Presidents Update #13

We are starting our second year with a bang.  We are all part of many groups.  Some of them are formal and some not so formal.  Someone in another group I am in asked the members the following question.  If all of the members were like me, then what would the group be like?  It is food for thought.  Have a great summer.  There is more to come.  


28th Sent final agenda for State meeting to Board of Managers

29th #12 Update added to website

30th Answered question from prospective member in Seymour, Iowa


2nd Members meeting.  See meeting minutes for details

2nd Asked Registrar to bring list of non-paid member for 2008.  Financial situation requires dropping these members.

2nd Deposited Josh G. renewal and sent copy to Treasurer

3rd Received photos of State members meeting in Ames, Iowa from Mike Hancock

3rd Typed up 1st draft of meeting minutes and sent to members that attended for corrections.

3rd Sent Painted Rock event information to webmaster

4th Received feedback from some members that meetings need to be more interesting and then break to allow those not interested in Board of Managers items to leave.

4th Sent list of Chapter officers to Chapter President
President Scott Rowley
1st VP Dave Shannon    
2nd VP Jeff Nesler                   “Jeff Nesler” <>
Secretary Tim Rowley   
Treasurer Mike Rowley  
Chaplain Tom Conrey   
Chancellor Martin Francis
Historian                                     open

5th Received from Bill Strouse
I will present award to JROTC candidate at East Waterloo High School tomorrow (5 May 2008)
5th Women’s Aux submitted and posted their minutes

5th Submitted opinion on proposed Chaplain amendment

6th Ray Prusia sent ideas for Daniel Dow grave ceremony in Page County

6th Sent Current IASSAR roster to Volney Smith

6th Updated Jeff Steele contact information

6th Robert Snodgrass presented ROTC award at the Ottumwa High School

7th Received and made Fran Keith’s suggested changes to minutes.

7th Warren Devore contacted Burlington newspaper about Montrose and mentioned potential new member recruit.  I need name and contact info.

8th Sent Joe Dooley Montrose map quest address

9th Learned of John Brockway’s condition and forwarded to Chaplain Scarpino
10th I Sent Montrose event reminder to all groups.
10th Got Color Guard Uniforms to Ray Prusia for use in Western Iowa
10th Iowa member suggested inviting Senator Grassley, I responded that he has not able to attend due to a previous commitment but if this member had any influence, we have been trying to get a Gold Good Citizen award to Senator Grassley for Years.

10th Sent Ray Prusia information on Rev. War Vet Daniel Dow for his planned activities.

10th Sent Dow corrections to webmaster

10th Judy McNamara from DAR responded that she and her husband will attend

10th Al Paris and Russ DeVenney from MO Color Guard confirm they will attend as Color Guard and fire muskets.

11th Tipton, Iowa Citizens have asked us to join them June 21st for a Ceremony.  Is anyone from that area interested in going in uniform?

12TH Started project to get all SAR members (past and present, over 2100 names) transcribed to and excel spread sheet so the IASSAR webmaster can add to the website.

13th Sent Chancellor current IASSAR roster

13th Prusia event group contacted radio and other media
 Here is whom I contacted and will run the story and event on the 18th:
Shenandoah Valley News Today — Heidi would like to be present if possible for the shoot.
Also the Omaha World Herald maybe be present but if not wants a photo and story.
Missouri Valley Times
Clarinda Herald Journal
Essex Independent Newspaper
Daily Non Parcel – Council Bluffs Newspaper
Des Moines Register
Sioux City News
Logan/Woodbine Twiner

14th Webmaster posted May 3rd minutes

14th Updated contact information from Hans Tevedte

15th Sent out a few current activity opportunities to members

15th Sent Congratulations to member Ray Collins on his supplemental approval

15th Sent out month of May member birthday greetings

15th Submitted CAR and postage expenses to IASSAR treasurer

15th I received my own 3rd supplemental approval

15th Sent in resignation for a member W.M. at his request

15th Sent member #1 to #826 to webmaster

15th Following announcement made on KMA
This Sunday May 18th , 1:00 pm at the Grove Cemetery between Shenandoah
and College Springs there will be a Memorial Ceremony held for Daniel Dow Sr., a Revolutionary Soldier who serviced as a very young boy in the “Company
Of Alarm” as messenger, in the 1st Militia Company, 5th Regiment in Coventry,
Connecticut. He moved to Amity, IA. in 1850 and past on February 7, 1860.
Daniel Dow is the only known Revolutionary Soldier buried this far west.

There will a presentation of a Memorial Wreath placed on his grave by
Raynold Prusia of Council Bluffs – S.A.R (Sons of the American Revolutionary War)of the Central Iowa Chapter who will be in full Revolutionary Uniform and Linda Hopkins Regent of the Shenandoah Chapter – D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolutionary War) and a young teen – C.A.R. (Children of the American Revolutionary War). Also the American Legion Color Guard plans to be present for the presentations of the flags, play taps and gun salute. The American National Anthem will be sung by a teen daughter of the American Legion as well.
 They Welcome the Public to view this colorful Ceremony, and information will be provided to anyone that is eligible and wishing to join these honorable organizations.
Raynold Prusia
16th Webmaster posted same announcement on the website

16th Sent “Iowa Patriot” editor an on-line newsletter from a SUVCW chapter.

