Presidents Update #3

June 8th got informal meeting idea from John Scarpino (see attachment #1)

June 9th exchanged emails and ideas with member Tim Barada in regard to his son’s status while on active duty. I feel the IASSAR should pick up active duty members dues. Let me know your thoughts.

June 9th Bill Strouse offered to take on the duties of secretary for and Eastern Iowa Chapter. Let’s get others and get this going ASAP.

June 9th John Scarpino forwarded on a program on WWII submarine memorial that the Iowa Color Guard could participate in (we were unable to do so) lets get more interested in becoming members of the Color Guard.

June 10th corresponded with IASSAR Historian Harold Meeeker

June 10th Received JROTC report and newsletter plans for Fran Keith

June 10th Corresponded with Mother of CAR member now attending college in Dubuque about local chapters in Iowa

June 10th Corresponded with Bill Lees and T Sawyer regarding delays in approving grandson’s application.

June 11th “Creating New Chapter Guide” Downloaded from National Website

June 11th sent membership info to Don Ruffcorn

June 11th Sent out agenda for Board of management Meeting

June 11th Thank you emails to members, Moody, McCormick, Wolford and Lawyer for sending Contact information

June 12th corresponded with DAR Judy McNamara about July 4th parade

June 12th Send Bill Strouse some demographic info for starting Eastern Iowa chapter

June 14th sent out cancellation of BOM meeting of the 16th due to Triathlon in downtown Des Moines

June 15th sent out email request to members for assistance in setting up fall meeting

June 15th Dean Swearigen volunteers to help with fall meeting committee

June 16th Member Mike Hancock returns contact summary form. 57th of 205 members to do so.

June 17th Corresponded with member Richard Martin

June 18th Apology to Darrell Wilkens who traveled with Robert Millett to Des Moines to attend BOM meeting that was canceled.

June 20th Sent New Hampshire SAR member Patrick Arnold a copy of the IASSAR newsletter as per his request.

June 20th John Scarpino volunteers for committee

June 23rd Lane Hancock Senior Marketing Manager of offers free membership to help IASSAR members’ document lineage.

June 23rd follow up with Bill Lees and Tom Sawyer regarding slow approval notification for member’s grandsons applications.

June 25th Attempt to track down who has Iowa SAR flag.

June 25th Notice sent to members encouraging participation in July 4th parade.

June 26th Received response from member Rick Doyle

June 26th Looking for SAR flag sent email to Lee Ayers

June 27th Contacted Secretary Frank Swallow about IASSAR flag and delegate forms for National Congress.

July 1st Sent Chaplain Scarpino information on member John Brockway’s illness

July 1st read history on what happened to signers of the Declaration of Independence at website

July 1st Conferred with Webmaster about changes to website

July 2nd Sent webmaster information on the Military awards given to the grandson of IASSAR member Ray Collins.

July 2nd completed a 3 foot by 8 foot SAR banner with website to carry in Urbandale 4th of July parade

July 4th Joined with DAR and marched in uniform at Urbandale 4th of July parade with Dean Timm and Josh Williams (CAR applicant) and James Williams. The number of hits on the Iowa website went from 400 to 519 in the 2 days following the march

July 4th Sent Webmaster information (to post) from member Dennis Shimon regarding the lack of health care benefits for veterans.

July 4th Sent webmaster suggestion to add a Chaplains section to website To visit the page, simply click on the “Memorial” page.

July 4th sent a couple of new links and a thank you to Webmaster for fine work.

July 5th Sent Thank you to Dean Timm for participation in Parade

July 5th visited hospital to try and see member John Brockway

July 6th drove to 117th National SAR Congress

July 6th visited grave of Patriot Philip Stech in Pennsylvania to assess condition of cemetery and plan for further rehab of same.

July 7th -11 attended 117th National Congress Purchased SAR flag for IASSAR Attended Presidents breakfast Attended new attendee orientation Attended all 3 days of sessions Attended North Atlantic District Breakfast Toured Yorktown, Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg

July 8th Received a great story of the National Anthem audio from member Bill Strouse And webmaster added to IASSAR website.

July 10th received progress report from Webmaster Scott Rowley

July 12th Returned from 117th National Congress.

July 13th Requested reports of activities from John and Ann Scarpino, Dean and Helen Swearingen and Bill Lees regarding their activities.

July 13th Typed up and sent President’s activities report of July 13th 2007



Mike Rowley

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