Presidents Update #4

Here is my update with a brief comment.   3 ½ months ago when I took office I felt the most urgent needs for this Society to survive and offer something of value to its members were to,

1.  Improve communication.
 This is happening with the ever enhanced website.

 The (to some, seemingly endless) e-mails from your President.

 More importantly the responses I am getting back from you.

The opportunities for activities such the meet and greet the Author and the fascinating Woodlands Cemetery tour by Gerald LeBlanc, and soon news about the Greatly Improved Fall Program, headed by Dean Swearingen who volunteered (for yet one more thing) to be the Chairman of the Fall Program Committee.

The Iowa Patriot Newsletter, by Editor Dr. Francis Keith (next issue coming in Sept).

The informal breakfast gatherings.  Contact Dean, John Scarpino or Volney Smith (the triple S’s) about when and where.  Start your own in your county with a phone call to a local Compatriot (see the Iowa map in the meeting minutes section under item #7 for August 18th, 2007.

2. The other key is to have local chapters.  I have a volunteer in NW Iowa to start a chapter and also a volunteer (as soon as his paper work in done to start a chapter in Central Iowa).  A chapter does not need to be huge.   Check out the Website under local chapters if you are willing to just help in your area.

Here are some of my activities July 13th to August 18, 2007

July 13th Updated email address for Gary Zuehlke

July 13th Thank you note to National Congress attendees from Iowa

July 13th Respond to Christie Noble about Pa., SAR member at Waldon Place in Iowa City and her request for info on Patriot of SAR member Robert Burdette Marsh #163338

July 13th Copied Key Holes to History (see note below) I plan to make copies for all those attending Woodland Cemetery Tour

Have you ever wished that you could give the public a few very short talks?
on the events of the American Revolution?   You can now do that through
“Keyholes to History” on the RSAR site — see the lead article on

Frank Hodalski led a Florida Society pilot project for the Patriotic
Education Committee to answer that need.  Ben Du Bose (Florida Society) researched
and wrote some 52 public service announcements, which were then recorded
Professionally by the Broadcasters Club of Sarasota, Florida.  Colleen Wilson,
SAR’s Director of Education, was an integral part of the editing and is
enthusiastic about taking the project to state societies.  The CD may be copied and
distributed to local radio stations for use as public service announcements
(fulfilling part of their duties as broadcasters).

The CD was presented to the SAR Annual Congress on Tuesday July 10, where
two copies were given to each State Society.  The audio files on the CD have
been converted to MP3 files and posted on the RSAR site, from which they may be
played on most Web browsers or downloaded to iPods or other playback devices.
This Web distribution option is a service of the Web Education (RSAR) area
of the SAR’s Center for Advancing America’s Heritage.

July 13th Determined Patriot of Mr. Marsh is Benjamin Eggleston, Pvt. From Ct. (received from Compatriot Charlie Scott, Kentucky.  Returned Thank you
July 13th Sent Judy McNamara DAR SUVCW Banner articles that mention DAR Iowa

July 13th Sent Christie Noble info and invitation for her Iowa City friend to transfer to Iowa SAR

July 13th Sent IASSAR member Charles Montgomery contact info for Don Ruffcorn (potential new member)

July 13th Sent Jeff Nesler (potential new member) genealogical info on his ancestor John Parker Hildreth.

July 13th reviewed History teacher award, we need Iowa nominee next year
I announced at Congress that our first Tom & Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award winner is leaving for his Freedoms Foundation trip tomorrow. The winner, Douglas Wilson from Indiana, will be attending the Southern Campaign and has agreed to submit a blog each day he is on the trip.  This will chronicle his adventure and allow us to enjoy it vicariously.  The site is HTTP:// .  There are already 4 entries on his blog so log on and read them and visit the site each day to see what Doug has experienced. 
    I encourage each state society to submit an entry in the 2007 American History Teacher Award contest, where the winner will be selected in February 2008.  Visit the Americanism Committee site on the SAR web site for information on how to conduct the contest at the chapter and state level and how to submit an entry from the state contest to national.

