IASSAR Meeting Minutes Jan 31, 2009

  IASSAR BOM Meeting  Jan 31, 2009  Welcome and Call to order 9:30AM at the Urbandale Library Conference Room.  Attendees: Ray Prusia Historian, Bill Lees Registrar, Volney Smith Secretary, John Scarpino Chaplain, Lee Ayers 1st VP, Fran Keith Editor, Dave Shannon Chapter 1st VP, Dean Timm Immediate Past President, Mike Rowley President.    Invocation by Chaplain John Scarpino  Pledge of Allegiance by all  SAR Pledge by all  Approval of August 16, 2008 Minutes  vote of 8 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 pass. Note all meeting minutes are sent out to BOM by e-mail within 3 days of meeting and then posted to website shortly later.   History Report from Ray Prusia.  Ray shared with the members that the SAR National website offers a “this day in history.” Our historian also mentioned that a book was being published that allowed SAR members to write a brief biography of their patriot ancestors and submit it for inclusion in this publication.  While the deadline has passed for submissions to be included in this publication, Ray suggested to the President that perhaps the IASSAR could do a similar project where our members could write a brief biography on their Patriot ancestor and we could place it on the www.iowasar website.  Old Business   A. We need to add Ebenezer Ayres name. We recently identified and documented yet another Revolutionary War Veteran buried in Iowa.  The president also shared information from an 1843 newspaper that suggests (but is not yet documented) James Evans another Revolutionary War Veteran, may be buried in Iowa. The discovery of Ebenezer Ayres brings to 40, the number of Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Iowa that are accepted by the IASSAR. Since this was not known at the time of installation of the monument it is necessary to have this name added to keep the monument accurate. The following motion was made.  The IASSAR approves the addition and funding to add the name of Ebenezer Ayres to the Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Iowa Monument that is on the Iowa State Capital grounds. The motion was seconded.  Bill Lees asked for an amendment to the motion as follows, If James Evans service is documented and his burial is proven to be in Iowa that his name should also be added to the monument. The amendment was seconded.  Both the original motion and the amendment were approved unanimously.  A discussion was held on trying to determine if any State of Iowa official needed to approve this action or if they just needed to be notified.  The President will check with the Iowa General Services Administration to get an opinion.      B.  What company carved? Bill Lees thinks that the original monument was installed by a company in Adel.  The President will try to contact them about getting the new work done and determining the cost.   C. It was recommended that the IASSAR apply for GWEF for partial financial support for both the engraving on the monument as well as the placing of a bronze plaque at the gravesite of Ebenezer Ayres in Fort Madison, Iowa.          D. The President briefly discussed the need to plan events to mark the discovery of this patriots burial site. The President has been contacted by numerous descendants of this patriot who would like to attend from their homes around the country.  There are also local groups in Lee County who would like to participate.       E.  Regular Annual Meeting date was set as April 25th, 2009. A day time meeting with a Lunch and a speaker to be determined was suggested.  A location (other that in the Des Moines area) and agenda are to be determined.  There was a request for volunteers to plan this meeting.  As of yet none have come forward.                                                 New Business  A. There were comments by the President about the need for all members of the board of managers to attempt to carry out the duties of their position to the best of their abilities.  This requires planning, communicating and leading in each of the respective duties of their office. The President stressed that the IASSAR officers cannot serve its’ members simply by waiting for someone else to plan and then just showing up to make an appearance.  