An offer of help and hope

Dear Compatriots, On behalf of the Louisiana Society, I want you to know the Iowa Society isin our thoughts and prayers during these difficult times.  Having lost myhome in New Orleans to the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina, I canhonestly say I feel your pain. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. From collectingclothes or personal items to replacing chapter flags, hopefully there’ssomething we can do to lend a helping hand. With prayers and best wishes for Iowa’s speedy recovery, Bill Allerton, PresidentLouisiana Society of theSons of the American [...]

Thank you, Soldier

Compatriots; Please allow me a personal indulgence. My son, Jonathan Gates, is one of the finest men I know. And, although not able to serve the military himself because of a hearing loss, he loves America deeply. He is a computer engineer, who recently developed a website designed to simply say, “Thank You, Soldier” to the men and women serving all branches of the service. May I ask you to visit the website; to leave a comment or a word of encouragement and to perhaps get involved in some way with his efforts. If you will, please share this note with other like-minded patriots. Click here for the Thank You, Soldier website:   www.thankyousoldier.comClick here for an article in our local paper: Thank you for allowing me this personal note. Chaplain Dan Vernon GatesChaplaincy Coalition DirectorGeorgia Society State Chaplain Sons Of The American [...]

Added Presidents Update #13

Well its a few weeks late but the presidents update #13 has been posted to the site.  Updates should be regular once again now.  Thank you for your patience over the last month and a half as my attention was on my family while my wife was working in the movie [...]

Presidents Update #13

We are starting our second year with a bang.  We are all part of many groups.  Some of them are formal and some not so formal.  Someone in another group I am in asked the members the following question.  If all of the members were like me, then what would the group be like?  It is food for thought.  Have a great summer.  There is more to come.   April 28th Sent final agenda for State meeting to Board of Managers 29th #12 Update added to website 30th Answered question from prospective member in Seymour, Iowa MAY 2nd Members meeting.  See meeting minutes for details 2nd Asked Registrar to bring list of non-paid member for 2008.  Financial situation requires dropping these members. 2nd Deposited Josh G. renewal and sent copy to Treasurer 3rd Received photos of State members meeting in Ames, Iowa from Mike Hancock 3rd Typed up 1st draft of meeting minutes and sent to members that attended for corrections. 3rd Sent Painted Rock event information to webmaster 4th Received feedback from some members that meetings need to be more interesting and then break to allow those not interested in Board of Managers items to leave. 4th Sent list [...]

Congratulations Mark Davis

IASSAR member Mark Davis has just had 2 more supplemental ancestor approvals from the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. One of Mark’s 4th great grandfathers, Thomas Saunders, who served in the Rhode Island Militia has had his service verified by the documentation supplied. One of Mark’s 5th great-grandfathers, Tobias Saunders also served in the Rhode Island Militia and his service has also been verified. I think this make the 6 and 7th supplementals approved for Mark. Congratulations!!!!!!! Thanks, Mike Rowley President, [...]

Central Iowa Chapter 2nd VP Jeff Nesler

IASSAR Central Iowa Chapter Members, Click on the link below to see your newly elected 2nd VP, Jeff Nesler. He filmed this while on business in Washington D.C. last week and it will be played on CNN Headline News, 5-9AM CST, Memorial Day May 26, 2008. Click here. It is a message to his brother John Nesler (SAR application in progress) who is currently serving in Iraq. To all our veterans, Thank you and be safe. Mike RowleyPresident [...]

Free Genealogical Research

Great tip from SAR-Talk From a Press Release, also of interest to us, here:, we have … “To commemorate the agreement on the eve of Memorial Day, is making its entire U.S. Military Collection — the largestonline collection of American military records — available for free to thepublic. From May 20 through May 31, people can log on to to view more than 100 million names and700titles and databases of military records, the majority of which come fromNARA, from all 50 U.S. states.” Get going on those supplementals, I just had my 3rd one approved and amonly 10 behind our IASSAR Historian, Harold Meeker. Hope to see many of you in Montrose, Iowa on Memorial Day 1:30PM to greetour President General and his wife who will be in from Virginia along withother dignitaries, and Color Guards form around the country. Iowa GovernorCulver has sent a representative with a special proclamation. Respectfully, Mike Rowleywww.iowasar.orgPresident, [...]

Ceremony for Daniel Dow

*Webmasters Note* Pictures will be added shortly. College Springs, IA. – Grove CemeteryCeremony for Daniel Dow – Revolutionary War SoldierSunday May 18, 2008 The pathway through the native grass, lined with American flags, lead to the tombstone of the only known veteran of the American Revolutionary War buried this far west.  The stone bears the name Daniel Dow Sr. On Sunday May 18, 2008,  a memorial ceremony was held for Daniel Dow by members of the Iowa Society Sons of the American Revolution, IASSAR; the Iowa State Society Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR;  the Iowa Society Children of the American Revolution, ISCAR, and members of the American Legion Post 96 of Clarinda, Iowa.  A small group of patriotic citizens from Shenandoah and nearby communities was also there. Daniel Dow Sr. was born on April 23, 1771 in Voluntown, Connecticut.  He enlisted as a mere lad at Coventry, Connecticut  [ Check date of birth –  if the stated date is accurate Daniel would only be 5 years old in 1776 and at the end of the war in January 1783 long after hostilities ceased he would have been 11 years old.]  He served in the 1st Militia Company, 5th Regiment.  [...]

Historian Harold Meeker, published!

Congratulations to IASSAR Historian, Harold Meeker on getting yet anotherphoto and article published in the Spring 2008 issue of the National SARMagazine (page 32-33). We love to see Iowa represented and look forward to future stories aboutnot only IASSAR but also the Central Iowa Chapter activities and members. Keep the stories and photos coming [...]
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