Presidents Update #12

Having just completed one year as President of the IASSAR I can look back and see both progress and barriers to progress.  I am very proud of those who have contributed in ways both large and small to make the IASSAR a stronger and more active society.

I am most encouraged by the plans of the Compatriots who have taken on the task of
trying to make the activities of the Central Iowa Chapter something you will not want to miss.

Listed below are some of the activities of the President and others.

March 2008

23rd Received note from Compatriot Richard Martin

23rd Tried to check out where the dues checks for John and Joseph Watts went.

23rd Sent Montrose Iowa event info to IL SAR contact.

24th More member changes to National.

24th Member Ewold address change to Iowa Patriot Editor.

24th Additional member update to National.

24th President’s Update #11 sent to IASSAR members with e-mail.

24th Sent copy of member Induction to Editor.

27th Made member updates on National database.

27th sent 2 more member renewal checks and deposits to treasurer.

29th Discussions with Montrose, Iowa resident on Memorial Day event.

30th Webmaster mention additional sign up for website.

30th Asked for and received tax ID  for Central Iowa Chapter.

30th Applied for grant for the Central Iowa Chapter.

31st Contacted General Society of the War of 1812 and invited them to participate in the Montrose, Iowa event.

31st Received update from member Frank Paul.

April 2008
1st Sent Birthday postcards to all IASSAR members with birthdays in April
1st Received invoice to submit for GWEF grant for Cato Mead grave.

1st Found and sent SAR medals photo from Calif. Society to webmaster for posting.

1st Contacted Central Iowa Chapter acting treasurer about how to transition over to new officers. We decided to wait until after actual elections.

1st Webmaster made format changes to website.

1st Assisted Compatriot with genealogy information request from SAR-Talk.

2nd Congratulated new member RJP.

2nd At the request of VPG I attempted to contact all North Central District Presidents to set up a meeting on Memorial Day in Montrose, Iowa.

3rd Received notification that both Eagle Scout award winners would be out of town on May 3rd and unable to attend meeting.  I notified D.A.R.

3rd Notified GSSR editor of Montrose, Iowa event.

3rd Sent Ewoldson check and deposit copies to treasurer.

3rd followed up on potential SAR member sent from Brenda Hare.

4th Sent e-mail to Sar-talk for genealogy help, seeking 105 year old book.  I had a response and copies of pages in 3 hours.  This provided documentation to allow my wife to apply for both D.A.R. and Mayflower Society.

5th Received info on a related website

5th requested e-mail address from C.A.R. contacts

5th Attended C.A.R. State meeting and donated $100 from IASSAR

5th Asked webmaster to make sure project section on website.

5th Received Montrose Invitation.      
6th Invitation sent to President General Wilcox

6th List of members who have not paid 2008 dues, sent to Registrar.  Might have to drop them or else IASSAR will be charged $25 for each one.  Since state dues are only $8 it would take more than 3 paying members entire years state dues to cover the cost of each non renewing member kept on the active member rolls.  All members have been notified at least 2 or more times about 2008 dues.

6th I sent out 100’s of e-mails tonight reaching out to many different groups inviting them to attend the Montrose event.

The citizens of Montrose, North Central District VPG John Scarpino and Iowa Society of the Sons of the American Revolution  President Mike Rowley would like to cordially invite you to attend the dedication of a plaque honoring Revolutionary War Patriot Cato (MEED), “a free person of color”.  The ceremony will be held at the Montrose City Cemetery, Montrose, Lee County, Iowa on Memorial Day, Monday May 26, 2008, 2:00 PM.

This plaque which is funded in part by the residents of Montrose, the IASSAR and a generous grant from the George Washington Endowment Foundation of the NSSAR, is being erected to provide addition information and awareness about his history.

We would be most pleased if you and your guest would attend this event honoring a man, whose remarkable history involved nearly 3 years of service in the war that gave birth to this country, including spending that difficult winter of 1777-1778 at Valley Forge.  He was also a pioneer settler on frontiers in New York, Ohio and Iowa.

So far is known, Cato Mead is the Revolutionary War patriot of color who is buried the farthest west, arriving by 1840 in Lee County, Iowa, where he died in 1846.

Please forward this e-mail on to all Color Guard units, re-enactors and musicians of all military periods and anyone else who has an interest in preserving American history.  Since Montrose, Iowa is very close to both the IL and MO borders we would be proud to have any of those Color Guard members join us as well. If you know of local VFW, American Legion, SR, Founders and Patriots, SUVCW, GSW 1812 groups etc. please let them know.

