BOM Meeting Minutes

Compatriots of IASSAR,

Below are the most recent meeting minutes. Note to webmaster, Please post on the website. 2008 membership cards will be sent to all those who have renewed as soon as I can get a list. If you have not renewed yet for 2008, send $33.00 to IASSAR, Mike Rowley, 1825 NW 129th Street, Clive, Iowa 50325.

Iowa Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
 Board of Managers Meeting Minutes
 March 1, 2008
 Iowa City, Iowa

Attendees: Fran Keith, Editor of The Iowa Patriot, Bill Lees, Registrar, Larry Magee, Harold Meeker, Historian, Robert Millett, Past President, Mike Rowley, President, John Scarpino, Central Vice President General and IASSAR Chaplain, Bill Strouse, Dean Swearingen (by speaker phone), Treasurer, Darrell Wilkins
An agenda with notes was distributed to all by the President.
President Mike Rowley opened the meeting at 11:45 AM and declared a quorum was present.
The President brought the Society’s historical large leather bound Registry books that contain the names of all IASSAR members since 1893 to the board meeting. He reminded all those present that each of their names appeared in these books, along with the names of many of the member’s fathers, sons and grandsons. Next he shared the binder of the 239 Civil War Veterans buried in the North G.A. R. Section of Woodland Cemetery in Des Moines. The IASSAR project group has researched, documented and ordered granite grave stones for installation later this spring. These men represent some of those who we honor for there service to our country.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited followed by the SAR pledge.

The meeting was adjourned for lunch and fellowship.

After lunch the meeting resumed with a motion for approval of the notes from the December 8, 2007 BOM meeting. There was not a quorum at that meeting. A motion was made to place those notes into the record. Motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.
Old business: The President opened a discussion about the resignation of the secretary and recovery of the secretary’s notes and materials. The president reported an audit committee had been appointed and now had the banking records for audit. The audit will provide the Board and the Society a current list of members and records of renewal of membership. The audit will also provide a list of members who have not renewed and present an opportunity to contact delinquent members. There are membership reports due at NSSAR now.

 Until a new Secretary is appointed all items that would normally go to the Secretary will now be sent to the President.


New Business:

The president, following the Constitution of IASSAR, told the board he was appointing an executive committee. The President then nominated Bill Lees and John Scarpino to serve on this committee. A motion was made to approve the nominees (Bill Lees and John Scarpino) suggested by the president if they decide to accept the position. The motion was seconded. The motion was approved 4-1.
The president then opened a discussion to amend the IASSAR Constitution to add two members to the Board of Managers. The new members would be the Editor of the Newsletter and the Webmaster of the Society Website. The motion was seconded. The motion carried unanimously and will be sent to the Society members at the annual meeting for approval.
The president opened a discussion on the status of the Central Iowa Chapter, ISSAR. The chapter has not met for several years. After discussion, it was moved and 2nd and carried unanimously to determine possible new leaders to reorganize this chapter.
After further discussion it was agreed to try the same way revive the Herbert Hoover Chapter.

Report of Officers

President’s Update: The President referred to the monthly reports he sends out by e-mail and that are also posted on the <> website.

The President also reported plans are in the works for the dedication ceremony in Woodland Cemetery when the GAR member stones are installed.

The President also gave a brief report on plans for the placing of a plaque to mark the Grave of Revolutionary War Veteran Cato Mead in Montrose Iowa. GWEF grants are being requested in the amount of $700.

1st VP report: No Report

2nd VP report: No report but the President thanked him for his efforts in setting up the meeting originally scheduled for Waterloo, Iowa

Secretary Update: POSITION VACANT Please submit nominees to Volney Smith or Mike Rowley.

Treasurer’s report: Submitted by e-mail and explained on conference call. Actual financial report is available to members on request.

Chaplain’s Report: Requested that members continue to notify him as soon as possible upon hearing of the illness or death of any fellow members. He also asked to be notified in the event of the member moving to an assisted living residence.

