IASSAR Annual Members Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2008 Ames Public Library, 1:30 PM
Ames, Iowa

Attendance: Mike Rowley, President, Dean Timm, Immediate past President, Dean Swearingen, Treasurer, John Scarpino, Chaplain, W.H. Lees, Registrar, Lance Ehmke, Chancellor, Harold Meeker, Historian, Volney Smith Past President, Dr. Francis Keith, Editor, Scott Rowley, Webmaster, Paul Gordon Sr., Paul Gordon Jr., Mike Hancock, Tim Rowley, Dave Shannon, William Strouse, Ray Prusia, Frank Paul, and guests, Ann Laurence-Scarpino, Mrs. Lees, Mrs. Timm and Mrs. Swearingen

1. Call to order Welcome and brief introductions.

2. Invocation, Chaplain John Scarpino

3. Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the U.S.A., by members.

S.A.R. Pledge, by members.

Audio presentation of the origin of the National Anthem.
3a. The President suspended the IASSAR Annual Meeting, temporarily for induction of new members. We then held the induction for the new members and any of those members that may not have been properly inducted in the past. This was followed by the distribution of member certificates, the S.A.R. Rosette pin and a printed copy of the origin of the S.A.R. logo.

The President reconvened the Annual Meeting.
4. Minutes of last meeting
A motion was made by Mike Rowley to approve the minutes of last BOM meeting, with [an amendment of the minutes to add a $100 donation to the Iowa C.A.R.]. The motion was seconded by Lance Ehmke and approved, as amended, by a unanimous vote.

5. Unfinished Business ” — bylaws # 11
5a. Amend Constitution Article V OFFICERS

It was moved by Mike Rowley and seconded by John Scarpino to amend the Constitution of the IASSAR, Article V OFFICERS by adding the Society Webmaster and The Newsletter Editor to read…
“ The officers of the Society shall be a President, a First Vice President, a Second Vice President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Registrar, a Historian, a Chaplain, and a Chancellor. These individuals together with the Immediate Past President, the Chapter Presidents the National Trustee and the Alternate National Trustee, the Society Webmaster, the Newsletter Editor, and any member of the Society serving as a General Officer shall constitute the Board of Managers during their respective term of office.”

The motion was seconded by Bill Lees and approved by a unanimous vote.

5b Acceptance by Webmaster and Editor for new duties. The two appointees Scott Rowley and Francis Keith agreed to serve

Following this vote, there was discussion on whether to increase the number of officers’ present needed for a quorum.
There was also discussion about whether or not to allow all past Presidents who finished their term honorably, and are currently members in good standing to be voting members. Both of these will be discussed at future BOM meetings. Both issues were tabled until the next Board of Managers meeting

5C The President announced that John Scarpino and Bill Lees have accepted positions as members of the Executive Committee. The President is the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Article V Officers
The President suspended the Annual Meeting of IASSAR temporarily to convene a meeting of the Central Iowa Chapter of IASSAR.

Bill Lees stated that under the current By-Laws, since there were no other active chapters in Iowa, that all current members of IASSAR are considered members of the Central Iowa Chapter until they declare they choose not to be. Therefore all members in attendance were eligible to vote on the nominees for office.
The nominees for officer positions of the Central Iowa Chapter were announced as follows, Scott Rowley, President, David Shannon, 1st VP, Jeff Nesler, 2nd VP, Tim Rowley, Secretary, Tom Conrey, Chaplain, Martin Francis, Chancellor and Mike Rowley, Treasurer. There were no nominees for Historian.
The members present were asked for any other nominees; hearing none, member Francis Keith moved the nominations cease and the secretary be instructed to cast a unanimous vote for those nominated. The motion was seconded by member Lance Ehmcke. The motion was approved unanimously.

President Rowley congratulated each new Chapter officer and discussed the duties of each of the offices that the members now hold. The President mentioned that each was carefully selected based not only on the potential they offer but also the history of active participation they have all shown. This group also contains members in their 20’s, 30’, 40’s, 50’, 60’, and 70’s.
The president reconvened the Annual Meeting

6. Remarks of the President New business items covered the lack of past activity to make members aware of and seek out those who may be doing great things and eligible for different awards.
(6. )Remarks by the President. The President discussed The Montrose, Iowa/ Cato Meed event of May 26th was discussed as well as some of the dignitaries that have already confirmed that they will be attending, including President General Bruce Wilcox, Virginia President Joseph Dooley and numerous Color Guard units from IA, IL, and MO.

(6) Remarks by the president
A survey was taken to see who would be attending the NSSAR Annual Conference and who the delegates would be. Bill Lees was confirmed as National Trustee and Dean Swearingen to serve as an Alternate Trustee. They will also be delegates along with John Scarpino.

New business items covered the lack of past activity to make members aware of and seek out those who may be doing great things and eligible for different awards.

The Montrose, Iowa/ Cato Meed event of May 26th was discussed as well as some of the dignitaries that have already confirmed that they will be attending, including President General Bruce Wilcox, Virginia President Joseph Dooley and numerous Color Guard units from IA, IL, and MO.

