Patriotic Essays

The Boston Tea Party by Eagle Scout Mark Allen Froah Crossing Into History by Eagle Scout Benjamin Keith Potts The Colonial Militia & My Patriot Ancestor by Eagle Scout Ian James Michel Birmingham Meeting House & The Battle of Brandywine by Eagle Scout Ian James Michel The Birth of America by Eagle Scout Ian James [...]

Harold L. Meeker

Meeker, Harold L. LTCDR US Navy Served: 1947-1971 I was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa March 3, 1930 and spent my youth there, in North Liberty and in Iowa City. While in my teens, I spent five years in the Moose sponsored Iowa City Drum and Bugle Corp. That participation made Navy Boot Camp rather easy when I joined in 1947. I attended Naval Submarine School in 1948 and married the former Darlene Venzke of near Kalona, Iowa in Yuma, AR. This union produced four children: Steven, Cynthia (deceased), John and Brian. There after I spent all of my Naval Service in the submarine service, except for periods of instruction. I completed two years of college via night school at the Waukegan branch of the University of Illinois and correspondence courses while at sea. I was a first class Engineman until I changed my rating to Electronics technician where I was promoted to Chief Electronics Technician in 1959. In 1960 I was selected for Limited Duty Officer, Electronics as Ensign, USN. I was then assigned to a one year Electronics School for officers. Next, I was assigned as Electronics Division Officer on the submarine tender, USS Orion repairing gear on [...]

Scott Rowley

Rowley, Scott SGT US Army, National Guard Served: 2001-2005, 2006-2007 Sgt Rowley joined the Active Duty Army as an armor crewman after the events of 9/11. Sgt Rowley then was stationed in Germany where he was deployed to Kosovo as a truck driver and fueler with a support platoon for 9 months. Sgt Rowley then returned to Germany for just 6 months before being deployed to Ba’Qubah, Iraq as a Tank Gunner and team leader for just over a year. Sgt Rowley ended his active duty service in August of 2005, returning to the service through the Iowa National Guard where he served until 27 December 2007. x2 [...]

David Shannon

Shannon, David SP4 US Army, US Army Reserve Served: 1957-60, 1960-1963 David Shannon enlisted in the U.S. Army on April 5, 1957. He was assigned to Company “C”, 2nd Medium Tank Battalion, 67th Armored Regiment, 4th Armored Division. The 4th Armored had just been reactivated to replace the 2nd Armored Division in Germany. Eight months were spent at Fort Hood, Texas preparing the 14000 man mechanized Division to be fully combat ready and move to Germany. The 67th Armor was in the first sea shipment to Germany in “Operation Gyroscope”. After a nine-day trip across the Atlantic Ocean the Battalion moved into their new home at Montieth Barracks, Fuerth, Germany. Dave was assigned as the Gunner on the M48 Tank, C-32 “Cayuga”. After their arrival the troops were then told that they were to be a “Speed Bump” for the 7th Army to hold back the Russian and East German forces for a week to allow Air Force and Army reinforcements to arrive. The U.S. Army expected that the units would not survive the initial assault. The next two years in Germany were spent training and preparing to accomplish this mission. Weeks were spent in the field in all kinds [...]

Volney Smith

Smith, Volney MAJ Iowa National Guard, US Air Force Served: 1948-1949 (ING), 1954-1973 (AF) Maj. Smith served a short time in the Iowa National Guard (1948-1949) and then the Air Force. Enlisted in the AF right after the Korean conflict started. Cut his civilian career short to join the AF. Enlisted August 9, 1950 and took basic training at Lackland and Sheppard AFB, Texas then was shipped to Tyndall AFB, Fla for permanent duty. November 1952 was sent overseas to Thule AB, Greenland where he served for 365 days. Was sent to Edwards AFB, Calif and was discharged from there August 8, 1954 with the rank of T/Sgt. Joined the Reserves and served until 1973 when he retired with the rank of Major. The AF Reserve had a program where they offered direct commissions — 50 in the United States. Maj. Smith applied and got one of them. Maj. Volney was appointed directly to 1st Lt. Assignments in the Reserve were at Offutt AFB, NE and Richards-Gebaur AFB, MO. Maj. Smith was also the NCO of the Month at Thule in April 1953. Maj. Smith spent most of his military career in the Security and Law Enforcement field where he [...]

In the News – 2006

December 2006 Lee Ayers & Dean Timm, “WC RV honored for flag display”   November 2006 David Rowley, “Veterans Day Tribute” Bob & Chuck Steck, “Bob and Chuck restoring abandoned family graves”   October 2006 The Tipton Conserviate: Front Page “Charles Harry Rededication Ceremony” The Tipton Conservative: Article “Charles Harry Rededication Ceremony”   September 2006 The Record Herald: Stech Cemetery, “Family traces their roots…” The Record Herald: Article Page 1 Stech Cemetery, “Family traces their roots…” The Record Herald: Article Page 2 Stech Cemetery, “Family traces their roots…” The Record Herald: Article Page 3 Stech Cemetery, “Family traces their roots…” Michael Rowley, “Ancient graves inspire descendent” Michael Rowley, “Ancient graves inspire descendent” (Article)   March 2006 The Hawk Eye: “Soldier finds final rest in Aspen Grove Cemetary”, Bob HansenPage 1 The Hawk Eye: “Soldier finds final rest in Aspen Grove Cemetary”, Bob HansenPage [...]
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