Volney Smith

Smith, Volney MAJ Iowa National Guard, US Air Force Served: 1948-1949 (ING), 1954-1973 (AF) Maj. Smith served a short time in the Iowa National Guard (1948-1949) and then the Air Force. Enlisted in the AF right after the Korean conflict started. Cut his civilian career short to join the AF. Enlisted August 9, 1950 and took basic training at Lackland and Sheppard AFB, Texas then was shipped to Tyndall AFB, Fla for permanent duty. November 1952 was sent overseas to Thule AB, Greenland where he served for 365 days. Was sent to Edwards AFB, Calif and was discharged from there August 8, 1954 with the rank of T/Sgt. Joined the Reserves and served until 1973 when he retired with the rank of Major. The AF Reserve had a program where they offered direct commissions — 50 in the United States. Maj. Smith applied and got one of them. Maj. Volney was appointed directly to 1st Lt. Assignments in the Reserve were at Offutt AFB, NE and Richards-Gebaur AFB, MO. Maj. Smith was also the NCO of the Month at Thule in April 1953. Maj. Smith spent most of his military career in the Security and Law Enforcement field where he [...]

In the News – 2006

December 2006 Lee Ayers & Dean Timm, “WC RV honored for flag display”   November 2006 David Rowley, “Veterans Day Tribute” Bob & Chuck Steck, “Bob and Chuck restoring abandoned family graves”   October 2006 The Tipton Conserviate: Front Page “Charles Harry Rededication Ceremony” The Tipton Conservative: Article “Charles Harry Rededication Ceremony”   September 2006 The Record Herald: Stech Cemetery, “Family traces their roots…” The Record Herald: Article Page 1 Stech Cemetery, “Family traces their roots…” The Record Herald: Article Page 2 Stech Cemetery, “Family traces their roots…” The Record Herald: Article Page 3 Stech Cemetery, “Family traces their roots…” Michael Rowley, “Ancient graves inspire descendent” Michael Rowley, “Ancient graves inspire descendent” (Article)   March 2006 The Hawk Eye: “Soldier finds final rest in Aspen Grove Cemetary”, Bob HansenPage 1 The Hawk Eye: “Soldier finds final rest in Aspen Grove Cemetary”, Bob HansenPage [...]

In the News – 2007

December 2007 DesMoinesRegister.com John and Ann Scarpino at the Iowa Genealogical Society Holiday Open House. DesMoinesRegister.com Mike Rowley greets Iowa Genealogical Society visitors. DailyPress.com “Flags of our forefathers” Des Moines Register: “States’ wreaths recognize troops”   August 2007 Des Moines Register: Gerald LeBlanc, “Polk to aid restoration of WWI monument in D.M.”   May 2007 Des Moines Register: Mike Rowley, “Memorial Day Ceremony” KCCI.com Dean Timm, “Boone Man Works to Brighten Patients Days”   April 2007 Des Moines Register: Dean Timm, “Retiring Old [...]

In the News – 2008

August 2008 Drumbeat Mike Rowley: A grand celebration… August 2008 Des Moines Register Gerald LeBlanc: Cemetery Restoration at Woodland is done. May¬†2008 Valley News Today Online Tess Gruber Nelson: Memorial Held to Honor Page County’s “Patriot”. February 2008 DesMoinesRegister.com Mike Rowley: Remembering American black soldiers throughout [...]

Wreaths Across America

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Cemetery Tour

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{source}<div style=”margin-left: 50px; margin-right: auto;”><center>{yoogallery src=[/pictures/awards/] width=[160] height=[120] thumb=[cut] }</div>{/source} Click here for more information and how to apply for the Eagle Scout Scholarship [...]


This section holds all of our documents, audio and video files for quick reference. Audio Francis Scott Key and the amazing story of our embattled flag. Video Service Star Banners Person of the Week Kaziah Hancock – Portraits of the Fallen Remembering those that serve Documents Wreaths Across America 2008 IASSAR Patriot Fall 08 IASSAR Patriot Spring 08 IASSAR Patriot Fall 07 IASSAR Patriot Spring 07 CAR News Spring 2009 CAR News Winter 2008-2009 CAR News Fall 2009 CAR News Summer 2008-2009 CAR News Spring 2008-2009 CAR Hawkeye News February 2008 CAR Hawkeye News November 2007 CAR Hawkeye News August 2007 Curtis Patrick Reagan: What was he really like?, Volume I Book Review. Letter from Eric Herzik to Curtis [...]
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