Presidents Update #6

IASSAR President’s Update # 6
October 14, 2007

With almost 6 months behind the current board of managers term we are approaching a time to reflect on what each of us have been able to do, what we hope to do, what we need to do and what our members would like us to do (or not do).

The President’s activities follow after a quick review of the duties of each officer.

This review may allow others to consider if they might like to fill a particular office on either a state or local level.


PRESIDENT- The president in addition to his general duties, shall be Chairman of the Board of Managers, and shall appoint, subject to approval of the BOM, the following standing committees viz: (1) a nominating Committee, (2) a Flag Committee, (3) a Recognition and Awards Committee, (4) an Audit Committee and such committees as may be considered necessary. The President shall present a proposed agenda and a proposed budget for the ensuing term of office.

1st VICE PRESIDENT- He shall assist the President as he may direct and in his absence shall assume the duties of presiding officer. The 1st VP shall also be the Chairman of the Recognition and Awards Committee.

2nd VICE PRESIDENT- shall assist president., shall be responsible for making arrangement for meetings of the Society to include the meeting place and presentation of the program and shall inform the Secretary of such of arrangements for publication in the meeting notice.

SECRETARY- In addition to the duties usually incumbent on the Secretary, he shall receive all monies of the Society and keep accurate account of the same and shall provide related information to the Treasurer. He shall notify each member prior to the 1st of October of each year of the falling due of the annual membership dues, and shall report to annual meeting the names of all delinquents. He shall receive approved applications from the Registrar, forward applications to the National Society together with the required fees and membership dues.
The Secretary shall maintain in the register book, names, lineage to ancestor.other historical particulars . for future generations.

TREASURER- . issue checks to pay obligations of Society as approved by BOM, keep accurate account, .account and report all Trust , Endowment and General Funds and notify National of Tax Return.

REGISTRAR- .receive, review, and forward approved applications to the Secretary with fees and dues.

CHANCELLOR- The Chancellor shall be an Attorney-at-Law, and it shall be his duty to give legal advice on matters pertaining to the Society, when such questions are referred to him by the Board of Managers, the Executive Committee or the President. He shall also be the Parliamentarian for the Society.

CHAPLAIN- .open and close all meetings, send message of condolence, in the name of the Society to families of deceased Compatriots, he also may conduct suitable memorial services at meetings.

HISTORIAN- The Historian shall collect, record and preserve information in reference to historical sites and activities of the Society and the individual members. He shall encourage all members to forward to him all items of historical interest, pertaining to the Society and/or its members as they may appear in newspaper and other news media, . he may forward on to the SAR magazine items of interest.
The Historian shall be Chairman of the Flag Committee.

September 2007

16th Received first response from a member that received the renewal notice. Interestingly enough this first response was from an IASSAR member in Denizili, Turkey. I sent him email copy of current Iowa Patriot Newsletter.

16th Sent out birthday cards to members with B-days for the week

16th Responded to a possible, new applicant in Plymouth, Iowa.

16th Sent Iowa Patriot Editor a list of non-members that should see the current edition.

16th Quick note from Past President Smith.

16th Sent Mayflower Society Newsletter to Fran Keith.

17th Submitted a suggested membership renewal form for correction and ideas from BOM and other members.

17th Received correction to form from Volney Smith, Fran Keith, Dave Shannon and Harold Meeker and Lee Ayers.

17th Dave Shannon suggested Eagle Scout section be added to IASSAR website.

17th Ordered subscription to The Guardsman.
18th Harold Meeker agreed to pursue a local chapter in the Grinnell area.

18th Received form suggestion from John Scarpino, I forwarded on to Secretary Frank Swallow for his opinion.

19th Notified Registrar Bill Lees of receipt of 3 supplemental certif. from Secretary.

19th Requested Webmaster to place Membership by County Map on the website

19th Sent Harold Meeker roster and membership map to assist him in local chapter efforts.

19th John Scarpino suggested inviting VPG Childs of South Dakota. The supplied email was invalid

19th Spoke to Iowa Patriot Editor about the timing of mailing and concerns for including information on Fall Program.

19th Fran Keith secured a great speaker for the Fall program.

19th Spoke with Fall Program Chair Dean Swearingen about getting agenda out ASAP.

20th Reviewed Iowa Patriot.

20th Had 220 renewal forms copied, folded and delivered to Fran Keith.

20th Received acceptance to speak from LTC Jacobus. Returned with our appreciation.

23rd Sent out birthday cards to members with B-days this week.

23rd Received request from DAR Judy McNamara,
At our November 3rd meeting, we would like to invite SAR to join us @ 10am @ DMACC 1100 block of 7th St.

With luck we will have Luther Smith a Tuskegee Airmen from WWII as our program.

We are hoping that we can award him the DAR Medal of Honor at that time.
After the meeting we will place a wreath on the SAR monuments and then eat lunch @ Palmers Deli on Ingersoll.
Let me know if this sounds good to you and your group.

I23rd Responded to Judy that I am committed to Mayflower Society meeting on that day, but perhaps other IASSAR members might be willing to step in.

23rd Member Wm Strouse working on 7 potential new members.

24th Mark Davis responded, that he will attend Fall Program

27th Sent note of thanks to those involved with both the content and publication of the Iowa Patriot

27th Requested from Swearingen and Scarpino the Fall Program Agenda, times, and address for website calendar.

28th Scott Rowley, Webmaster added items.

28th Member Carl Epping contact information update. Sent to Frank Swallow with request to correct at National.

28th Received Harold Meeker ancestor bio for the website, asked Scott to add to site.

