The Iowa Patriot

The Journal of the Iowa Sons
of the American Revolution

Volume 2008 No. 1 March 2008

I expect to pass through this life but once, any good thing therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show any fellow creature, let me do it now, let me not defer it nor neglect it for I shall not pass this way again Steven Grellet Quaker Missionary 1773-1855

Annual Meeting

     President Mike Rowley has announced the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Iowa Society Sons of the American Revolution will be held on May 3, 2008.  The meeting will open at 1:30 PM at the Ames Public Library located at 515 Douglas Ave. Ames, Iowa. This is the annual business meeting for the Society.  All Compatriots are invited to come.

Official Notice

     At this Annual Meeting, by recommendation of the Board of Managers there will be a vote by the Society Members to amend the Constitution of IASSAR to add two members to the Board of Managers.  The new members, if approved, will be the Webmaster and the Editor.
     This action requires a 30-day notice to members and a quorum of the membership to be present (a quorum is at least twelve members in good standing, including at least three officers) and a two-thirds approval by the members present. This notice complies with this rule

Board of Managers Meeting

     The Board of Managers met in a regular meeting on March 1st in Iowa City.

Constitutional Amendment

     The Board discussed and approved a recommendation to add two members to the Board of Managers. The proposed new members are the Webmaster and the Editor of the newsletter.

The Executive Committee

     President Rowley announced he will activate the Executive Committee as defined in the Constitution. The committee will have three members from the Board of Managers, including the President and the President shall be the chair. The Executive Committee shall have powers to act in behalf of the Board and Members, as may be delegated by the Board of Managers.

Eagle Scout Award

     Eagle Scout Committee Chairman David Shannon will present the 2008 Eagle Scout Award at the DAR State Convention lunch to be held at the Gateway Hotel at 12:30 PM. A reservation must be made with the DAR for this lunch. An information and reservation blank is enclosed.

Breakfast at Country Kitchen

     Compatriots from everywhere are invited to the informal breakfasts being held at 8:30 AM on the third Saturday of each month in Des Moines at the Country Kitchen Restaurant on E. 14th St just north of the I-35/I-80 Interstate.
     Chaplain John Scarpino started these breakfasts last year as a means to meet other compatriots in a fellowship atmosphere.      There are no officers, no committees, no dues, no programs - no kidding. (You do have to pay for your own breakfast.) AND some members bring their wives too. There are friends there - even if you haven't met them yet. Attendance has dwindled this winter with ice, snow ,and freezing rain in the way

IASSAR Calendar for 2008

Compatriot Breaksfast - 3rd Saturday every month
  Country Kitchen Des Moines, NE. 14th St, north of I-35/I80
Sat March 1   Board of Mangers Meeting  Iowa City
Sat May 3   IASSAR Annual Meeting 1:30pm Ames Public Library 515 Douglas Ave, Ames Ia
      Time?   Awards Lunch Gateway Hotel and Conference with DAR
Sat June 14   Board of Managers meeting
Sat August 23   Board of Managers meeting
Fall State Meeting   Date, agenda and program to be announced
Sat Nov 1   Board of Managers Meeting

The Secretary

     There was discussion about the Society Secretary. The secretary has resigned and a search is to begin for a replacement.      Please be patient - there are some technical difficulties with membership renewal and new member registrations.
     The secretary is one of the most important members of the Board of Managers. He must be at every board meeting and all members meetings.
     He is responsible for keeping records, minutes and other notes of all meetings, correspondence and all the usual clerical tasks of a secretary.
     In addition, he receives all mail and monies including dues renewals and deposits all money with deposit reports going to the treasurer. He is responsible for sending dues notices and reminders when dues become delinquent. He shall report all delinquent members to the Annual Meeting of the Society
     The secretary receives all approved applications for membership and forwards them with necessary dues and fees to the National Society and receives membership documents for new members for delivery to the new Compatriots.
     The secretary must maintain the Register Book and enter the name of each new member and his lineage to his ancestor, the date and place of birth of his wife and children.      He receives reports from all Chapter Secretaries and maintains a permanent record of their activities      A very important and big job

The search is beginning now for a secretary.
All Interested Compatriots should contact Volney Smith, chairman of the Nominating Committee or 515-987-3388
or President Mike Rowley
or 515-225-6349

Let's Bring Back the Good Old Days

An Editorial
In the good old days men came together to talk and eat and maybe have a program of some kind. It was a social time and they were friends.
In the good old days in the Iowa Society of Sons of the American Revolution, there were chapters. In 1930, our Society History tells us, there were 450 members and eight chapters in Iowa - Sioux City, Des Moines, Keokuk, Ames, Waterloo, Ft Dodge, Council Bluffs, and Nevada.
Today this Patriot will go to about 200 men. AND there are no active chapters. There is a message here MEN - for all of us. Is the SAR just an honorary organization? Some certificate to hang on the wall?
All of us in IASSAR have one common heritage - We are descendents of men and women who challenged a well-trained English army and paid German mercenaries with a rag tag mob of farmers and merchants who put their lives on the line and learned to be soldiers in battle.
And They Won !
All For Us
I am proud of that - and humbled by it too.
I am a new member of SAR and I am searching for reasons to remain a member -- reading about the good old days when there were eight chapters - men together to have fellowship, good talk, maybe food, discussion and programs telling us again of our revolutionary history and the founding of a new form of government -
A Nation based on a Democracy

Lest We Forget
I expected speakers and discussions about our common history of 200 plus years ago - I hoped to help keep the memory of those patriots alive and spread this word among our friends and neighbors - in our schools and memorials.

Why do we belong to IASSAR? -- remember SAR is US. Each one of us must answer this question.

My opinion: The state organization is not where the action is. The strength of IASSAR is not in a state society - it is in my hometown and your hometown is in active chapters across our state.

My challenge to you - what are you willing to do to make me and all the other new members want to belong to the Iowa Society Sons of the American Revolution.
Tell me your feelings and ideas. Francis Keith, Editor