John Morgan

Enlisted: Unknown Buried: Aspen Grove Cemetery, Lot 3 Block 70 Burlington, Ia. Of Note: Pvt. Continental Army, 7th Regimental Virginia Troops Pictures: One Two Three [...]

John McDonald

Enlisted: Unknown Buried: Franklin Mills Cemetery, Franklin Twp. Of Note: Bedford County, Virginia, Colonel Merryweather’s Regiment Pictures: One Two [...]

Peter Gearhart

Enlisted: Unknown Buried: Spring Creek Cemetery (Now inside the confines of the Iowa Ordinance Plant)near Burlington, Ia. No public access without appointment & approval Of Note: Pvt. 4th class, 3rd Company Worcester Twp., Philadelphia County, Pa. Pictures: One [...]

Isaac Mason Sr.

Enlisted: Unknown Buried: What was known as Macy’s Mound Cemetery in Drakesville, Ia. Of Note: Served in Revolutionary War & War of 1812 Pictures: One Two [...]

John Lepper

Enlisted: Unknown, New York Buried: Plot in the woods N. of Dewitt, Iowa Section 1 Twp. 81 N. of Range 3 east of Dewitt Twp. Of Note: Enlisted at 15 years old in New York Pictures: One [...]
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