July 14th Received some of the activities IASSAR Historian Harold Meeker is involved in,

My community activities involve working on various fund drives for new library, member of the Poweshiek Democratic Central Committee, and the Kiwanis. I also work on my oil painting and my genealogy. Even though retired, most of my time is well spent.
I copy each of your emails to be included in our SAR history. To my knowledge, there has been no info to send to the SAR Magazine.

July 14th, reply to Historian sent 3 article from The Banner, SUVCW national Magazine

July 14th sent items to Webmaster Scott Rowley

July 14th Received note from TXSSAR member Mike Radcliff and I responded

July 14th J. Fenwick Shugrue offered copy of application for Mr. Marsh mentioned above

July 15th Sent IASSAR Webmaster link to National Congress photos for addition to website

July 15th sent webmaster link to Keyholes to history for addition to IASSAR

July 15th received sources for Color Guard uniforms from Dave Mann Colorado SAR President  The Sutler of Mount Misery  G  Gedney Godwin Company  C&D Jarnagin    Jasper Townsend
Also if you go to  click on Membership, click on Color Guard, then Uniform design and suppliers.

July 15th Made list of potential new members
To Board Members,

Listed below are a few individuals that I have been in contact with about joining the IASSAR.  If you feel it is appropriate to send them an email of encouragement about moving forward in the process or assisting them in any way, then feel free to do so. 

1. J. N.
    Ankeny, IA

2.  D. H.
    Des Moines, Iowa     

3. D. A.
    Des Moines, Ia

4. D. M.
   (Her family)    
 5.  G. J.
    Melcher, Iowa 50163      
6.  R. R.
    Spirit Lake, IA 51360    

7.  J. R.-S.
  CAR to a SAR member
  Dubuque student
  Add Husband 

8.  D. R. 
9.   C. R.
       Des Moines, Iowa

10.  M.F. (sent in application)

July 15th Responded to Wm Strouse on new member question

July 15th Sent Des Moines Register writer a note on his re-enactor and history article

July 16th Sent email to all SAR and SUVCW members about the article in the Des Moines Register

July 16th Received new member contact info from Lance Ehmke, I responded to potential new member

July 16th Sent DM Register article to IASSAR member Gwendy Baldwin

July 16th Requested info on SAR Talk for Patriot Hosea Hildreth, for potential new member Jeff Nesler, Richard Asmun, PASSAR and Ron Beardon ALSSAR responded with information.  I replied with thank you note.

July 16th Received Congress report from John and Ann Scarpino (see minutes of August 18th BOM)

July 16th heard that one of our IASSAR members died but unable to determine who it was.

July 17th Helped fill in part of Jeff Nesler IASSAR application

July 18th Received email 1st draft application from Martin Francis

July 18th Received letter from IASSAR member Charles Wright with a tip that there might be a Rev. War Vet buried in Lucas County, Iowa by the name of William Mckinley.  I call him on phone and we discussed how to either prove or disprove this.

July 18th forwarded on questions about William McKinley to John Brockway and Harold Meeker

July 18th Sent progress update to applicant Martin Francis

July 18th John Scarpino sent along a possible speaker for future meetings
 Alvin Ashley

July 19th sent document needs list to potential member Jeff Nesler

July 19th Webmaster added President’s Update#3 to website. I sent note of thanks.

July 19th I reserved a room for August 18th BOM meeting.  However they need Non profit document

July 19th corrected M. F. application and sent back to same for proof reading

July 19th Arranged for a Woodlands Cemetery Tour for SAR members

July 20th requested 501c3 document from Bill Lees, Frank Swallow, Dean Swearingen

July 20th met with webmaster to try and refine suggestion link

July 20th Dean Swearingen suggested I contact Joe Harris for non profit documentation.  I did and he sent.