Other activities are taking place in Montrose during the weekend and the location is also very close to historic Nauvoo, IL.

Please have any of your members or guests that might be able to join us, contact IASSAR president, Mike Rowley at or 515-975-0498.


Mike Rowley
President IASSAR
1825 NW 129th Street
Clive, Iowa 50325
7th VPG Scarpino sent by regular post, invitations to State presidents in MN, NE, ND, SD

7th Requested National stop as host for website.  Will save us over $200 per year.

7th President General Wilcox has agreed to attend the Cato Mead, Montrose, Iowa event.  This is a great honor for the Iowa Society.

7th Requested Color Guard help for the Montrose event from other SAR Societies.

7th Invited Iowa Gov. Official on Status of African Americans.  No response.

7th Many more plans with Montrose resident organizer.

8th Mayflower Society forwarded on invitation to members.

8th Discussions with VPG on PG visit and arrangements.

9th Request to speak to Veteran genealogy group.  I accepted.

10th Clarification of annual report items to Michael Scroggins.

10th Received information from ROTC presenter William Strouse.

10th Sent GWEF grant receipt to John Wallace.

10th Received and accepted offer from Compatriot Al Paris and Russell DeVenney Jr. of Mo. To lead the Color Guard units.

11th Requested John McCain contact information to invite him to the Cato Mead program.  Received and sent.  I received confirmation that the invitation was sent.

12th sent request to author with request to speak at our May 3rd meeting. Has Omaha book signing scheduled.  Perhaps in the future, he is great.

12th New website graphics and changes by webmaster.

13th Update to projects section.

13th Sent request for Montrose cannon history to other contacts with this type of expertise.

13th Sent awards question to Bill Lees.  Awards are usually headed by the 1st VP

14th Received website data from Scott Rowley

15th Received contact update from Josh Gibson

15th Received the following information on Montrose cannon…

A cannon was donated by act of Congress to the Tip Best Post No. 75, Grand Army of the Republic of Montrose, Iowa in 1882, for monumental purposes.  I can’t confirm that this is the cannon presently located in Montrose, but it probably is.
This information comes from the Congressional Record, which has been researched to learn of the disposition and ownership of memorial cannon donated by Congress, in order that those that remain may be protected.
More information can probably be found in researching the local newspapers around Memorial Day in 1882 or 1883, which is probably when a dedication was held.  There will also likely be small snippets of information telling of the Post acquiring the cannon, of its arrival in town, etc. in the time leading up to the dedication.
Unfortunately, there is no central depositary for Grand Army of the Republic records.  They were to be turned over to the community for their use, and finding them, if they do still exist, can be difficult.  Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War has had a project of cataloging G.A.R. records.  I’d suggest contacting the SUVCW for information on Montrose.  There are several other resources which may be consulted for G.A.R. records.  These include local libraries and historical societies, college libraries, and state libraries.  New York has a large, but incomplete, collection of G.A.R. records in its state archives.
 I hope this has been useful to you.
 Todd Shillington
Past Department Commander-New York
Past National Secretary
Past National Civil War Memorials Officer
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

15th Received word that IASSAR Color Guard would not be participating in DAR meeting

16th Dean Timm offered to loan Color Guard uniform to anyone that can wear it at the Montrose Iowa event.  If you can help let me know ASAP.

16th Heard from Franz Herder, ILSSAR CG Vice Commander

16th Additional RSVP from ILSSAR Color Guard Michael J. McMeins

16th Sent request to members to consider, accepting nominations for positions of Chapter Chaplain, Historian and Chancellor.

16th Notified Board members of State meeting requesting RSVP, agenda items and officer reports.

16th sent out meeting notice to all members with e-mail
  Notice of IASSAR Meeting

You are cordially invited to join with your compatriots of the IASSAR
 May 3, 2008                                                            1:30 PM
Ames Public Library
515 Douglas Ave
Ames, Iowa 50010

Induction of New Members
Anniversary awards for members 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25
Election of New officers for re-charged Central Iowa Chapter
Plans for coming events and…

Most importantly                         YOU!
Mike Rowley
President and acting Secretary

17th Mailed by regular post meeting notice to about 70 in state IASSAR members.