A survey was taken to see who would be attending the NSSAR Annual Conference and who the delegates would be. Bill Lees was confirmed as National Trustee.
Dean Swearingen was elected as Delegate at Large for the 2008 Congress and Alternate Trustee for the next year (2008-2009)

New business continued with reports of officers and committee chairmen.

President’s daily activities for the Society are listed on the http://www.iowasar.org website and updated monthly.

1st VP did not submit report announce any awards

2nd VP did not submit any report.

3rd Secretary (being temporarily filled by the President) reported all duties up to date and requested that anyone interested in the job please contact him ASAP. There was further discussion by members present on how to divide the duties. The most immediate concern is whether to drop all members who have not paid 2008 dues after at least 2 notices or whether to take on the task of calling each one individually to see if they indeed wish to discontinue their association with the IASSAR. Bill Lees agreed to report the list of those members not current and others agreed to help make personal calls. We don’t want to drop anyone in error. Please contact us if you plan to renew your membership for 2008 but have not done so yet.

Treasurer’s report was given and motion was made and seconded to approve. The motion passed by a unanimous vote. If anyone has a copy, please send it to me so that I can place in a binder with the minutes.

Editor’s Report

The Iowa Society Sons of the American Revolution
The Iowa Patriot – Annual Report 2008

The Iowa Patriot is published four times a year and mailed to all members of record. About two hundred are mailed each quarter.

Each Patriot is a single sheet printed on both sides in black and mailed first class.

The mailing envelope for the Patriot can accept three sheets of paper without additional postage. Additional information for members, up to two more sheets, can be included in each mailing with out cost except for printing.

Any officer or committee member or any member may submit material for this service. A word of caution – The material must be suitable for mailing to members and the Patriot budget does not include printing of more than one sheet of paper. If you want to include something, it is best submitted to the President and the Editor in time for consideration and to be printed and delivered to the editor before the mailing deadline.

The editor encourages the use of this envelope space for routine business at little cost to the Society.

With help of our President, Mike Rowley, who is doing the secretary’s work as well, we have improved our “returned mail” rate. After the last mailing, there were just four bad addresses. A year ago there were about 20 envelopes returned as undeliverable.

The Patriot is the members newsletter and depends on members for
Information. Please let us know if you have anything for our Patriot.

With respect, Francis Keith, editor. E Mail fekeith@juno.com

File: SAR Patriot 2008 Annual Report

ROTC Chair Report

The Iowa Society Sons of the American Revolution
IASSAR ROTC Committee – Annual Report for 2008

The Iowa Society Sons of the American Revolution presents ROTC Medals and Certificates to Cadets from seven colleges and universities, and JROTC Medals and Certificates to four high schools. One high school with a JROTC program does not participate.

In 2008 the Society added a new program, the U S Navy Sea Cadet at Marshalltown High School.
This program is not a part of the ROTC, but is similar, is sponsored by the US Navy and accredited by NSSAR. The Sea Cadets receive the SAR Good Citizenship Medal and Certificate.

The cadets are chosen by the instructor staff of each program using criteria from NSSAR and the ROTC. The Iowa Society provides the medals and a certificate engraved/ lettered with the cadets name.
The James B Ladd Trust provides funds for the ROTC and JROTC awards and related expenses, engraving, lettering, mailing and travel costs. The US Navy Sea Cadets are not included in the Ladd Trust.

Compatriots of the Iowa Society SAR present the awards to the cadets at their awards programs.

The 2008 IASSAR ROTC Committee and the schools they work with are
Bill Lees, Iowa State University
Charles Montgomery, University of Iowa
William Strouse, University of Northern Iowa, University of Dubuque and Waterloo East High School
Robert Snodgrass, Ottumwa High School
Peter Heineman, Abraham Lincoln High School Council Bluffs
John Scarpino, Central Campus, Des Moines Schools

The committee needs two Compatriots to present the award to the new Sea Cadet Program at Marshalltown High School and for Central Campus in Des Moines. Any interested men please contact the Chairman at fekeith@juno.com .
Respectfully Submitted.

Francis Keith, Chairman

Webmaster Report see, http://www.iowasar.org and submit any suggestions

Registrar Report- not sure of exact # of new approvals the past 12 months, but most are up to date. Some are just waiting for applicant signature and check.

Of special note are the 10 family members signed up by William Strouse.
Thanks to Bill Lees for letting us know that a new member award is automatic on approval of ten applications submitted by the same sponsor. Since Bill Strouse was not going to the Sacramento Congress, Bill Lees will pick it up for him. This would make a nice story to submit to the National SAR Magazine. Any would be journalist out there?

Historian report- Working with President on the Montrose, Iowa event.

Eagle Scout Chair- David Shannon updated us on the 2008 Eagle Scout award winners and concerns. List concerns by Dave and Bill Lees

Closed with Chaplain’s prayer and Recessional.

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