Presidents Update #17

  I hope this update finds all our members healthy and active.  As we are nearing the upcoming election day I hope all of you have studied the issues, the candidates, their plans and that you are going to exercise your hard won right to vote. I am only aware of 2 of our members running for office, Senator Charles Grassley and John Scarpino (candidate for Polk County Supervisor).  However I have heard that a substantial number of our members are very active working the phones for their candidates.  Below are some of the activities that I am aware of that have taken place since the last update.  The Central Iowa Chapter continues to broaden their activities as you will see near the end of this update.  September 23rd Received membership dues update from Secretary with concern for members that were just admitted and now seeming owe dues for 2009 already. This is a situation I would like to have our State Society address if National SAR does not.  23rd Sent copy of on-line Historian Ray Prusia newsletter to the webmaster for posting if possible.  23rd Sent out Update #16  24th Received note from member Bruce Norris.  Thanks for your comments.  24th Received updated email address for RD.  24th More dues updates from Sec. Volney Smith  25th Offer from Iowa Patriot editor Fran Keith to assist with Wreaths Across America project.  25th Received some suggested corrections to the minutes.  Thanks!                                      25th Notified webmaster of apparent problem with Updates # 15 and 16 on website running wider than margins.  Does anyone else have this problem?  25th Sent out Central Iowa Chapter meeting minutes. 26th Congratulations were sent to Compatriot Mark Davis on his approval for 2 more supplemental.  27th Sec. VS sent more member dues updates.  27th I attended a monument dedication in Lewis, Iowa and talked about the IASSAR. 27th Continued correspondence with Ebenezer Ayres descendants to plan for summer 2009 dedication ceremony.  29th More member address updates.  29th Prospective member from Chaplain John Scarpino.  October  1st More dues and address updates from Sec. V. Smith  1st Someone sent information via the IASSAR forum (on our website, check it out) about the Patriot ancestor of our own Volney Smith.  1st Member Paul Gordon sent info on ancestor.  2nd Progress report from Editor FK about next issue of Iowa Patriot.  3rd Important message. Dear Compatriots,  This year IASSAR received a "Partners in Patriotism" Award at the NSSAR Congress.  The Award was given for IASSAR participation in the “Wreaths Across America" program in 2007.  Actually only two of us participated, Mike Rowley and myself and our roll was minimal. The Jean Marie Cardinal Chapter of DAR were the ones who did the work.                                     See photos from 2007 on our website.  This is a national movement to decorate veterans graves across America with fresh evergreen wreaths just before Christmas. There are 286 locations, including 4 in Iowa (but not including the first time effort in Des Moines by DAR last year) where veterans graves were decorated last year. There were 32,553 wreaths placed on veterans graves  This year the ceremony will be on Saturday Dec. 13 at 12:00 PM EST --11:00 AM, Iowa time My strong belief and recommendation to the BOM is to join this movement. To begin, I urge each of you to open the website:  Wreaths Across America.Org and read what is happening.  There is a veterans cemetery in Woodland and Glendale cemeteries in Des Moines and probably more I do not know about.  Fran Keith  3rd Webmaster posted Wreaths Across America info to the website  3rd Received draft of the Iowa Patriot.  Sent notes to editor.  4th   The latest edition (October 2008) of the SAR Handbook was approved by the NSSAR Executive Committee and has been uploaded to the SAR website.  5th I sent a story on Iowa activities to the new editor of GSSR magazine. David W. Swafford % Editor, Drumbeat General Society Headquarters Sons of the Revolution 108 S. Liberty Street Independence, MO 64050 Email:  5th Discussion with editor and webmaster about an Iowa Patriot online edition that would allow more color, more photos and more content without adding to the cost of printing and mailing.  6th Eagle Scout ideas pass on to me by Dave Shannon (originally from Steve Williams Compatriots:          I’m sending this to chapter presidents, Regional Vice         Presidents, and Eagle Scout Committee members to offer                                             Information on something that the Brevard Chapter recently took         Part in.          