Free Event

COWLES LIBRARY is launching a multi-year initiative to promote the
importance of the democratic process as an instrument for managing the
challenges of the 21st century.

Citizens Arise! From the Founding of a Nation to the Crisis of the
Unionwill engage students, teachers and general public about the
importance of
global citizenship. Through exhibits, lectures and other special
programming, Cowles Library will promote historical awareness, responsible
discourse and dissent, and focused efforts toward sustaining democratic

*January 21, 2010, 7 p.m.
Cowles Library Reading Room*
*RONALD RIETVELD* has been a professor of history at California State
University Fullerton since 1969. He holds an AB from Wheaton College, a BD
magna cum laude from Bethel Theological Seminary, and an AM and PhD from the
University of Illinois. He has been a student of Lincoln since the age of
14, when he discovered the last photograph of Lincoln in 1952 in the Nicolay
papers of the Illinois State Historical Library. From 1981 to 1984, he
served as an academic advisor to the White House speech-writing staff under
President Ronald Reagan. He continues to lecture and write extensively on
Lincoln and the American Civil War and is currently serving as a member of
the Historical Advisory and Content Team for the Abraham Lincoln
Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, IL. In addition, Rietveld is
also currently serving as an advisor to the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial
Commission, which established the 200th celebration of Lincoln’s birthday in

*RSVP by Jan 18 to
* or 515-271-3994*

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