Registrar’s report: He reported that applications that were previously held up (in some cases, months) by the secretary have now been completed and mailed. Also the approved new member certificates that have been held by the secretary are now in the possession of the President and

He will contact each of those members by phone, e-mail and regular postal mail to apologize for the delay and make arrangements to deliver certificates to each.

Historian’s Report: Harold Meeker shared the article in the Des Moines Register that one of our members had published and encouraged all members to consider photographing, writing and submitting all activities that they are involved with that would encourage members and potential members alike to look further into the IASSAR.
He suggested that those members, who live near one of the 39 Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Iowa, visit the grave site, decorate it, photograph the event and submit to their local newspaper.
Upon his suggestion 4 of our members visited the grave of Nathan Fellows in Johnson County. They placed a flag at the site had a photo taken and will submit to the Iowa Press Citizen and The Daily Iowan.

ROTC Report: See below. Our Chairman Fran Keith is also looking for a SAR member that might be interested in presenting the medal and certificate in the Waterloo area.

ROTC Awards Committee –
Report to IASSAR Board of Managers
March 1, 2008
The ROTC Committee is active during the first 6 months of each year. The Committee is in contact with schools and universities that have JROTC or ROTC programs as part of their curriculum.
The ROTC programs have awards ceremonies each spring.
The ROTC Faculty selects the cadet for this award. The cadet must meet the criteria of the IASSAR, foster the principle of the ‘Citizen Soldier’, as exemplified by the Minutemen of the Revolutionary War days.” and to meet the standards of the ROTC program for “having a high degree of merit with respect to leadership qualities, military bearing and general excellence”
There are four high school JROTC units, seven university ROTC units and one US Navy Sea Cadet unit
(High school) that participate in this program. There are currently five compatriots, who serve as presenters,
William Lees, Robert Snodgrass, Charles Montgomery, John Scarpino, and Peter Heineman. I need a presenter from the Waterloo area to present at Waterloo High School and
The University of Northern Iowa.


The Award winner receives a medal with their name engraved, a uniform ribbon, and a Certificate of Award from the EASSAR.
The costs of this program to LASSAR are minimal, the engraving on the medal and the lettering on the certificate plus mailing costs.
The James B. Ladd Trust — ROTC Medals, pays for the medals and the certificates.
The ROTC Com Chairman coordinates the program. Contacting the various schools, finding compatriots who will present the medals, engraving and lettering and mailing the awards to the schools. The committee chair also orders the blank medals and certificates from the Ladd Trust.
Only one high school in Iowa that has an ROTC program does not participate in the program.

The ROTC Program supports and encourages young people in our high schools and universities to meet high standards of citizenship and patriotism.
In doing so, the Iowa Society of Sons of the American Revolution is working toward its goals as stated in the Constitution of the Iowa Society SAR.
Respectfully submitted,
Francis Keith, COL USAR, (RET)
Chair, IASSAR ROTC Committee.
File SAR BOM ROTC Report 3-1-08

Editor of The Iowa Patriot Report:

