Presidents Update #10

During this long winter with repeated snowfalls unlike any we have seen for years in Iowa it may seem hard to think of spring. It is however quickly approaching. It is important that we all are making plans and refining them for successful implementation in the coming weeks. Perhaps of greatest need to this great organization of ours is to find those that are willing to serve and lead us as officers of the IASSAR. If you have the interest, ability, conviction and desire to make sure the IASSAR be an organization that serves its members and our community then please contact me. Here is the activities that I have been involved with or been made aware of over the last month. January 21, 2008 21st Sent out President’s Update #9 21st Received first feedback on update #9 from Western Iowa IASSAR member 21st Received memo from member that dues check not cashed and membership card not received. I responded and forwarded to IASSAR Secretary. 21st I responded to member request for information on when next informal breakfast would be held. As always the time and place is, 8:30 AM 3rd Saturday of each month, Country Kitchen on NE 14th [...]

BOM Meeting Minutes

Compatriots of IASSAR, Below are the most recent meeting minutes. Note to webmaster, Please post on the website. 2008 membership cards will be sent to all those who have renewed as soon as I can get a list. If you have not renewed yet for 2008, send $33.00 to IASSAR, Mike Rowley, 1825 NW 129th Street, Clive, Iowa 50325. Iowa Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Board of Managers Meeting Minutes March 1, 2008 Iowa City, Iowa Attendees: Fran Keith, Editor of The Iowa Patriot, Bill Lees, Registrar, Larry Magee, Harold Meeker, Historian, Robert Millett, Past President, Mike Rowley, President, John Scarpino, Central Vice President General and IASSAR Chaplain, Bill Strouse, Dean Swearingen (by speaker phone), Treasurer, Darrell WilkinsAn agenda with notes was distributed to all by the President.President Mike Rowley opened the meeting at 11:45 AM and declared a quorum was present.The President brought the Society’s historical large leather bound Registry books that contain the names of all IASSAR members since 1893 to the board meeting. He reminded all those present that each of their names appeared in these books, along with the names of many of the member’s fathers, sons and grandsons. Next he shared the binder of [...]

Presidents Update #9

Jan 19th 2008 I hope everyone was able to enjoy the holidays and I hope all of you are looking forward to doing and sharing in great things in 2008. Here is what some of your fellow members and I have been doing and been made aware of since Dec 15, 2007. December 15th Received and responded to numerous e-mail comments on last President’s update 15th Sent our Chancellor E-mail request for advice. 15th Re-requested Treasurer to make sure Bob Bowen at National had received information requested. 15th Attended Wreaths across America program at the Iowa State Capital with fellow member Fran Keith, who took photos of the event, which was also covered by the Des Moines Register and a local television channel. 15th Signed, mailed and e-mailed Chaplain form as requested by John Scarpino. 16th Notified by Fran Keith of page 1 article on the Wreaths across American Program. I sent congratulations and thank you notes to Judy Mcnamara or DAR and Ken Fusion of the Des Moines Register. 17th Webmaster Scott Rowley notified me of updates he made to the IASSAR website. 17th I assisted potential new member with genealogy research. 17th Webmaster suggested that we purchase the [...]

State Flag

Iowa was almost 75 years old before the state banner was adopted by the Legislature. Creation of a state banner had been suggested for years by patriotic organizations, but no action was taken until World War I. The impetus for final adoption of an official state banner originated with Iowa National Guardsmen stationed along the Mexican border during World War I. The Guardsmen saw that units from other states carried official banners and the Iowa Guardsmen said regiments from other states had banners and they felt one was needed to designate their unit and identify their origins. This prompted the state’s Daughters of the American Revolution into action and to design a banner in 1917. The Legislature officially adopted the design in 1921. Iowa was never in a hurry to adopt a state banner as they felt that there was no need. Iowans, with the memory of the Civil War still fresh in their minds, had not adopted a state banner because they felt a national banner was the only one needed. Approval of the banner was aided by patriotic organizations that launched a campaign to explain that a state banner was not meant to take the place of the [...]

State Bio

Capital City: Des Moines Location: 41.57673 N, 093.61740 W Area: 56276 sq.mi, 26th Land 55875 sq. mi., 23rd – Water 401 sq.mi., 44th Biographies: Famous Iowans Bird: Eastern Goldfinch Border States: Illinois – Minnesota – Missouri – Nebraska – South Dakota – Wisconsin Constitution: 29th State County Profile: 99 Counties Economy: Agriculture: Hogs, corn, soybeans, oats, cattle, dairy products. Industry: Food processing, machinery, electric equipment, chemical products, printing and publishing, primary metals. Flag: Having three vertical stripes blue, white and red the Iowa flag resembles the flag of France. On the white stripe is a bald eagle carrying a blue streamer in its beak. The state motto ” Our Liberties We Prize, and Our Rights We will Maintain” is written on the streamer. The name of the state is emblazoned in red letters. Flower: Wild Prairie Rose rosa pratincola Geographic Center: Story, 5 mi northeast of Ames Governor: Chet Culver (D) Highest Point: High Point; 1670 feet, 42nd Highway Markers: Iowa Resource Manual Historic Landmarks: Search Iowa Largest Cities: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Waterloo Library: Iowa Lowest Point: Juction of Mississippi & Des Moines rivers; 480 feet, 38th Maps: Motto: Our liberties we prize and our rights [...]

Chaplains Page

  “OUR HERITAGE IS BUILT ON PRAYER” “Remembering Their Sacrifices.” “Living In The Freedom They Purchased.” “Remember they died so we can be free”   “Freedom is the most precious thing a man can possess. It is appropriate   that our prayer today be George Washington’s address, “Prayer for the United   States of America,” exactly as it is preserved in the Chapel at Valley Forge.   Let us pray…   “Almighty God; We make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United   States in Thy Holy protection; that Thou wilt incline the hearts of the Citizens   to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to Government, and   entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow   Citizens of the United States at large.   “And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to   do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that Charity, humility,  and pacific temper of mind which were the Characteristics of the Divine Author  of our blessed Religion, and without a humble imitation of whose example in  these things we can never hope to be a happy nation.  Grant [...]
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