17th I Ordered Wreath for Cato Mead grave.  It is to be placed by the PG.

18th Finished transcribing first 1800 members of IASSAR

19th Received and made suggested changes to SAR all time all member list. Completed and sent to webmaster for posting on website.  This will allow visitors to scan list for possible ancestor match.

19th Sent Deb Smalley of NSSAR our officer list for 2008

19th Clarification to Chapter President Scott Rowley on procedure.

19th Responded to questions from Mary Sue Chatfield of Montrose, Iowa regarding upcoming President General visit.

19th Asked SUVCW if we could borrow their US flag for Montrose event

19th Received summary and video tape of the Daniel Dow, Page County ceremony that was organized by Ray Prusia.
College Springs, IA. – Grove Cemetery
Ceremony for Daniel Dow – Revolutionary War Soldier
Sunday 18, 2008
A pathway through the native grass was made and lined with many American Flags
to the tombstone of the only known American Revolutionary War buried this far
west. This tombstone bares the name of Daniel Dow, Sr.
Last Sunday, a Memorial Ceremony with held for Daniel Dow by the ISSAR – Iowa State Sons of the American Revolutionary War, the ISDAR – Daughters of the American Revolutionary War, the ISCAR. – Children of the American Revolutionary War and the American Legion, Post #96 – Clarinda, IA. In attendance was small group of patriotic citizens from Shenandoah and near by communities.
Daniel Dow Sr., was born in April 23rd 1771, Voluntown, Connecticut. He enlisted while in Conventry, Connecticut into the Revolutionary War a mere lad. Records show him to have been a member of the 1st Militia Company, 5th Regiment. His young age can be explained by the fact that often young boys served in the “Company of Alarm” as messengers.  In 1799 Daniel married Susannah Douglas and through their unity they bared seven children. In the year of 1857 Daniel Dow along with several male members of is family came to College Springs, IA. Although an elderly man at the time, Daniel Dow walked most of the way from the Mississippi River to College Springs, IA. He had taken passage on the stage coach but the roads were muddy and traveling by foot was faster. He and his family settled and began farming. Daniel Dow died on February 7th, 1860 in Page County; He was buried in the Grove Cemetery just west of College Springs. Several of his family members now lay beside him.    
The ceremony begins with an escort to the tombstone by young Matthew Volker, ISCAR. Commemorative History of Daniel Dow read by Raynold Prusia of Council Bluffs ISSAR, followed by greeting from Linda Hopkins of Shenandoah, Regent of D.A.R.. Pledge of Allegiance was said and the National Anthem was sung. The Color Guards from The American Legion of Clarinda, Iowa did a gun volley and Ralph Hopkins also a Legionnaire played taps. A memorial wreath was placed beside Daniel Dow’s tombstone by Mr. Prusia and Mrs. Hopkins.  In closing the Rosie Hall, Chaplin of Shenandoah’s D.A.R. said a very meaningful prayer, then the Flags were retired. Thanks are given from the President of ISSAR – Central Chapter; Michael J. Rowley to all who participated in the Ceremony and encourages others to join and support their local S.A.R., D.A.R., C.A.R. and their American Legion Units.

19th Sent notice to be placed on the website
Congratulations to IASSAR Historian, Harold Meeker on getting yet another photo and article published in the Spring 2008 issue of the National SAR Magazine (page 32-33).

We love to see Iowa represented and look forward to future stories about not only IASSAR but also the Central Iowa Chapter activities and members.

Keep the stories and photos coming in.

19th Received photos from Page County event and sent to webmaster

20th Received Iowa CAR newsletter and sent to webmaster for posting on the site.  Check it out!!!

20th Sent out Genealogy freebie and Montrose reminder to all IASSAR members with e-mail.

20th Received Montrose agenda suggestion (as per my request) from VASSAR member Joe Dooley

20th Accepted a Certificate of Recognition from the Mayor of Des Moines on behalf of the IASSAR Woodlands Cemetery Project group, for researching, documenting submitting and placing 70 granite gravestones on previously unmarked Civil War Veteran’s graves.

21st Lance Ehmke sent out Montrose notice to CAR groups.

21st Sent Thank you DAR participants of the Page County ceremony

21st Article appears in Newspaper about Ray Prusia’s Page County event.  What a difference one member can make when they take action.  THANKS RAY!!!!!!

22nd Had Color Guard Uniforms dry Cleaned for Montrose event

22nd Mailed the Membership Certificates to out of state members.

22nd Sent in information for IASSAR to receive Partners in Patriotism award at National Congress

23rd Contacted all Des Moines Register writers with e-mail about the upcoming Montrose event

23rd Sent out link with Central Iowa Chapter, 2nd VP Jeff Nesler, that is to be played on CNN Headline News 5-9AM Memorial Day

24th Paul Gordon IASSAR member donated a book about his patriot ancestor.  I started reading it.