28th Sent Editorial to various Newspapers (12 in Iowa).
The American casualties during the Revolutionary War 1775-1782, were said to be around 25,000. More than half of these were due to disease. What many are not aware of is that this war took place during a very virulent smallpox epidemic (Pox Americana, by Elizabeth Fenn).
As we debate the strategy of the current war today, historians are often asked, “What was General George Washington’s most strategic decision during the war for independence?

Some historians argue that his most important decision was the decision to inoculate his army and their recruits early on in 1775 -1776. Without this the entire army might have been stopped by smallpox.

I wonder what he would think of our society today, that while having the ability to protect themselves with very little effort, choose not to? Think about that come this October when you hear of Flu shots being offered.

Be patriotic. Get vaccinated!

Mike Rowley
President, Iowa Society of the Son of the American Revolution


28th Received confirmation or National assignment from John Scarpino, sent congratulations.

Have now been assigned on two committees. One (1) to the National Finance committee AND Two (2) The National Chaplain committee.


29th Sent suggested counties to consider for a Grinnell area chapter to Harold Meeker.

30th Sent both the Iowa Patriot and the membership dues renewal notice to all IASSAR members with current e-mail address on file. I included Iowa Mayflower Society contact, Iowa DAR contact and the GSSR.

30th Dave Shannon put together an Eagle Scout Section, forwarded to webmaster and they both worked to make it happen.

30th Spoke with Frank Swallow by phone to clarify any questions I might assist with.

30th Requested current 1st VP and immediate Past Secretary Lee Ayers to assist current Secretary Frank Swallow in the member dues renewal process.

30th Requested Webmaster add the following 2 links to the IASSAR website.

30th Received biographies on William Bates and Robert Young (Patriot ancestors of Harold Meeker).
30th Send birthday cards to IASSAR members with B-days this week


1st Found member (Robert H. Wilson) certificate from 2001 in historian’s box of materials. Contacted member, apologized for 6 year delay and made immediate arrangements to get his certificate to him.

1st Received response from Lee Ayers. I asked for further clarification.

1st Received Thanks from GSSR.
Thanks for the email containing the latest edition of The Iowa Patriot.

Bill Tresenriter
Executive Secretary
General Society Sons of the Revolution

1st Notified of correction of website address listed in Iowa Patriot. Should be, I sent correction to members with email.

1st Asked Dean Swearingen to advise Wm Strouse of agenda for Fall Program.

1st Received information and photo from member Richard Martin. I forwarded to webmaster and editor for consideration of future story.

1st Responded to Ron Evangelisti about possible local project with Civil War veteran’s graves.


2nd Explained “Modern Veterans” website section idea to Dave Shannon.

2nd Responded to 1st VP with my specific recommendations in regard to the responsibilities of the office.

2nd Received improved website compatible renewal form from Compatriot James Grassley. I forward to webmaster for addition to website.

2nd Received photos and information from Dave Shannon for Modern Vets Section.

2nd Asked Webmaster to add Fall Program notice to the IASSAR website. I included photo of anniversary pins and list of those eligible.

2nd Wrote article and submitted with photo to SAR Magazine.

3rd Received, from 1st VP, response about Recognition and Awards Committee questions about involvement and plans for Fall Program.

3rd Sent Lee Ayers, Bill Lees and Dean Swearingen my concerns about the lack of details concerning the Awards and Recognition plans for the Fall Program.

3rd Delivered 6 year old certificate to Compatriot Wilson.

3rd Wrote and submitted 4 more articles to the SAR Magazine. Iowa Society is too often left out of the National SAR Magazine. Perhaps, because no one in the IASSAR submits articles to them?

3rd Requested Fall Program info be posted to website.

4th Responded to 1st VP.

5th Asked National Chaplain Gates to add Iowa website link to Chaplain’s page.

5th Drove to PA. to work 3 days on my Patriots family cemetery.

6th Sent email form of Fall Program announcement out to all email members.

7th Sent birthday cards to IASSAR members with B-days this week.

7th Responded to Compatriots, Hancock, Carson, Smith, T. Rowley, J. Grassley, R. Beach, Wilson and Conrey.

8th Returned from cemetery work in PA.

10th Sent updated roster to IASSAR Chaplain and Fall Program Committee member, John Scarpino and requested additional information on Fall Program.

10th Requested the total # of members that subscribe to SAR-Talk. The current answer is 479.


10th Received from IASSAR Chaplain material to add to the website. I forwarded request to webmaster.

10th Got date of the next informal gathering of SAR members and guests, 3rd Saturday of each month, 8:30 am, Country Kitchen NE 14th Street, Des Moines, Iowa.

11th Sent Chaplain’s message out by email.

12th Received Contact form from Compatriot Hollander. Phoned him for correct email, and to advise about his current membership status.

12th Sent email to all IASSAR email members with instructions on how to sign up for sar-talk. This free service can give more insight into the SAR.

12th Corresponded with Compatriot Bruce Norris about starting a Western Iowa Chapter.

12th Sent Compatriot Doyle a request about information on a Doyle buried in Woodland Cemetery.

12th Helped applicant, Jeff Nesler complete form and then delivered to Bill Lees. I requested Bill to process as soon as possible and then call me so I can speed delivery to Secretary and see if process can be improved and shortened.

14th Registrar Lees returned phone call and advised me of further documentation needed for generation 7 to 8. Thanked him for his help and quick response.

14th Found possible service during Revolutionary War period for Jarrett Menefee, my g-g-g-g-g-grandfather. Sent question to sar-talk and received a lead for this research in the first 2 hours.

15th Sent birthday cards to all remaining IASSAR members with birthdays in October.

15th Cards to a few members whose emails are returned as undelivered to confirm current email address

15th Updated IASSAR roster.

Even if you can’t stay for the dinner
Come to Hear and honor our Speaker Oct. 26th

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