CIC Activities

 Central Iowa Chapter Compatriots,  Just a quick note to let you know of some of the activities of your Central Iowa Chapter Compatriots.  On September 2nd members helped with a ceremony that brought the Flag from Ground Zero on 9-11 to the Iowa State Capital.  I was honored to have assisted with holding this flag through the Capital Rotunda.  Some of our members have been working on a joint project with the Iowa Department of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War to honor Sara A. Palmer ("Aunt Becky") of Civil War fame.  I won't give you the details.  If interested Google Sarah A. Palmer, Aunt Becky, Civil War and you will find her.   This fascinating woman's grave in Woodland Cemetery in Des Moines was recently "rediscovered" by some of our members.   We have determined that a historical plaque needs to be placed telling of her historical significance.  We hope to procure a military stone and have the plaque placed on the reverse side.  At the same time we plan to sand down the rusted flag pole, refinish it and fly the colors illuminated with a solar powered light,  Listen to the Van and Bonnie (1040 AM radio) show on Sept 16th after 8:25am for more details.  Sept 26th at 10:00AM there is an opportunity for a tour of Woodlands cemetery. For those that might prefer to exercise their elbow instead of their legs we will have a short get together at Gateway Market afterwards.  Anyone interested please notify Mike Rowley at or 515-975-0498.  The Editor of the Iowa Patriot has offered nearly a half a page in the November issue for information submitted by Central Iowa Chapter members. Send me any story ideas, letters to the editor, photos be they historical or current, local events, etc and I will forward them on.  Send me photos of your Patriot ancestor's grave site or letters or personal items for others to enjoy.  Other items of interest...  September 4-6  October 10-11  Winterset, Iowa Covered Bridge Festival  Sunday evening at Living History Farms for some rock'n  blues for the Annual Blues Fest?  Bring your favorite folding chair and a cooler of refreshments and enjoy the music.  FYI: Ronnie Baker Brooks at 9:00 pm is worth the price of admission ($15.00).  The Blues Fest is both Saturday and Sunday with two stages   Respectfully,  Mike Rowley Treasurer, Central Iowa Chapter 

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