Cato Mead/Meed

Enlisted: Unknown Buried: Unknown Location, marker in Montrose Cemetery. Of Note: Only known African American Revolutionary War Veteran buried in Iowa. Regiment of the Connecticut Line Pictures: One Patriots of the American Revolution: 1 of 4 Patriots of the American Revolution: 2 of 4 Patriots of the American Revolution: 3 of 4 Patriots of the American Revolution: 4 of 4 Articles: Historically Speaking [...]

Abram Clark

Enlisted: Unknown Buried: Woolens Cemetery, north of West Point, Iaoff of Lowell Rd. Of Note:Captain Shepard’s Companyof the North Carolina 10th Regiment Pictures: One Two [...]

Timothy Brees

Enlisted: Unknown, Somerset County, New Jersey Buried: Lost Creek Cemetery, Washington Twp., 5 milea north of Fort Madison, Ia on Augustana Road. Of Note: Pictures: One [...]

Achilles Rogers

Enlisted: Quartermaster General’s Dept.District of Charlottesville Buried: Pennington Cemetery, 3 miles southof Sigourney, Iowa in section 26West Lancaster Twp., Keokuk County, Ia. Of Note: Pictures: One Two [...]

Nathaniel Fellows

Enlisted: Unknown Buried: Marker at entrance to Oak Hill Cemeterynorth of Coralville, Ia. Of Note: Pvt. on the New Hampshire Line Pictures: One [...]

Jacob Wiley

Enlisted: Unknown Buried: Marker 11 miles SE of Fairfield, Ia Grave 35 rods W. of there. Of Note: Captain Elias Steenbergh’s Companyat Schuyler’s Mills, New York.Served at the Battle of Saratoga Pictures: One [...]

William Potter

Enlisted: Unknown Buried: Hickory Grove Cemetery, near Emeline, Ia. Of Note: Served in Lieutenant Lamme’s company of foot soldiers, a unit of the 10th Virginia Regiment. Pictures: One [...]
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