run smoothly for the IASSAR. The second person is Barbara MacLeish. She is a devoted, gifted, passionate historian and researcher who I have had the pleasure of interacting with on the Cato Mead project and a very important soon to be announced discovery. We are blessed to have the likes of Barbara assisting us. Although the summer is coming to an end it is never too late to take that first step to get involved in your own IASSAR project. The Central Iowa Chapter President has put a challenge on the forum section Support "local" troops, seeing them off and seeing them return home. They can use all the support they can get. Are our members up to organizing local runs to support these troops on the move? It should be simple enough to drive out somewhere smile and wave for an hour and then return home. It is simple and effective. Below are the activities that IASSAR president has been made [...]

Presidents Update #14

I hope this update reaches all of our IASSAR members in a safe and “high and dry” situation. Iowans have certainly faced many challenges this past month.The devastation of the tornados in NE Iowa including Parkersburg and nearby communities was followed by tragic loss of life at the scout outing in SW Iowa and than the floods of 2008 and the impact they are having on our cities, families and farmers. I was proud to hear many reports of our members assisting and helping in different ways throughout the state. From sandbaggers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Dubuque to IASSAR Compatriot John Carson, an out of state member from California who came to Iowa and assisted family members who considered themselves “lucky” to have only had 6 feet of water in the basement. Remembering the generous help they had received from IASSAR members such as Volney Smith and his church group during the devastation of hurricane Katrina, the President of the Louisiana SAR also offered to assist in any way we requested. Let our National Congress attendees John Scarpino, Bill Lees and Dean Swearingen know of anything you would like conveyed to the National Society. Let the Central Iowa [...]

Presidents Update #13

We are starting our second year with a bang.  We are all part of many groups.  Some of them are formal and some not so formal.  Someone in another group I am in asked the members the following question.  If all of the members were like me, then what would the group be like?  It is food for thought.  Have a great summer.  There is more to come.   April 28th Sent final agenda for State meeting to Board of Managers 29th #12 Update added to website 30th Answered question from prospective member in Seymour, Iowa MAY 2nd Members meeting.  See meeting minutes for details 2nd Asked Registrar to bring list of non-paid member for 2008.  Financial situation requires dropping these members. 2nd Deposited Josh G. renewal and sent copy to Treasurer 3rd Received photos of State members meeting in Ames, Iowa from Mike Hancock 3rd Typed up 1st draft of meeting minutes and sent to members that attended for corrections. 3rd Sent Painted Rock event information to webmaster 4th Received feedback from some members that meetings need to be more interesting and then break to allow those not interested in Board of Managers items to leave. 4th Sent list [...]

Presidents Update #2

In my last update (May 25th, 2007) I told you I hoped to have animprovement in the communication of all areas of our organization. Part ofthat promise falls on me to update you from time to time. First things first.  There is a IASSAR board meeting on Saturday, June16th, 2007 from 12:00-3:00PM.  The location is the Central Library(downtown), 1000 Grand Ave., in Des Moines, Iowa.  I hope to have thislocation on our website calendar so that you might use the map and drivingdirection features there to plan your trip.  However I think our Webmastermight be doing his 2 weeks reserve duty so you might be on your own. Just a comment on board meetings.  All are welcome.  However having saidthat, unless you are the type of person that loves meetings (I’m not) feelfree to just stop in get a feel for what goes on, introduce yourself,decide if you have something that you would like to help with or improve orhave the board discuss and then get on to more entertaining pursuits. Now back to the updates in reverse order from most current, back to May25th. It is said that one of George Washington’s first orders of business at thestart of [...]

Presidents Update #12

Having just completed one year as President of the IASSAR I can look back and see both progress and barriers to progress.  I am very proud of those who have contributed in ways both large and small to make the IASSAR a stronger and more active society. I am most encouraged by the plans of the Compatriots who have taken on the task of trying to make the activities of the Central Iowa Chapter something you will not want to miss. Listed below are some of the activities of the President and others. March 2008 23rd Received note from Compatriot Richard Martin 23rd Tried to check out where the dues checks for John and Joseph Watts went. 23rd Sent Montrose Iowa event info to IL SAR contact. 24th More member changes to National. 24th Member Ewold address change to Iowa Patriot Editor. 24th Additional member update to National. 24th President’s Update #11 sent to IASSAR members with e-mail. 24th Sent copy of member Induction to Editor. 27th Made member updates on National database. 27th sent 2 more member renewal checks and deposits to treasurer. 29th Discussions with Montrose, Iowa resident on Memorial Day event. 30th Webmaster mention additional sign up [...]

Presidents Update #11

President’s Update # 11March 24, 2008 Things are following into place for the Iowa Society of the Sons of theAmerican Revolution. We have plans for many events coming up and finallywe will have an active chapter with a new set of officers. I’ve heard theyhave an aggressive agenda to entertain, educate and foster involvement withmembers. There will be more on this topic later. If you have not heard I am now the acting secretary for the IASSAR. It isa very important job that, when done correctly can make the Societystronger and everything else within the IASSAR run smoother and allows allof us to be more responsive to our membership. I have a member that is willing to take over the dues collection and recordkeeping of new, transferred, re-instated and deceased members part of theSecretary job, if I can find another member to perform the duties oftaking minutes at the quarterly Board of managers meetings and voting whenneeded. Are there any volunteers? If so just call me (Mike Rowley515-975-0498). Here are some of the activities I am aware of since the last update in Feb. February 21st I sent a genealogy request to SAR-Talk for new member Paul Gordon. Igot back [...]
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