Live Fire Range

October in Iowa means re-qualifying with period weapons on the live fire range for members of the Iowa Military Heritage Society who have several members that are also  Iowa SAR members.

Members qualified with a flint Lock weapon of the Revolutionary War era as well as muskets from the Civil War era at both 50 and 10 yards.

After the formal morning session attendees had the opportunity for training and practice with the M1 Garand rifle of WWII era

Photo by Louie Zenti Shows event director Richard Grim giving instructions and safety rules to Iowa SAR Past President Mike Rowley

Back row left to right Jim Breaden, Dave Sample, Richard GrimDavid Lamb and Ron Rittel,
Front row L-R Jeff Rassmussen, Louis Zenti mike Rowley


Iowa S
AR past president live firing towards target.  photo by David Lamb

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