July 20th copied NSSAR medals photos and rank from Calif. website

July 20th sent link with Calif. Newsletter to IASSAR Editor Fran Keith

July 21st sent copy of Mr. Marsh application to Christie Noble

July 21st Sent to all IASSAR member with email on file, an invitation to Woodlands tour and board of Managers meeting

July 21st Sent Fran Keith answer to most inquiries

July 21st sent request to SAR Talk for info on Iowa William Mckinley

July 22 corresponded with Charles Wright IASSAR and Mr. Smithson MDSSAR on search for William Mckinley info

July 22nd sent Agenda for Board Meeting to all Board members, past presidents and webmaster

July 22nd 12 more emails on William Mckinley research

July 22nd request from NCSSAR member (through Harold Meeker) for origin of IASSAR.  Replied with info from directory on the 23rd. And had webmaster add to website on the 25th.

July 22nd Request for information from John Scarpino

July 23rd Library room reservation approved

July 23rd sent question to SAR Talk asking why the North Central District is the only district not represented on National Website

July 24th met with Scott Rowley about SAR website.  He showed me how to add events to calendar

July 24th copied address labels for mailing to non email SAR members

July 24th Received bio from Historian but I was unable to open file

July 24th mailed Pa., cemetery work newspaper articles to PASSAR member

July 25 corresponded about North Central District with John Hallberg Jones

July 25th Visited Chariton, found research to confirm that William Mckinley buried in Lucas County was probably the son of William Mckinley the Revolutionary War vet.

July 26th sent suggestion that Payton manning and family should be contacted since they are eligible for SAR membership

July 27th I have responded to over 40 rsvp’s or decline for cemetery tour so far.

July 26th copied and mailed 100 invitations to non-email IASSAR members

July 26th asked webmaster to add chaplain section

July 26th emailed and FYI on re-enactor program in Marshalltown on July 28, 2007 

July 28th attended Civil War re-enactor event at the Iowa Veteran’s Home handed out IASSAR contact info to 6 people who showed an interest in joining.  Got the name of a possible speaker, Prof. George Glenn of UNI (might now be retired.
July 29th mailed CD’s (PowerPoint of Revolutionary War vet buried in Iowa and Key Holes to History by FLSSAR) to 2 members who are teachers

July 29th received notice from Bill Lees that IASSAR member Dorryl Buck died June 26th, 2007, corresponded with Secretary and chaplain regarding needed notifications.

July 29th sent for probate records and will for supplemental Valentine Rumell

July 29th Confirmed that Chaplain sent Buck obit to National

July 31st Received RSVP from D. Wilkins and R. Millett

July 31st received answer from Treasurer (Dean Swearingen) about IRS question.  He is familiar with what needs to be done.

July 31st Received response for Kevin Parmenter about IRS question

July 31st Sent genealogy request to SAR-talk

August 1st Received genealogy response from Noel Pixley

August 1st Saw Newsletter photos added to website by Webmaster, I sent note of thanks.

August 2nd RSVP from Harold Meeker, Historian

August 2nd RSVP from Bill Lees

August 3rd RSVP from Lee Ayers

August 3rd RSVP from John Scarpino and suggested agenda item.

August 4th RSVP from Fran Keith, Editor

August 4th Received C.A.R. Newsletter from Kathy Ehmke, I asked and received permission to put on IASSAR website and to forward on to IASSAR members
August 4th sent CAR newsletter and brief update to 100 SAR members with email.

August 4th ordered Color Guard Tricorn

August 4th took lesson on how to add things to the IASSAR website.  Added some photos and list of Revolutionary War Vets buried in Iowa

August 4th Requested proposed IASSAR budget from treasurer.

August 5th received memo from Chaplain on other Societies recruiting, social events and publication costs.  Thanks keep the ideas coming.

August 6th Passed on thank you note from member Bruce Norris to webmaster.

August 6th Sent webmaster information to start a Chaplain’s section on the website.