B. 1st VP Lee Ayers was thanked for his service in the past and he asked that his resignation be accepted if another qualified nominee could be found.    C. Dr. Francis Keith was nominated to finish out the remainder of the 1st VP term.  Fran accepted the nomination and was approved by the BOM effective immediately.  D. President Rowley said that he received a letter from a Florida SAR member, who had seen the work of artist Ray Sorenson of Greenfield, Iowa.  Among other things Mr. Sorenson is known for his patriotic painting on the “Painted Rock” on Highway 25  just south of Interstate 80 west of Des Moines, Iowa.  It was suggested that Mr. Sorenson be considered for a Citizen Medal from the IASSAR? 1st VP Fran Keith will look into the requirements and make his recommendation later.      E. A discussion on the need to update the member directory.  Some of the suggestions for changes were as follows…   1. Update by-laws This led to a discussion of the need for possible revisions to update by laws.              President appointed committee to review Bylaws and Const. and report  to the next BOM meeting.  The committee members are John Scarpino, Bill Lees, Volney Smith and Mike Rowley.    2. Increase font size to allow better reading, particularly of e-mail addresses 3. Consider a name only listing of all members since the beginning 4. Other?  Reports        President’s Update #19 passed out hardcopy.  E-mail out next week.   Membership Report by Secretary Volney Smith The President requested clarification on how non-responding members dues have been handled in the past.  It seems that there have been times when some of the members dues have been paid by the IASSAR even though those members never sent in their dues for the year.  The President stressed the need to follow the rules on this matter.  Members are notified at least 3 times about dues.  If they do not respond and the BOM is not aware of their status of serving in active military duty or financial hardship, then they must be dropped according current understanding of the by-laws. Volney Smith submitted the following reports…  The Iowa Society of the Sons of the American Revolution  Chartered September 5, 1893  1870 Ashleaf Circle Waukee, Iowa 50263-8244  January 26, 2009  Aaron Adams, Registrar NSSAR Headquarters  Dear Compatriot Adams,  Submitted herewith is the Annual Report of the Iowa Society SAR.  Compatriots who have resigned:  161974 Michael Edward Gano                                102933 Dennis Edward Gano 158637 William F. Horton                                        112494 Donald Howard Tveitnes 148844 Wilbur E. Mesecher  Compatriots who have been dropped for non-payment of dues:  167223 John Francis Attaway                                  106192 Lee Rex Ayers 167877 Deryl Wade Berglund			    126680 Jack Eugene Borcherding 146552 Charles Wendell Bright			    157416 John Davy Brockway 151228 John Richard Doyle			    117230 John Wayne Elliott 161447 Carl Joseph Epping			    161975 Joshua Michael Gibson 170714 Paul Larry Gordon, Jr.			    161520 Michael Edward Hancock 169239 George Anthony Heit			    158636 Randy T. Horton 164407 Scott Arthur Jenkins			    166284 Steven Edward Keith			    171541 Bruce Duane Kisner			    153235 Steven Verne Lawyer			    151066 Lee Michael Lira			    166282 Bradley D. McDowell			    149328 Harlan Henry Naylor, Jr.			    161971 Richard Willis Naylor			    148295 Bruce Anthony Norris			    172394 David William Ough			    172395 Timothy Paul Ough			    151226 Russell Duane Parker 168305 Michael Mark Pearson   			    171258 Matthew Adam Radziewicz		    169219 Stephen Roger Sawyer   		    167875 Dennis Lee Shimon			    161074 Robert Thomas Stanford		    161075 Christopher Holden Stanford		    162268 Jacob Holden Stanford			    166062 Jeffrey Callaway Steele 171249 Bradley Michael Strouse		    171252 Tyler Addison Strouse 171253 Robert Raymond Strouse		    171250 Jack Bryant Strouse			    158635 Chester LeRoy Tally			    169682 Steven Leonard Webster		    151320 Byron Fredrick Wolford			      Compatriots who have become deceased during 2008:  147280 John Horton Brockway			    172486 Clarence Herman Ihns 140836 John Robert Irvine (We believe that he is deceased but have no confirmation)  IASSAR Secretary’s Report for 2008, Page 2  I believe that your records show that 166063 Thomas Ralph Sandersfeld has already been credited with payment of 2009 dues.  