Presidents Update #11

President’s Update # 11March 24, 2008 Things are following into place for the Iowa Society of the Sons of theAmerican Revolution. We have plans for many events coming up and finallywe will have an active chapter with a new set of officers. I’ve heard theyhave an aggressive agenda to entertain, educate and foster involvement withmembers. There will be more on this topic later. If you have not heard I am now the acting secretary for the IASSAR. It isa very important job that, when done correctly can make the Societystronger and everything else within the IASSAR run smoother and allows allof us to be more responsive to our membership. I have a member that is willing to take over the dues collection and recordkeeping of new, transferred, re-instated and deceased members part of theSecretary job, if I can find another member to perform the duties oftaking minutes at the quarterly Board of managers meetings and voting whenneeded. Are there any volunteers? If so just call me (Mike Rowley515-975-0498). Here are some of the activities I am aware of since the last update in Feb. February 21st I sent a genealogy request to SAR-Talk for new member Paul Gordon. Igot back [...]

Welcome New Members

I have recently been reviewing the large IASSAR membership ledger books. They have every member from state # 1 to the newest member, state # 2118. On Friday I had the great honor of adding 10 names and their lineage into the book. The neatest thing is that all 10 of our newest Compatriots are from the same family. Special thanks to IASSAR member Bill Strouse for making this happen. 1. Bradley M. Strouse 2. Jack B. Strouse3. Jerry E. Strouse4. Tyler A. Strouse5. Robert R. Strouse 6. James C. Strouse7. Timothy L. Strouse8. Donald C. Strouse9. Randy J. Strouse10 Matthew A. [...]

New Format

The new site format is here and doing well.  Please let me know if you notice any issues (links broken, etc)  Thank [...]

Benjamin Bell

Commisioned: Unknown Buried: Vigors Cemetery on the bluffs of Des Moines River, Webster County, Section 25 west of Stratford, Ia. Of Note:Major, Pennsylvania Militia Pictures: One [...]

Timothy Brown

Enlisted: Unknown Buried: Remains moved to Elm Grove Cemetery, Washington, Ia. Of Note: 3rd Regiment, New Jersey Line Pictures: One Two Three [...]

Thomas Rhodes

Enlisted: Unknown Buried: Monument near flag pole, Bonapart, Ia. Cemetery Of Note: 1st Virginia State Regiment Pictures: One [...]
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