Compatriot Phil Wright and myself participated in the Central         Florida Boy Scout Camporee at Camp La-No-Che in Paisley on         September 27th.We set up a display table with handouts of         Declaration of Independence & US Constitution provided by the         Heritage Foundation, Eagle Scout Scholarship information, and         flyers for the Last Naval Battle of the American Revolution. We         also were dressed in our period costumes with 2 muskets and         other display materials.          During the time period from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. we interacted with         between 400 and 500 scouts and 50 to 75 scouting leaders. We         discussed the muskets and materials – the muskets and Phil’s         routine explaining the loading/firing steps were a big hit and         attracted the most interest of the younger scouts (and most         adults, too). The Eagle Scout Scholarship program was explained         to all Life and Eagle scouts present with our (business) cards         handed out to many for further contact.          Several adult leaders expressed interest in the application         process for both the SAR and DAR and were also given cards for         follow-up information.          Phil and I were especially gratified to notice the lively         interest in the SAR and the Eagle Scout program and would         recommend that each chapter Youth Activities committee consider         doing something similar in their areas.          Phil and I will pass along any/all contact requests for either         the Eagle Scout Scholarship program or SAR application interest         for those local chapters closest to the requestor.          /Steve Williams/     6th I submitted a supplemental application through my g-g-g-g-grandfather Daniel Robertson to Registrar Bill Lees  6th Discovered the website was hacked into.  I notified Scott Rowley  7th Our webmaster repaired and prevented the group from hacking in again.                                   7th I received the Genius of Man link from Chaplain John Scarpino.   Pretty interesting.  Check it out yourself.   Http://   7th Webmaster and Central Iowa Chapter President Scott Rowley sent out note to officers on the hacking of the website.  7th More member dues for 2009 year, updates from Volney Smith.  Not sure of total numbers but renewal response seems good.  Send in your 2009 renewals if you haven’t done so yet so we can close the books on this ASAP.  7th Sent Drumbeat editor additional information as per his request.  8th Received note and returned information with the Drumbeat editor.  8th Chaplain Scarpino informed me of the following event, An interesting program is coming up at the Salisbury House. Lecture and discussion on Oct 29 at 7:30. $10. Harold Holzer talks about his book Lincoln President Elect: Abraham Lincoln and the Great Secession Winter 1860-1861.  I tried to order tickets but it was already sold out.  Keep me informed of any events (from all parts of the state) that you think may be of interest to our members.  8th Editor Fran Keith wrote, typed, prepared envelopes,  and mailed out the latest edition of The Iowa Patriot  to 222 households.  Reminds me of Benjamin Franklin in his early years.  Thanks Fran, from al of us.  9th Received activity ideas from Fran Keith.  Thank you.  To all IASSAR members, let me know of any local ideas you are planning and I will join you anywhere from Rock Rapids to Keokuk if I can.  9th Address change received from IASSAR member DS.  9th I sent out the following message to all IASSAR members with e-mail on file (118). IASSAR Compatriots, Our Iowa Patriot editor and IASSAR member Francis Keith has a great suggestion.                                            "What if we could find one or more Iowa Compatriots who live near a Rev. Soldier grave, lay a wreath on that grave and document with photos of the grave with wreath and the compatriot.  What a composite photo that would make to honor these men in this way."  It could look something like this...   What we need are at least one volunteer for each grave.  They don't need to be IASSAR members, only good people who care enough to help.  We would like you to lay a wreath at the gravesite and photograph the person doing so. You may certainly invite any local citizens who would like to pay their respects.    You might consider notifying the local newspapers of the date and time, December 13, 2008 (12 noon EST). In some (perhaps most) cases you might be the only one in attendance.  That's okay it will build in years to come and you will be the one to have started it in your area.  Please forward this on to anyone that might be willing to assist and have them contact me. see County list below. This has been done around the country.  You can read about it at  Mike Rowley President, IASSAR 1825 NW 129th Street Clive, Iowa 50325             515-975-0498  We have Revolutionary War Veterans buried in the following counties  Cedar Clayton Clinton Davis Decatur Des Moines Henry Jackson Jefferson Johnson Keokuk Lee Linn Louisa                               Mahaska Mills Monroe Page Van Buren Wapello Washington Webster  10th Offer from Volney Smith to mark Buffington for Wreaths Across America. He also sent more dues up dates.  