Active members for 2009:  153580 Robert Ray Anderson			    166029 Matthew Murphy Ankrum 166030 Martin Ross Ankrum			    143867 Jay D. Bancroft 137932 Scott Andrew Bancroft (Life)		    163711 Kyle Robert Beach 163710 Rex Robert Beach			    172154 Stephen Edward Bogle 144102 Keith Dean Bollenbaugh		    140931 Jeffrey Jack Bollenbaugh 122739 Ralph Roger Brown			    151227 James John Cahill 134118 Christopher Elliott Cairns		    167878 Leon Charles Carney 150605 Sgt. John LeRoy Carson		    158848 Raymond Lewis Collins 153581 Theron Albert Conrey, Sr.		    116925 Jack R. Cooper 166026 Thomas Scott Corrington		    114495 Richard J. Creger			    168304 John Wayde Crew (Life)			    160701 Mark Earl Davis	 84774 James C. Davis				    134724 Jeffrey Donald Deitering 162564 Wayne Thomas Demry, Jr.		    166285 Warren Keith Devore			    166286 Robert Lewis Devore			    149325 John Robert Donahue 139452 Thomas Scott Douglass III		    118246 Richard Henry Doyle IV 101800 Lance David Ehmcke			    139405 Kelly Paul Ehmcke			    117229 David W. Elliott				    142415 Robert Dale Eschliman 143104 Dennis Arthur Eschliman		    142770 Kirk Dale Eschliman			    138426 Dale Robert Eschliman			    167876 Ronald Lynn Evangelisti	 158769 James Leroy Ewoldsen			    158768 Philip Eugene Ewoldsen	 136578 Eric Davis Faaborg (Life)		    171818 David Charles Faybik			    170369 Martin Howard Francis			    149368 Kenneth Neil Gilchrist			    139986 Thomas Robert Gilson			    158499 Roger Alan Godfredsen	 170715 Paul Larry Gordon			    144177 Rawson Eugene Gorsch		    146343 Robert Louis Grassley			    146553 James Eugene Grassley		    146025 Senator Charles Earnest Grassley	    160419 Brent Tyler Hansen			    112490 Thomas Anthony Heit			    154367 Steven Curtis Henry			    129996 William Ralph Hollander			    141511 Warren Murdock Horner (Life)	 172487 Lyle Keith Ihns				    166287 Steven Donald Jacobson		    169683 Benjamin Allen Jacobson		    159521 Gilbert Alan Janes			    144157 Donald Harold Jay			    164408 Steven John Jenkins			    134290 Everett Dean Johnston			    169289 Christian Philip Julius Lintner		    166283 Colonel Francis Edward Keith		    152835 Scott Wallace Kennedy	 115638 Luther C. Kern				    147489 Karl William Kludas			    155849 James Eric Krist			    172156 Daniel Karl Krog			    119987 Dr. Terrence Lee Kullbom		    163362 James Bentley Laurence, Jr.		    163364 Eric Allen Laurence			    163363 Dan Smith Laurence			    124452 Randal Choate Lees (Life)		    106182 William Harry Lees (Life)	 171068 Christopher Maxwell Hotchkiss Lees	    160521 Jack LeRoy Linderman	 169287 Richard James Lintner			    142839 Bruce Evarts Longstreet	 161976 Brandon Michael MacDougall		    167744 Nathan Louis MacDougall		    161541 Larry Dean Magee			    153982 Dennis Delbert Mann			    166064 Eric Marshall Manson			    167879 Richard Lee Martin			    149179 Frank Fredrick McArthur			    158459 Dennis Russell McCann	 124736 Dr. George Robert McCormick		    167497 Richard William McGuire		    167498 Andrew James McGuire			    106177 James Oscar McKee, Jr.		    122977 Harold Laverne Meeker			    83311 Kenneth G. Miller			    133753 Robert Earl Millett (Life)			    101785 John F. Moller		 IASSAR Secretary’s Report for 2008, Page 3   166121 Corey Charles Montgomery		    166119 Charles Richard Montgomery		    166122 Craig Richard Montgomery		    136765 Jon Charles Moody			    136764 Gary Denean Moody			    153458 Philip Brent Mulford			    153457 Oliver Junior Mulford EdD		    151317 William Alvin Nelson			    171394 Jeffrey Paul Nesler			    139111 John Edward Niemants, Jr.		    126141 Warren Paul Nixon (Life)		    172393 Steven Edward Ough			    146987 Kevin G. Parmenter			    124956 Timothy Charles Parrott	 171336 Franklin Lee Paul			    158343 Michael Keegan Perry	 141553 Michael Eduard Peters			    147383 Gerald Morris Pierce			    171335 Raynold Leroy Prusia			    157858 Jay Thomas Randall			    137920 Howard Ray Rescot			    163360 Bruce LuVern Riordan	 163361 Robert Alan Riordan			    138014 Timothy Lyle Robinson 151319 Hess Ray Roorda			    166348 Michael John Rowley	 167224 Timothy Michael Rowley		    167874 David J. Rowley		 170370 Sgt. Scott Michael Rowley		    137811 Wesley Garner Runyan (Life)	 157502 Tom Louis Sawyer			    105188 John