24th Attended, participated in and recruited at a Memorial Day program put on by Sons of Veteran Reserves (Civil War Re-enactors).  The event got great coverage by Channel 13 TV in Central Iowa

24th Confirmed with Volney Smith his willingness to take over the majority of the IASSAR Secretary duties.  THANKS Volney!!!!!!!!!!

24th Sent Congratulations letter to IASSAR member Mark Davis on approval of 2 more supplemental.

25th Attended, participated and recruited at a Memorial Day re-dedication of an old G.A.R.
Lodge that has been restored in Redfield, Iowa.

26th Attended a wonderful Memorial Day Program in Montrose, Iowa with about 200 attendees, including our President General Bruce Wilcox and his wife Teresa, who came in from Virginia for the event.  See summary below, along with a report from a participating member of the IL color guard.

I wanted to take a moment to share one of the proudest moments I have enjoyed since joining Iowa S.A.R.

The IASSAR, along with the citizens of Montrose, Iowa have been planning a very special ceremony to re-mark the cemetery memorial to Cato Mead/Meed, a Revolutionary War Veteran of color who moved to and died in Iowa.

Today was the day all of the plans came together.  The predicted thunderstorms turned to sunshine and I along with my fellow Compatriots had the great honor of sharing the day with President General Bruce Wilcox and his lovely wife Teresa.

Joseph Dooley made the long distance trip from Virginia and added a sense of history and purpose that only someone with his knowledge and passion could.  I think between the 2 of them our Registrar, Bill Lees may need to cancel his summer vacation just to keep up with all the applications sure to come in from Bruce and Joe’s recruiting.

I also had the great pleasure to be guided in the in the proper Color Guard protocol by Al Paris of the MOSSAR and his State President Russ DeVenney Jr.  Not to be outdone our sister state across the river was very ably represented by the Fox Valley IL Chapter Color Guard Michael J, McMeins.

The D.A.R. came from all areas to make the day complete.

The GWEF donation helped purchase a bronze plaque to forever mark the history.

The SUVCW, Civil War re-enactors enhanced the march to cemetery and their spouses in period dress looked beautiful riding with the dignitaries in the surrey with the fringe on top.

Thanks to all for making a memory in Iowa none of the nearly 200 attendees will ever forget.

For those that need reminders, we will have photos on as soon as I receive them.  Until then look for local newspapers on Monday.

Addition report by Michael McMeins of IL,

Dear Sir,
I am happy to report that I have been successful in my assignment of infiltrating IASSAR.
I offer my brief as follows, sir:
I was able this past day to attend a plaque dedication for Patriot Cato Mead in a place called Montrose, IA.
The early weather forecast called for rain and miserable weather, it turned out to be very warm and pleasurable.
At approximately 1400, IASSAR took Cemetery Hill assisted by assault teams from VASSAR, MOSSAR, ILSSAR, IADAR, SUVCW (Civil War), a drummer, a fife player, an IA Senator, an IA congressional hopeful, an IA Governor’s spokesman, over a hundred townspeople, two horses and a wagon.  There were also several media assault teams in place.  One I’d kill for.
It was a quite a site, sir.
The Virginian’s included NSSAR President General Bruce Wilcox and wife, Teresa and Past VASSAR President, Joseph Dooley.
The Missouri contingent consisted of President Russ DeVenney Jr. and Al Paris.
The Iowa line consisted of Mike Rowley and numerous other Compatriots, one bearing arms with my Canon.
All said, the affair was very well organized and attended.  Patriot Cato Mead was honored in speech, remembered in prayed and saluted by musket.
The folks from Virginia, Missouri and Iowa are much like our group and are much to be liked.
I can safely report that we are amongst friends and passionate warriors when standing alongside these folks.
I would recommend that you extend your warmest greetings to the aforementioned societies with hopes that they may be compelled to visit our society in the near term.
Thank you for the opportunity and I stand ready for new orders, sir.
You’re most humble servant,
Fox Valley Chapter, ILSSAR
Michael J. McMeins
Color Guard Commander
ILSSAR Vice Commander-Northern Region

26th Sent Thank you notes and follow ups to Montrose participants

27th Received congratulations from many different groups and members throughout the country on the successful Montrose, Iowa program.

27th I submitted story idea and info to editors of “The Iowa Patriot” “The Guardsman” and “SAR Magazine” for consideration of use for future story.

27th Received note from Mary Sue Chatfield of Montrose…We received good coverage from WGEM TV at 6:00 and 10:00 last evening, and again several times this morning early.

28th Article link for Burlington Hawkeye and Keokuk newspaper stories

I ordered original copies for PG and Color Guard members from out of state.

28th I received a link
 about a program in IL from Bruce Talbot and seeing the Iowa connection, asked him to forward on my contact info to any relatives participating that might want to join IASSAR

                End of Presidents Update #13    May 30, 2008

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