Wreaths Across America 2008

Dear Compatriots, This year IASSAR received a “Partners in Patriotism” Award at the NSSAR Congress. The Award was given for IASSAR participation in the “Wreaths Across America” program in 2007. Actually only two of us participated, Mike Rowley and myself and our roll was minimal. The Jean Marie Cardinal Chapter of DAR were the ones who did the work. See photos from 2007 on our website. This is a national movement to decorate veterans graves across America with fresh evergreen wreaths just before Christmas. There are 286 locations, including 4 in Iowa (but not including the first time effort in Des Moines by DAR last year) where veterans graves were decorated last year. There were 32,553 wreaths placed on veterans graves This year the ceremony will be on Saturday Dec. 13 at 12:00 PM EST –11:00 AM, Iowa time My strong belief and recommendation to the BOM is to join this movement. To begin, I urge each of you to open the website: Wreaths Across America.Org and read what is happening. There is a veterans cemetery in Woodland and Glendale cemeteries in Des Moines and probably more I do not know about. Francis [...]

Presidents Update #16

We are just coming off a weekend that had a SAR event, the first Central Iowa Chapter meeting in years (admittedly very brief) and a bit of socialization. For me one of the measurements of a successful event is how many members are there that I have never met before, how many “regulars” attended, did I get a chance to meet any potential members and did those in attendance enjoy the program enough to come back next time. I was please with the results in all of those areas. Look for renewal and respond ASAP if possible. Thanks, MJR Last report ended August 10th August 10th Received numerous follow ups from B.M. on the possible Rev War Vet buried in Iowa. 11th Received photos and obit from M.S.C. of Montrose, IA Of the gravesite of our possible yet undocumented Rev. War Vet buried in IA 11th Potential new member D.A. of Western Iowa notified me he had completed paper work. I referred him to Bill Lees. 11th B.M. of MN confirms final documentation of Ebenezer Ayres a Rev. War Vet. Buried in Iowa. 12th I sent information on dual membership to a CT SAR member living in Iowa. 12th Sent [...]

Presidents Update #15

I just wanted to recognize a couple of individuals that are making our organization stronger. The first is Volney Smith our current secretary. Volney has improved the communication with new members and been very helpful in helping things run smoothly for the IASSAR. The second person is Barbara MacLeish. She is a devoted, gifted, passionate historian and researcher who I have had the pleasure of interacting with on the Cato Mead project and a very important soon to be announced discovery. We are blessed to have the likes of Barbara assisting us. Although the summer is coming to an end it is never too late to take that first step to get involved in your own IASSAR project. The Central Iowa Chapter President has put a challenge on the forum section Support "local" troops, seeing them off and seeing them return home. They can use all the support they can get. Are our members up to organizing local runs to support these troops on the move? It should be simple enough to drive out somewhere smile and wave for an hour and then return home. It is simple and effective. Below are the activities that IASSAR president has been made [...]

40th American Revolutionary War Veteran found

40th American Revolutionary War Veteran Buried in Iowa, just discovered and documented. For the first time in perhaps 80 years or more, a gravesite of a Revolutionary War Veteran buried in Iowa has been discovered and documented. The entire story below is provided by Barbara MacLeish. Lee County, Iowa, Has Yet Another Revolutionary War Veteran by Barbara MacLeish To uncover a “lost” Revolutionary War Veteran buried in Iowa, it took one woman in Minnesota, and two women in southeast Iowa who searched through tall grass and library records, aided by others in Washington, California and Connecticut. Ebenezer Ayres died December 29, 1834 and is buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery, adjacent to the burial grounds of the Iowa State Penitentiary, on the north side of Fort Madison. Born in Fairfield Co., CT, March 2, 1761 and baptized at the First Congregational Church of Stamford April 12, 1761, his early life was to be dominated by the events of the Revolutionary War. He enlisted April 10, 1780 in Capt. Reuben Scofield’s company of the 9th Connecticut Militia regiment and served until January 1, 1781, with his brother John and brother-in-law-to-be, Gould Davenport. How could his service have escaped becoming a matter of [...]


Just a couple of updates to report today: Updated Awards to include Richard Doyle and his Meritorious Service Medal, Congrats again! Uploaded the CAR Summer Newsletter, check it out under the Media section. As always…more to come! And here they are already… June’s Newsletter has been added under the appropriate link, the last newlsetter has moved to the Media [...]


IASSAR FORUM We now have a forum! Please log in and check it out (if you aren’t a member you’ll be able to see but not post…but hey registering is fast, free, and easy!). Be sure to click on Categories at the top to see the list of currently available topics and feel free to request any additions as well. Let the discussions begin! Scott Rowley [...]

Moved things a bit…

Sorry to keep moving things around on everyone every few months but it all is in an effort to improve the site and navigation through the site.  I have moved the main menu over to the right side of the page as it allow for the rest of the page to expand out.  This improves the room and makes for easier reading, editing and creating new articles.  For those of you that login regularly you will also notice that you can’t see the login page here.  This has been moved under the main menu as “User Login” and then will take you to another page to login.  This was again due to space management.  You may notice that if you click on some things that were “broken” before that they are now fixed.  Two examples of this are Photos and Awards.  Feel free to click on them and see how they look now compared to before.  Now that I have some extra space to work with I will be updating more regularly as I don’t have to worry about webspace real estate.  As always, feel free to use the Suggestion Box for any feedback or suggestions. Thank you, Scott Rowley [...]

Presidents Update #14

I hope this update reaches all of our IASSAR members in a safe and “high and dry” situation. Iowans have certainly faced many challenges this past month.The devastation of the tornados in NE Iowa including Parkersburg and nearby communities was followed by tragic loss of life at the scout outing in SW Iowa and than the floods of 2008 and the impact they are having on our cities, families and farmers. I was proud to hear many reports of our members assisting and helping in different ways throughout the state. From sandbaggers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Dubuque to IASSAR Compatriot John Carson, an out of state member from California who came to Iowa and assisted family members who considered themselves “lucky” to have only had 6 feet of water in the basement. Remembering the generous help they had received from IASSAR members such as Volney Smith and his church group during the devastation of hurricane Katrina, the President of the Louisiana SAR also offered to assist in any way we requested. Let our National Congress attendees John Scarpino, Bill Lees and Dean Swearingen know of anything you would like conveyed to the National Society. Let the Central Iowa [...]
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