J. Scarpino			    162585 James Robert Scarpino			    163801 John Leslie Scarpino			    172155 Richard Lorin Schindall			    148621 John Wadson Schmalenberger 97541   Victor L. Scholten			    157415 David Alan Shannon			    128299 Rev. Leonard Theodore Sieck		    97550   Volney Hammers Smith	 142963 Robert Russell Snodgrass		    162588 David Roy Snyder			    162589 Noah Jefferson Snyder			    153905 Ronald William Sparks	 128031 Keith Louis Spencer			    171257 Randy John Strouse			    171251 Jerry Earl Strouse			    168279 William Robert Strouse	 171254 James Clifton Strouse			    171255 Timothy Lee Strouse			    171256 Donald Clifton Strouse			    145988 Frank David Swallow, Sr.		    161073 Donald Dean Swearingen		    91304  William H. Symington IV	 145345 Dean Charles Timm			    152929 Madison Morrow Tomfeld		    158344 James Carl Trask			    155038 Hans Augustine Tvedte	 97547  John Harris Watts			    101792 Joseph H. Watts			    165683 Richard Charles Webb			    169681 Michael Louis Webster	 169680 Melville Louis Webster			    127603 James Lee Wignall			    127602 William Lyle Wignall			    132684 Darrell Martin Wilkins			    154368 Robert Howard Wilson			    163365 Gary Keith Winter			    149064 Charles Stanley Wittmaack		    152276 Kent Alan Wood			    167247 Teddie Duane Worthington		    167246 Ted Howard Worthington		    143103 Charles Martin Wright			    147283 Dr. David James Wright III		    154126 Daniel Jay Zelman			    141540 Gary L. Zuehlke (Life) 149578 William A. Brockway			    116925 Jack R. Cooper 163802 John A. Scarpino (Life)  Respectfully Submitted,  Volney H. Smith, Secretary Iowa Society Sons of the American Revolution   Treasurer’s Report- Hardcopy submitted. Comment that Should be called the “Warren and Doris Nixon Scouting Endowment Fund.” Additional request that it be noted as Scouting Funds only. Motion to approve treasurer’s report.  Motion was seconded.  Motion was approved by unanimous vote.  1st VP (Fran Keith) report (WAA motion) WAA Report to be mailed to all members as a special supplement to The Iowa Patriot newsletter being sent out later this week  The following motion was made by Fran Keith and seconded by Volney Smith.  “Whereas the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution has endorsed the Wreaths Across America program and encouraged state societies and local chapters to participate in this program, be it resolved that the Iowa Society of the Sons of the American Revolution join this national program and participate by adopting the Woodland Cemetery of Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa, to decorate veterans graves according to the rules of Wreaths Across America (WAA).  And be it further resolved that other cemeteries in Iowa be selected to participate in WAA ceremonies as resources of volunteers and finances permit.  The motion was approved by unanimous vote.  Next: Immediate past president Dean Timm was presented with his Past President pin.  The current President apologized for the 20 month delay in getting this award to Compatriot Timm and expressed his confidence that current 1st VP Fran Keith would be very timely and pro-active in all award presentations.   2nd VP report- none submitted   Eagle Scout Chairman Report    Report of the IASSAR Eagle Scout Scholarship & Recognition Program                                                    Program Status to January 31, 2009  Arthur & Berdena King Eagle Scout Scholarship Program  The applications and scoring for the 2008 IASSAR Scholarship Program were mailed to a panel of current and qualified members of the IASSAR and two DAR members. Two entries were received this year and both were of a very high quality. The Eagle Scout applicants are: 		 Ian James Michel  Age -17			Jacob Thomas Stonesifer  Age - 16	 BSA Troop 235 / Riverside, IA		BSA Troop 188 / Le Mars, IA    The Trophy, Medals, and Certificates have been ordered from national. I plan to have the award presentation at a ceremony held at a meeting of the Eagle Scout’s troop. IASSAR officers and members are encouraged to attend and participate in this special event.  