11th Member Charles Montgomery offered to mark the Rev War Vet grave in Dahlonega Cemetery in Wapello County for the Wreaths Across America project.  11th JM of Iowa DAR offered to assist with Wreaths project.  11th Received word that Compatriot JOM had requested forms for 2 supplemental applications last year and never got them.  I phoned him and mail them on the same day.  11th More dues reported by Sec. V. Smith  13th Webmaster reported possible ways to post all time all member list on website. Still a work in progress.  Check website home page, far right under resources, then click on “member information” (3 different tabs).    13th ISDAR State Vice Regent, asked about the Fall Banquet.  I responded that I was not aware of plans at this time.   15th Received additional dues update from Sec. V. Smith  15th Received the note below…  Compatriots,  November 11th is Veterans' Day. It is a great opportunity to contact any Veterans Group (American Legion, MOPH, VFW, AMVETS, Vietnam Veterans of America, Korean War Veterans Assn., to name just a few) in your area to participate in their event as a State Society or Chapter to qualify for the NSSAR Partners in Patriotism Certificate. Afterwards all you have to do is submit a letter stating who when and where to the Partners in Patriotism Committee. A picture and program would be nice to include but not required. You can participate anytime until May 31, 2009 to be included in presentation at National Congress in Atlanta.                            Paul M. Wilke #150107 Cincinnati Chapter OHSSAR Chairman Partners in Patriotism  16th Editor sent returned mail report.  Let us know of address and e-mail changes.  17th Asked Bill Lees to help figure out why member is missing from National roster list.  18th NN of DAR helping to coordinate flag retirement ceremony with CAR and SAR in Des Moines on Nov. 4th. 2008.  Notice was sent out to IASSAR members asking them to join the ceremony.  18th Sent out notice to members for another opportunity. I wanted to personally invite you to the formal ribbon cutting and building dedication for our new armory at Camp Dodge on Saturday, November 1st at 10:30 am.  Note that this act will formally accept one of the first construction projects that was funded as part of BRAC 2005 and will accept the largest and most modern armory for the Iowa Army National Guard.  Please mark your calendar.               Event: Camp Dodge Readiness Center Dedication              Date: Saturday, November 1st              Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am              Location: 7105 NW 70th Ave, Johnston  (Main Gate, Camp Dodge)  Hope to see you there!  Scott  SCOTT A. AYRES COL, EN, Iowa ARNG CFMO Director of Installation Management Iowa Army National Guard Camp Dodge, Building B-61 7105 NW 70th Ave Johnston, IA  50131-182 20th Received more dues updates from V. Smith  20th Donation for Central Iowa chapter color guard equipment.  20th I requested  information on Color Guard equipment through a posting on SAR-TALK.                                                  21st  Received many responses from members all around the country.  21st Scott Rowley identified site where soldiers were having send off ceremonies.  He posted information on the website to give IASSAR members an opportunity to participate.  21st Following note from iassar webmaster… Just did a test search on and found: searching for "iassar" we are the 3rd pick in all of google! searching for "iowa revolution"  We are #1 overall on google!  26th Fran Keith updated me on the North High School ROTC program.  28th Received line from member Paul Gordon.  29th Webmaster posts opportunity for activity. Troops send off ceremonies.  30th Central Iowa Chapter Color Guard attended the Iowa National Guard, Troop send off ceremony in Audubon, Iowa.  The ceremony was also attended by members of the VFW, the American Legion, Patriot Guard Riders and hundreds of citizens.  November  1st Central Iowa Color Guard attended the dedication ceremony for the new armory complex at Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa.  Member Fran Keith also attended.  It was a great honor to also meet one of our newer members, Brigadier General Steve E. Bogle.  1st The Central Iowa Chapter Color Guard attended a flag retirement program that was coordinated by members of the CAR and DAR.  The program was at Beaverdale Park in Des Moines, Iowa.  1st Report was sent to Compatriot Bob Bowen for consideration of the Partners in Patriotism certificate.  END Sent to all IASSAR members with e-mail address November 1, 2008  

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