Presidents Update #6

IASSAR President’s Update # 6October 14, 2007 With almost 6 months behind the current board of managers term we are approaching a time to reflect on what each of us have been able to do, what we hope to do, what we need to do and what our members would like us to do (or not do). The President’s activities follow after a quick review of the duties of each officer. This review may allow others to consider if they might like to fill a particular office on either a state or local level. DUTIES of. PRESIDENT- The president in addition to his general duties, shall be Chairman of the Board of Managers, and shall appoint, subject to approval of the BOM, the following standing committees viz: (1) a nominating Committee, (2) a Flag Committee, (3) a Recognition and Awards Committee, (4) an Audit Committee and such committees as may be considered necessary. The President shall present a proposed agenda and a proposed budget for the ensuing term of office. 1st VICE PRESIDENT- He shall assist the President as he may direct and in his absence shall assume the duties of presiding officer. The 1st VP shall also be the [...]

Presidents Update #3

June 8th got informal meeting idea from John Scarpino (see attachment #1) June 9th exchanged emails and ideas with member Tim Barada in regard to his son’s status while on active duty. I feel the IASSAR should pick up active duty members dues. Let me know your thoughts. June 9th Bill Strouse offered to take on the duties of secretary for and Eastern Iowa Chapter. Let’s get others and get this going ASAP. June 9th John Scarpino forwarded on a program on WWII submarine memorial that the Iowa Color Guard could participate in (we were unable to do so) lets get more interested in becoming members of the Color Guard. June 10th corresponded with IASSAR Historian Harold Meeeker June 10th Received JROTC report and newsletter plans for Fran Keith June 10th Corresponded with Mother of CAR member now attending college in Dubuque about local chapters in Iowa June 10th Corresponded with Bill Lees and T Sawyer regarding delays in approving grandson’s application. June 11th “Creating New Chapter Guide” Downloaded from National Website June 11th sent membership info to Don Ruffcorn June 11th Sent out agenda for Board of management Meeting June 11th Thank you emails to members, Moody, McCormick, Wolford [...]
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