George & Stella Knight SAR Essay Contest  Ian Michel also produced again a very scholarly 1000 word essay on the theme “West Point – Where History Lives On” as his entry in this very prestigious contest. IASSAR was proud to again sponsor this young man as our 2008 entry. The essay has been forwarded to the national chairman of the George and Stella Knight National Historic Essay Contest for judging in February.  Other program Activities - Eighteen Eagle Scout Certificates and IASSAR Letters of Congratulations were mailed to requestors. Also provided, was our Scholarship Application materials. - I presented four Eagle Scout Certificates and IASSAR Letters at BSA Courts of Honor. - Ten SAR Member, Parent, Leader, and / or Scout inquiries were mailed out or handled by phone. - Eight contacts with national were completed regarding information or guidance. - A link on the IASSAR website was developed by the Scott Rowley, our dedicated Webmaster, to promote our programs and assist individuals who are interested in participating. Also, an additional link allows our members and visitors to view and be educated by the excellent historic essays created by the Iowa youth who have entered our contests. Our IASSAR website was recently recognized by the SAR National Scholarship Chairman as one the best he has seen anywhere in the country. - All program materials have now been organized in a filing system for ready reference and use. - I believe we are doing a satisfactory job now in delivering these SAR youth programs to the youth of  Iowa and making the people of the state more aware of our society and its mission.  Pending Program Expenses  Expenses for Awards, Program Materials, and Office Supplies amount to $102.80. These pending expenses will be presented to the State Treasurer upon his return from Florida and should be paid from the endowment account that was generously donated for these expenses.                  David Shannon -State Chairman of the Eagle Scout Scholarship and Youth Essay Programs  President Rowley noted Dave Shannon’s exceptional efforts and his success in making these programs available to Iowa Scouts.         Registrar’s Report    Registrar Bill Lees noted that there were currently 5 applications in his possession for review.  There are only 3 applications currently at National for review.    Editor’s Report also ROTC  Iowa Society Sons of the American Revolution  Report of the ROTC Committee Board of Managers Meeting January 31, 2009  The ROTC Committee supports the awarding of Certificates and Medals to cadets of ROTC programs at the college and University level and Junior ROTC at the high school level.  In addition IASSAR provides an award for the US Naval Sea Cadets, a high school program  Both of these programs are recommended by National Society SAR. ROTC is mentioned in Bylaw 1 of IASSAR, Committees.  The ROTC and JROTC programs in Iowa are funded by the James Ladd Trust.  The Naval Sea Cadet awards are funded directly by IASSAR. The ROTC awards are part  The Ladd Trust buys the medals and certificates upon order from the State Society and reimburses the expenses including cost of engraving and lettering on the awards, mailing and postage and travel reimbursement for presenters.  Only five states have the benefit of a reimbursement from the Ladd Trust, for expenses for these awards.  There are six college-university ROTC programs and five high school JROTC in Iowa  and one Naval Sea Cadet Program.   The committee who do this work and who present these awards  include:      Robert Snodgrass      	       Ottumwa High School JROTC Volney Smith,                    North High School, Des Moines JROTC Vacant                               Central Campus, Des Moines Schools JROTC Ray Prusia 	                    A. Lincoln High School, Council Bluffs JROTC   William Strouse	       Waterloo HS  JROTC Vacant                                Naval Sea Cadets  Marshalltown High School  Charles Montgomery         University of Iowa, Army and Air Force ROTC William Lees,                     Iowa State University, Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC.  William Strouse                 Univ of Northern Iowa ROTC (includes Univ of Dubuque)   Francis Keith,  COL USAR (Ret),  Chairman  File: SAR ROTC Report Jan 2009 BOM        Webmaster Report none submitted   Chancellor’s Report none submitted      Chaplain’s report none submitted   Benediction by Chaplain Scarpino   Close 12:34PM   

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