Daniel Dow – Visit and Presentation

This Sunday May 18th , 1:00 pm at the Grove Cemetery between Shenandoah and College Springs there will be a Memorial Ceremony held for Daniel Dow Sr., a Revolutionary Soldier who serviced as a very young boy in the “Company Of Alarm” as messenger, in the 1st Militia Company, 5th Regiment in Coventry, Connecticut. He moved to Amity, IA. in 1850 and past on February 7, 1860. Daniel Dow is the only known Revolutionary Soldier buried this far west. There will a presentation of a Memorial Wreath placed on his grave byRaynold Prusia of Council Bluffs – S.A.R (Sons of the AmericanRevolutionary War)of the Central Iowa Chapter who will be in fullRevolutionary Uniform and Linda Hopkins Regent of the Shenandoah Chapter –D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolutionary War) and a young teen –C.A.R. (Children of the American Revolutionary War). Also the AmericanLegion Color Guard plans to be present for the presentations of the flags,play taps and gun salute. The American National Anthem will be sung by ateen daughter of the American Legion as well. They Welcome the Public to view this colorful Ceremony, andinformation will be provided to anyone that is eligible and wishing to jointhese honorable organizations. Raynold [...]


John “PegLeg” Whitaker a 5th great-grandfather of Iowa Compatriot Raymond CollinsandJarrett Menefee a 5th great-grandfather of Iowa Compatriot Mike Rowley Congratulations to both IASSAR members for doing the research, obtainingthe needed documentation and submitting the supplementals for approval. [...]

IASSAR Annual Members Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2008 Ames Public Library, 1:30 PMAmes, Iowa Attendance: Mike Rowley, President, Dean Timm, Immediate past President, Dean Swearingen, Treasurer, John Scarpino, Chaplain, W.H. Lees, Registrar, Lance Ehmke, Chancellor, Harold Meeker, Historian, Volney Smith Past President, Dr. Francis Keith, Editor, Scott Rowley, Webmaster, Paul Gordon Sr., Paul Gordon Jr., Mike Hancock, Tim Rowley, Dave Shannon, William Strouse, Ray Prusia, Frank Paul, and guests, Ann Laurence-Scarpino, Mrs. Lees, Mrs. Timm and Mrs. Swearingen 1. Call to order Welcome and brief introductions. 2. Invocation, Chaplain John Scarpino 3. Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the U.S.A., by members. S.A.R. Pledge, by members. Audio presentation of the origin of the National Anthem.3a. The President suspended the IASSAR Annual Meeting, temporarily for induction of new members. We then held the induction for the new members and any of those members that may not have been properly inducted in the past. This was followed by the distribution of member certificates, the S.A.R. Rosette pin and a printed copy of the origin of the S.A.R. logo. The President reconvened the Annual Meeting.4. Minutes of last meetingA motion was made by Mike Rowley to approve the minutes of last BOM meeting, with [an amendment of [...]

Memorial Day in Montrose

Just a reminder. The citizens of Montrose are working hard to make theMemorial Day, American Revolutionary War Veteran Cato Meed, gravere-dedication an important salute to all veterans and others who havehelped make America great. Hope that many of you might join with the IowaSons of the American Revolution, NSSAR President General Bruce Wilcox andother dignitaries from around the country for this special event. Questions? Mike [...]

Join me at the Rock

I’m passing along this invitation to the 10th Anniversary of the painting of the Rock. Please visit the following links for more information. Also, if possible, please let me know if you plan to attend. 10 Years at the Rock Bubbaz Website Thank you, Scott Rowley 515-225-4703Central Iowa Chapter PresidentIASSAR [...]

Ladies Auxiliary Meeting Minutes

MAY 3, 2008 The Ladies Auxiliary of the Iowa Society of the Sons of the American Revolution met on May 3, 2008, at the Ames Library, Ames, Iowa. The ladies participated in the opening ceremony of the IASSAR and then adjourned to the Ladies Auxiliary meeting. The welcome and Pledge to the National Ladies Auxiliary of the Sons of the American Revolution was read. The minutes of October 2007 were distributed and approved with no changes. The report on funds was given and a formal complete report will be in October 2008. The election of officers was tabled. Information on the Iowa Veterans Cemetery was presented and discussed. All were encouraged to contribute items to the Veterans Hospital for the female patients’ needs. The Patriot Program DVD and the 2008 NSSAR Annual Congress in Sacramento, CA, was discussed. The Recessional was read before the ladies returned to the closing activities of the IASSAR meeting. Submitted by Ann Laurence-ScarpinoTHE NATIONAL LADIES AUXILIARY SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONsupports the mission of the National Society SAR. Membership in the Ladies Auxiliary is open to the wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces and other women relatives of members of the Sons of the American [...]

Presidents Update #2

In my last update (May 25th, 2007) I told you I hoped to have animprovement in the communication of all areas of our organization. Part ofthat promise falls on me to update you from time to time. First things first.  There is a IASSAR board meeting on Saturday, June16th, 2007 from 12:00-3:00PM.  The location is the Central Library(downtown), 1000 Grand Ave., in Des Moines, Iowa.  I hope to have thislocation on our website calendar so that you might use the map and drivingdirection features there to plan your trip.  However I think our Webmastermight be doing his 2 weeks reserve duty so you might be on your own. Just a comment on board meetings.  All are welcome.  However having saidthat, unless you are the type of person that loves meetings (I’m not) feelfree to just stop in get a feel for what goes on, introduce yourself,decide if you have something that you would like to help with or improve orhave the board discuss and then get on to more entertaining pursuits. Now back to the updates in reverse order from most current, back to May25th. It is said that one of George Washington’s first orders of business at thestart of [...]

Presidents Update #12

Having just completed one year as President of the IASSAR I can look back and see both progress and barriers to progress.  I am very proud of those who have contributed in ways both large and small to make the IASSAR a stronger and more active society. I am most encouraged by the plans of the Compatriots who have taken on the task of trying to make the activities of the Central Iowa Chapter something you will not want to miss. Listed below are some of the activities of the President and others. March 2008 23rd Received note from Compatriot Richard Martin 23rd Tried to check out where the dues checks for John and Joseph Watts went. 23rd Sent Montrose Iowa event info to IL SAR contact. 24th More member changes to National. 24th Member Ewold address change to Iowa Patriot Editor. 24th Additional member update to National. 24th President’s Update #11 sent to IASSAR members with e-mail. 24th Sent copy of member Induction to Editor. 27th Made member updates on National database. 27th sent 2 more member renewal checks and deposits to treasurer. 29th Discussions with Montrose, Iowa resident on Memorial Day event. 30th Webmaster mention additional sign up [...]
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