“Keep the Spirit of ’45 Alive”

Iowa SAR is often involved in programs that honor those who served during the Revolutionary War.


On Sunday August 16, 2015 several of our members joined in a celebration that was little closer to home in place and time.  


The “Keep the Spirit of ’45 Alive” program was held at the Iowa veterans Cemetery in Van Meter, Iowa as well as other locations in nearly all states and National Veterans cemeteries.


It was not only a chance for many of my generation to honor their own family members that served during WWII and have passed but also a chance to meet, embrace and personally thank WWII veterans in person.


I met Calvin Beam of Nevada, Iowa who if I understood correctly, enlisted shortly out of high school and was involved in over 20 battles of what he termed “his free world tour.”  


While he was not one of those up on the stage with the local dignitaries he was one of many of the quiet heroes in the crowd on this bright sunny Iowa afternoon.  While comments were made by the speakers it was not uncommon to see those veterans in the crowd getting a special squeeze on the shoulder, pat on the back or look of admiration from those sitting next to them.


Iowa’s own 91 year old Jerry Yellin,  WWII Veteran, U.S. Army Air Corp and pilot of the last mission of WWII called for all those in the crowd under the age 20 to come to the stage.  He then expressed encouragement, hope and then need for them and future generations to continue the efforts to keep the liberties we enjoy.


Photo attached  Left to right Mike Rowley, Calvin Beam