Veterans Day 2017 Iowa SAR

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month nearly 500 people from around the country joined near the Clarke County Iowa town of Murray for the dedication of the Clarke County, Iowa Freedom rock painted by artist Ray “Bubba” Sorenson II. Among the attendees were color guard members of the American Legion, the Veteran of Foreign Wars and the Iowa Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. Governor Reynolds gave a passionate speech on the sacrifices of the veterans and their families to preserve and protect the liberties of all.  It was also noted that current members of the military account for only about 1% of the population. Mr. Sorenson shared with those in attendance his vision for this Freedom Rock in particular as well as the individualization of all 68 Freedom Rocks done to date in Iowa. Attached are several photos from the event today. Be sure to send any local events you may have been a part of to our Iowa SAR webmaster Patrick Lant and our Iowa SAR newsletter editor Doug Frazer. Respectfully, Mike Rowley [...]

Central Iowa Chapter Pearl Harbor Day 2017

On December 7th, 76 years ago today Pearl Harbor was attacked.  More than 2400 Americans were killed and another 1000 were wounded. Each year in Des Moines and many other locations around the country The Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors take time to remember and honor those service men and women and their families who gave some much on that day. Again these year members of the Iowa SAR, the Central Iowa Chapter and the  IASSAR Color Guard joined with them to remember. Attached are a few photos of today’s ceremony. Respectfully, Mike Rowley #166348 Iowa SAR [...]

George Washington’s Battle Sword

As a sword enthusiast, I could not resist… Watch this short, informative video about George Washington’s Battle Sword: Associate Curator at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, David Miller, gives us an in depth look at George Washington’s Battle Sword that he carried with him during the American Revolution. For more information on George Washington’s Swords, visit: ~Patrick [...]

John and Joshua Townsend

John and Joshua Townsend Atop a wooded hill above the village of Putney Vermont, on land that he once owned lay the grave of 1/Lt. John Townsend, late of the 4th Company, 2nd Worcester County Regiment of Militia; and, Col. Asa Whitcomb’s 5th Regiment of the Massachusetts Line. John was a veteran of Concord, Bunker Hill, Saratoga, Ticonderoga, and my 4th Great-grandfather on my maternal side. Two of his sons, their wives, and several infant children lay nearby in this overgrown and seemingly overlooked half acre within the Vermont woods. The stone walls that surround the old burying ground are tumbling, and small trees and shrubs have invaded the cemetery grounds now owned by a family that bears no ancestral connection to the land.   In nearby Bolton, Massachusetts, are the graves of his father Joshua Townsend, two of John’s biological brothers (Richard and Robert) and three of his nephews who also marched to Concord and Cambridge with him in the early morning hours of April 19th, 1775. Joshua was in his seventy-fifth year on the night of, “The Lexington Alarm”, but he shouldered his musket and gamely marched beside his sons and grandsons to face the King’s Grenadiers. Three [...]

Iowa SAR Meeting, Fall 2017

Gentlemen, Congratulations and THANK YOU ALL. Mike Rowley From the Fall 2017 Iowa SAR Meeting 1st attachment-Left to Right-  Iowa Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Past Presidents Harold Goodrich and Lance Ehmke, newest IASSAR member Jason Corder, Urbandale Police Sgt. Chad Underwood who was presented the S.A.R. Law Enforcement Commendation Medal in recognition of outstanding Achievement and dedication to the maintenance of law and order and current IASSAR President Alan Wenger 2nd attachment- Iowa Society of the Sons of the American Revolution President Alan Wenger, IASSAR Veterans Committee Chairman David Lamb and Service to Veterans Medal awardee Ron Rittel 3rd attachment-Left to right, Iowa Sons of the American Revolution past Presidents Harold Goodrich and Lance Ehmke, Current IASSAR President Alan Wenger, Color Guard Badge Awardee Jon Verner and Service to Veterans awardee George DeMoss photos by Mike [...]
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