August 7th Received memo from DAR, Judy McNamara about their plans to present a DAR Medal of Honor on Nov. 1st and inviting IASSAR to join them.  I responded that we would love to do so.

August 8th Chaplain John Scarpino informed me of completion of a project he has been working on to maintain record of members who may be ill and that we should visit.  He also developed a system on recording those who have passed.  John also had a suggestion for the annual meeting.

August 8th Made copies of Key Holes to History for all attendees to the Woodlands tour and the BOM meeting.

August 8th Sent out opportunity for IASSAR members near their hometown.


Check out the newest section added (by our own webmaster) to the Iowa Society of the Sons of the American Revolution website.

If any of these patriot’s graves are in or near your hometown, perhaps you might be willing to borrow an IASSAR color guard uniform, have a photo taken of yourself decorating the site with a flag or flowers and than submitting the photo to the local newspapers in that county. It would make for a nice item for newspapers to have by Patriots Day, which is September 11, 2007.

If anyone is willing let me know and I will try to make arrangements to get the Color Guard uniform to you.

August 8th Bill Lees, registrar updated me on Francis application and a suggested project to find a mark “real sons” graves in Iowa.  It could be done in an area near every IASSAR member—even those outside of Iowa.  Please let me know if you find any in your current home town.

August 9th Sent Editor Fran Keith info on winning newsletters around the country.

August 9th Sent Des Moines Register writer J. Roos a story idea from Compatriot John Brockway.

August 10th received project suggestions from Scott Rowley and offer to serve as officer for the Central Iowa Chapter.  However we are still waiting on paper work for official membership approval.

August 10th Sent request to Secretary Frank Swallow

August 11th Received proposed budget from Treasurer.

August 11th Attended and recruited at the National Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War convention, in St. Louis, Mo.

August 12th Received inquiry on membership from R. L. in Clinton, Iowa.  I responded within the hour.

August 12th Webmaster (after trying for days) got a application process developed and put on our website for those interested in starting local chapters.

August 12th Made a county by county breakdown of our members and where they live in Iowa.  I asked webmaster to post on the website, in a map format if possible. Out of state members not marked.

iowa map







August 12th Received a letter from a member who has been waiting over 8 months to hear of approval of his grandsons to SAR.  I responded and copied IASSAR registrar and Executive Director of National Joe Harris.

August 12th asked for and received information about budget from Dean Swearingen.

August 12th received explanation from treasurer on budget item

August 13th sent out email to finalize those going on tour.

August 13th received email from National staff registrar, Denise Hall on 4 new members final approval.

August 13th talked with Tom Sawyer, Bill Lees and Frank Swallow on the 8 month delay in getting confirmation of membership for grandsons of Mr. Sawyer.  Bill determined that they were approved by National in April but no one, in Iowa, seems to have any written confirmation.  I asked Bill to call National, get certificates filled out and Fed EX’ed at my expense ASAP.

August 13th Responded to email from Compatriot Richard Martin and asked him to share some of his experiences as a search and rescue flight member with our editor and/or webmaster.

August 13th Compiled and sent out of state membership breakdown to webmaster

August 13th visited with Chaplain on new ideas and sent him membership list

August 13th Received RSVP from member Mike Hancock to attend tour.
August 14th Sent request to Bill Lees and Frank Swallow to review my membership list and to provide all updates and corrections.

August 17, 2007 Received confirmation and certificates for Sawyer family.  Emailed copies and Fed Ex’ed overnight.

August 17 Received 8 new member certificates to sign.

August 18th attended Woodlands Cemetery tour by Gerald LeBlanc with 14 other SAR members and guests, Martin, Karen and their daughter Francis, Theron Conrey, Dave and J. Shannon, Mary Rowley, Fran Keith, Jeff Nesler, Mike Hancock, Bill Lees, Volney Smith, Amber.

August 18th Attended Board of Management meeting in Des Moines, Iowa.

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