* The Iowa Sons of the American Revolution
The Iowa Patriot
Report of the Editor to the IASSAR Board of Managers
March 1, 2008
As Editor of the Iowa Patriot I have two roles. The first and foremost to me, is to gather information about IASSAR activities, take or get photos and put together the newsletter. There are other jobs related to this, writing, editing photos, addressing envelopes, stamps, mailing, etc., but these are simply chores that need to be done. I enjoy this work.
A second task — more perplexing, is living within our means as an organization. I have a budget. I would prefer to send four issues each year, one each quarter but the cost of stamps is fixed (about $95—100 per issue) and the cost of printing. While more flexible, is still the largest item in the cost. Printers charge by the page, color costs more than black ink. The first issue in the spring of 2007 cost $340 and was a single sheet two sides, one page with two color photos. The second issue in September 2007 was four pages, more pictures and all color. The cost was $580. These two issues exceeded my budget for the entire year.
I plan an issue just before the annual meeting to give information about that
There are two major purposes for a newsletter
  PAGE 4
1. Give members information about future activities and meetings of the Society.
2. Report on activities of members or committees or local chapters and actions of the Board of Managers
3. Extra small bulletins of special interest can be added at no additional cost except paper and ink
What are the choices for the future issues?
1. Four issues per year, one page, one side, no photos, no color
2. Two issues per year with one page of color photos in each issue.
3. Send the Patriot by E—Mail — Cheap BUT only a few members have shared their E-Mail address or do not have E—Mail.
I will also shop around to different printers to compare prices. Discussion please.
Francis Keith, Editor, the Patriot
File: SAR BOM Report Patriot 3—I -08
After a discussion on the importance of, The Iowa Patriot as means to communicate with the IASSAR membership it was agreed that publishing 4 issues per year in Black and White would be most cost effective. These will be sent by regular postal mail. We will also post a color edition on the website and send the color edition by e-mail. If possible members will be able to print color copy from the website for later reading and sharing with potential members.
Send all story ideas to Fran Keith.
Eagle Scout Chairman Report:
Report of the IASSAR Eagle Scout Scholarship & Recognition Program
Program Status to the current period
Arthur & Berdena King Eagle Scout Scholarship Program
The applications and scoring for the 2007 JASSAR Scholarship Program were mailed to a panel of current and qualified members of the Iowa Society. All score sheets were returned within a two- week period to the program chairman to determine the Iowa state representative in the national contest. Two entries were received this year and both were of a very high quality. The scores were as follows:
NAMES and Scores Removed until after awards presentation
 was our state champion and his application was mailed to the national chairman for judging at the national level on February 22, 2008. Ian was also our 2006 winner and produced an outstanding application and essay. He will receive the Trophy, Medal, Certificate, and Cash Award at a ceremony in Ames in May 2008.
 was our state runner-up. Due the very high quality of his entry and the fact that he represented a different BSA council, the IASSAR state officers voted to also award him the State Medal and Certificate.
 The awards have been returned from the engraver and the certificates are printed and framed and we await information on the award ceremony from the IADAR.
George & Stella Knight SAR Essay Contest
 also produced and very scholarly 1000 word essay for entry in this very prestigious contest. IASSAR was proud to sponsor this young man as our 2007 entry. The judging took place on at national headquarters on February 22, 2008.
Other program Activities
– Eleven Eagle Scout Certificates and Letter of Congratulations were mailed to requestors.
– Eight SAR member, Parent, Leader, and/or Scout inquiries were mailed out or handled by phone.
– Five contacts with national were completed for information or guidance.
– A link on the lASSAR website was developed by the Scott Rowley, our dedicated Webmaster, to promote our programs and assist individuals who are interested in participating. Also, an additional
link allows our members and visitors to view and be educated by the excellent historic essays created by the Iowa youth who have entered our contests.
– All program materials are now organized in a filing system for ready reference and use.
Pending Program Expenses
Expenses for Awards, Program Materials, and Office Supplies amount to $146.96. These pending expenses will be presented to the State Treasurer upon his return from Florida and should be paid from the endowment account that was generously donated for these expenses.
David Shannon -State Chairman of the Eagle Scout and Essay Programs
Webmasters Report: The webmaster has found a way to save the IASSAR $210. per year increase website capabilities.
Re-confirm all currently scheduled meeting dates for 2008
May 3, 2008 IASSAR Annual Meeting with Iowa DAR, Ames Iowa location and exact time to be determined and publicized in the next Iowa Patriot.
June 14, 2008 BOM meeting with time and place to be determined.
August 23, 2008 BOM meeting with time and place to be determined
Fall Banquet and State meeting: Date, program and agenda to be announced
November 1, 2008 BOM meeting with time and place to be determined.
Respectfully submitted, March 1, 2008
Mike Rowley
President and acting Secretary IASSAR

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