Please email Mike Rowley,, if you see anything you would like to get involved with or for any updates that need posting. 

1. Revolutionary War Veterans Buried in Iowa–Begin Feb 2006
A. Get Ebenezer Ayres name added to monument on State Capital grounds, Planned May 2009.
B. Photo of IASSAR member in Color Guard uniform next to each grave
Submit (B) photos to local newspapers, memorial day, 4th July, etc.
     1. Nathaniel Fellows, Iowa City published SAR Mag Summer 2008
     2. Daniel Dows College Springs, IA radio & newspaper May 2008
     3. Joel Buffington, Mills County, IA. NonPareil newspaper Dec. 15, 2008
COMPLETE – Identified, researched and documented additional Revoluionary War veteran buried in Iowa. Ebenezer Ayres
COMPLETE – Locate and photograph all known Rev. War Vet. Graves in Iowa– completed 08-05-06
COMPLETE – Copy to CD—completed 11-26-2006
COMPLETE – Post to IASSAR website—completed 08-12-2007

2.Planning and Events
COMPLETE – Wreaths Across America project, Woodland Cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa completed December 13, 2008
COMPLETE – WAA project, Ottumwa, Iowa. Completed December 13, 2008
COMPLETE – WAA project, Mills County, Iowa. Completed December 13, 2008
COMPLETE – Color Guard in State Fair Parade. Completed August 2008
COMPLETE – Color Guard and members in Urbandale Parade. Completed July 4, 2008
COMPLETE – Color Guard and members at new Veteran Cemetery dedication in Van Meter, Iowa. Completed July 2008
COMPLETE – Montrose, Iowa event with IA, MO, IL, VA Color Guards and President General. Completed May 2008
COMPLETE – Stuart, Iowa G.A.R. Lodge re-dedication. Completed May 2008
COMPLETE – Madrid, Iowa Civil War veterans remeberance ceremony. Completed May 2008
COMPLETE – College Springs, Iowa Daniel Dow ceremony. Completed May 2008
COMPLETE – JROTC presentation at Ottumwa High School. Completed May 2008
COMPLETE – ROTC presentation at East Waterloo High School Completed May 2008
COMPLETE – Historical Museum tour. Completed August 2008
COMPLETE – Speaking program with Veterans Genealogy Group in Des Moines May 2008
COMPLETE – Obtain GWEF grant for Cato Meed marker. Completed April 2008
COMPLETE – Color Guard to Troop send program in Audubon, Iowa. Completed Sept 2008
COMPLETE – Color Guard to Iowa National Guard new building dedication. Completed October 2008
COMPLETE – Central Iowa Chapter officers to Iowa National Guard welcome home ceremony at Veterans Auditorium. Completed Nov 2008
COMPLETE – Fall program with speaker. Completed Oct. 2007
COMPLETE – Woodlands Cemetery Tour Completed Aug 2007
COMPLETE – Urbandale Parade Completed July 4, 2007
COMPLETE – Meet the author program. Completed July 2007
COMPLETE – Memorial Day events at Veterans Auditorium and State Capital grounds. Completed May 2007
COMPLETE – Fall program Cove Restaurant, Tipton, Iowa. Completed Oct. 2006
COMPLETE – Re-dedication of Charles Henry gravesite. Completed Oct 2006

3.Publicity and Articles
COMPLETE – NonPareil Newspaper 12-15-2008 Volney Smith/ Joel Buffington photos
COMPLETE – Patriots of the American Revolution Magazine Winter 2008. 4 page article and color photos of the Montrose, Iowa event
COMPLETE – Des Moines Register newspaper 12-14-2008. IASSAR/ Wreaths Across America article.
COMPLETE – Des Moines Register, 11-11-2007. Ebenezer Ayres article.
COMPLETE – Fort Madison Daily Democrat, August 2008. Ebenezer Ayres article.
COMPLETE – Keokuk Daily Gate newspaper 8-15-2008 Ebenezer Ayres article.
COMPLETE – SAR Magazine Spring 2008. Iowa City/Nathaniel Fellows article.
COMPLETE – Drum Beat Magazine Summer 2008 Cato Meed event article.
COMPLETE – Des Moines Register newspaper 8-29-2008 SAR Woodland Cemetery editorial
COMPLETE – Burlington Hawkeye newspaper May 2008 article
COMPLETE – Keokuk Daily Gate newspaper May 28, 2008
COMPLETE – Des Moines Register Op/Ed article on history of Black soldiers
COMPLETE – Public Opinion newspaper, Chambersburg, PA. Iowa SAR Color Guard story and photo
COMPLETE – Des Moines Register newspaper June 1, 2007 Color Guard photo

COMPLETE – Tipton –sent Nov 2006 published 2007 SAR Magazine
COMPLETE – Webster City Newspaper
COMPLETE – Two PA. Newspapers and Chicago Sun Times
COMPLETE – Revolutionary Vets in Iowa to SAR Mag-
COMPLETE – Webmaster article to SAR Mag—sent Oct 2007
COMPLETE – Des Moines Register Photo Memorial day-published May 2007
COMPLETE – Woodlands tour story to SAR—sent Oct 2007
COMPLETE – Stech Cemetery restoration to SAR Magazine—sent 10-30-2007
COMPLETE – Suggested idea to member Ray Collins of Aurora IL—Oct 2007
COMPLETE – Black Soldiers History article published in Des Moines Register Feb 2008

4. Civil War Veterans gravestone replacement GAR south section Woodland
COMPLETE – Map entire section on grid paper—completed Aug 2007
COMPLETE – Transcribe all readable gravestones—completed Sep 2007
COMPLETE – Photograph all existing stones—completed Sep 2007
COMPLETE – Order VA records of burials—began Aug 2007
COMPLETE – Document with Census, obits, City Directory, pension records etc—Aug 2007
COMPLETE – Get approval from City/Cemetery officials—completed Aug 2007
COMPLETE – Completed Govt. order forms—Sep 2007
COMPLETE – Recruit Volunteers to dig out old & install new stones—Oct 2007
COMPLETE – Coordinate installation with officials—Oct 2007
COMPLETE – Photograph installation
COMPLETE – Plan rededication
COMPLETE – Publicize
COMPLETE – Write and submit article to SAR Magazine
COMPLETE – Submit Binder of all documentation to cemetery officials and IASSAR historian
COMPLETE – Start over at #1 for North GAR section, 220 graves researched and documented done Jan 2008
COMPLETE – Order 50 new gravestones for unmarked Civil War veterans done Feb 2008
COMPLETE – Get gravestones installed (33 done April 2008)
COMPLETE – Encourage all IASSAR members to duplicate at their local cemetery

5. Recruit new members
A. Identify what the IASSAR has to offer these potential new members
B. Seek advice of mentors to potential members
C. Seek help from nationally known leaders
D. Offer assistance and funds to document lineage of potential members
E. Publicize minority Rev. War Veteran’s contributions to liberty

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