17th Treasurer RSVP’ed with report

17th Webmaster RSVP’ed

17th Eagle Scout Chair RSVP’ed

17th Chaplain RSVP’ed
17th Sent updated roster to VPG

17th RSVP from IASSAR Historian

17th E-mail from Bruce Norris, anniversary

18th e-mail contact update from member Tom Sandersfeld

18th Request via website suggestion section from Daniel Bain (Rev. War Vet buried in Iowa) descendant to place monument photo on website.  I agreed it was a great idea and forwarded to webmaster.  I also followed up with information on DB to this descendant.  Received note…

Mr. Rowley,
The pictures and new information are a treasure! We have researched Daniel Bain for many years and this is a welcome addition.
The monument and park with the 13 colonies represented are truly beautifully done. Wasn’t the greenery splendid on that day?
Thank you for letting me touch a part of my ancestor Daniel’s past. And, for your work in our behalf.
Sincerely, Ruth Beem

18th RSVP regrets from IASSAR member.  Conflicts with Pella Tulip festival.  This date also conflicts with Mayflower Society meeting.  Consider this next year.

19th RSVP from Iowa Patriot editor along with his reports.

20th Received one more 2008 member renewal.  Copied, deposited, sent info to treasurer and updated roster.

20th Received Chapter Chancellor Nominee’s acceptance of entering his name for consideration.

20th Received Chapter Chaplain Nominee’s acceptance to enter his name for consideration.
21st Webmaster added monument photo and will attempt to visit for clearer photos.
21st 46 more granite gravestones added to previously unmarked Civil War Vets graves in Woodlands cemetery due to IASSAR project group.

21st Received and updated contact information from IASSAR member Spencer.

21st Received new member Kisner certificate and papers. I notified Registrar, sent him copies and also called new member with welcome.

21st Assisted Washington Compatriot with research information on Patriot ancestor.

22nd Further discussions with compatriots attending Montrose event.

22nd Received R. Strouse e-mail and updated roster.

22nd Received project ideas from Chapter President Nominee, Scott Rowley.

23rd Received member application information request from Washta, Iowa resident.  I replied and copied Registrar.

23rd Received word that J. Dooley from Virginia will be attending Montrose event and he has agreed to join with other Color Guard members.  

23rd Sent Bob Betz of VA an invitation to Montrose event.  He suggested sending to Iowa Gold Star Museum.  I did.

24th Sent hotel information for Keokuk, Iowa to member attending Montrose, Iowa event.
Super Eight: 3511 Main St., Phone 319-524-3888
Fairfield Inn: 3404 Main St., Phone 319-524-9000
Keokuk Motor Lodge: 3764 Main St., Phone 319-524-3252
The Hampton Inn: 3201 Main St., Phone 319-524-6700

25th Sent Montrose information to an individual from Thornton, Iowa who would like to attend with his family.
26th I only had 2 responses to request for agenda items (editor and chaplain).

26th Attended Keokuk, Iowa Battle of Pea Ridge Civil War re-enactment ceremonies and passed out invitations to Montrose event.

27th Sent request to Sar-talk for clarification on award rules.
If a state president is elected for a 2 year term then the 2 highlighted sentences seem to be in conflict.  Can someone clarify for me?


Mike Rowley
President, IASSAR

The State Medal of Distinguished Service, authorized in 1998, is the highest Medal that can be awarded by a State Society President during each year of his term of office. It is presented to a Compatriot for distinguished service rendered to the State Society on the state level during a State Society’s President’s term of office. The Medal should be presented at the State Society annual meeting at the conclusion of the President’s term of office. The State Medal of Distinguished Service is presented by the incumbent State Society President and does not require other approval.
A State President may present only one Medal of Distinguished Service during each year of his tenure as State Society President. If a Compatriot while serving as President, steps down, and is later on elected to another term, that is considered two separate terms, and the President is allowed to award a State Medal of Distinguished Service medal during his second term.
A Compatriot may receive this medal only once from a State Society. Dual and transferred members may not receive this medal from more than one Society.
The Medal is diamond in shape, struck in sterling silver. It has a blue SAR insignia surmounted on a white enameled background. The State Medal of Distinguished Service is trimmed in silver leaf. The ribbon is solid maroon. The medal is available in miniature and comes with a certificate.
An application form must be completed and forwarded to the Merchandise Department of National Headquarters along with the payment for the current cost of the medal, signature of the state society president and secretary, as well as the citation of award.
27th Received first response, Mike, we have the same problem in —- as our president serves a two year term. We treat it as authority to present one medal each year. If the president were to change each year the same number of awards could be made anyway. The sentences are in conflict the way the regulation is written.
27th Found old record on Cato Mead. I copied and sent to Mary Sue Chatfield an organizer from Montrose.

28th A representative from Senator Grassley’s office left a message that he had a previous commitment and would not be able to attend the Cato Meed re-dedication.


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