Presidents Update #2

In my last update (May 25th, 2007) I told you I hoped to have an
improvement in the communication of all areas of our organization. Part of
that promise falls on me to update you from time to time.

First things first.  There is a IASSAR board meeting on Saturday, June
16th, 2007 from 12:00-3:00PM.  The location is the Central Library
(downtown), 1000 Grand Ave., in Des Moines, Iowa.  I hope to have this
location on our website calendar so that you might use the map and driving
direction features there to plan your trip.  However I think our Webmaster
might be doing his 2 weeks reserve duty so you might be on your own.

Just a comment on board meetings.  All are welcome.  However having said
that, unless you are the type of person that loves meetings (I’m not) feel
free to just stop in get a feel for what goes on, introduce yourself,
decide if you have something that you would like to help with or improve or
have the board discuss and then get on to more entertaining pursuits.

Now back to the updates in reverse order from most current, back to May

It is said that one of George Washington’s first orders of business at the
start of the Revolutionary War was to count the troops that had been
amassed.  It should have, in a well organized army, normally have been
accomplished in hours. However it ended up taking 8 days.

Before we get too self righteous,remember today we have daily mail and
newspapers, telephones, cell phones, easy, quick, inexpensive long
distance, computers, email etc. So eight days probably seems too long. 14
days after the first mailing to IASSAR members we have had 47 (of 205
members) respond by emailing, faxing or sending by regular postage the
contact survey forms. I hope you all fill my mailbox next week so that we
have the most up to date contact information to serve all of you.

June 8th 2007 Ordered a new pamphlets in pdf. form on “Starting New
Chapters” or in our case also reviving previous ones.  This is the one of
the most important things you can do to get the most enjoyment out of being
a member in the IASSAR.  Not starting chapters just for the sake of having
more of them, but instead to be able to be more local and to mold the
chapter to your style and that of your neighbors. Now really aren’t you
getting a little tired of hearing about what’s going on around Des Moines?

Last night (Thursday June 7th) we were honored to hear a talk by author
Curtis Patrick who had extraordinary life experiences when he had the
opportunity to serve as A Ronald Reagan aide.  We had about 30 attendees.

Fran Keith (IASSAR Newsletter editor), John Scarpino (chaplain), Bill Lees
(registrar), Dean Swearingen (treasurer), Charles Wright (member), Dennis
Mann (member), Charles Montgomery (member), Bob Snodgrass (member), Mike
Rowley (President), Many DAR members and many spouses attended.  We also
had a few try to attend but ended up at Barnes and Noble (down the street)
instead of Border’s.  Thanks to all who came, from near (Clive, Iowa) and
far (Oskaloosa, Iowa) and those to attempted to come.

After the talk a few members met down the street at Granite City to

June 1, 2007 A member of the IASSAR Color Guard appeared in a color photo
one page one of the Des Moines Register’s Clive, West Des Moines, Waukee
section.  Remember if you have an event you could use a uniform for just
let me know as far in advance as possible. then send the results to our
editor  or myself.

June 1, 2007  One of our members signed a supplemental application under
their g-g-g-g-g-grandfather Valentine Rummell. For all you genealogists,
don’t stop with just your first Revolutionary War ancestor, Harold Meeker
(our Historian) has confirmed 13.

May 31,2007 One of our members sent in SAR membership application worksheet
for Scott Rowley (IASSAR Webmaster).

May 28th, 2007 One of our members attended a re-dedication of a Confederate
Soldier’s grave in Des Moines, Iowa.

May 28th, One of our members joined with the Sons of Union Veterans of the
Civil War (SUVCW) in a Memorial Day ceremony at Woodland Cemetery.

May 28th  IASSAR members and DAR members attended a wreath laying ceremony
at the Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Iowa monument near the Iowa
State Capital.  I’m told the DAR went out earlier in the week and collected
nearly 9 bags of grass, weeds and debris near the monument.  Their efforts
really showed as the bushes were in full bloom for the day of the ceremony.
We could learn a few things from those ladies.

May 28th IASSAR members joined with DAR/SUVCW/American Legion and many
others in a moving Memorial day ceremony at Veteran’s Auditorium in Des

May 28th One of our Color Guard members attended an open house at the Iowa
Gold Star Museum from 5-9AM.  This was a joint effort of the Museum, Camp
Dodge and WHO Radio’s Van and Bonnie show.  Over 1200 people attended and
many SAR cards were passed out and there were many conversations with
attendees. The uniform was even shared with a few for photos.

May 27th Contacted more members from the roster by phone.

May 26th Submitted updates to the Webmaster to add to the IASSAR website.

That’s it for the updates. Let me know if you have anything else you would
like added.  If time permits we will.

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