Presidents Update #5

President Update #5

We are 19 weeks into the year with the current IASSAR officers and I am seeing members becoming more active both in attending events, setting up informal events on their own, communicating by mail, phone and e-mail, volunteering for committees and perhaps most importantly looking to the near term future to see how we can make this great organization more member friendly and interesting.

With that just a reminder on a few items…

The next edition of the Iowa Patriot will be arriving soon thanks to the efforts of Editor Fran Keith and those of you who have submitted story ideas and photos to him.  Please keep them coming.  I know there are great things happening and no matter how big or small you think they might be other members might be encouraged by hearing of them.

There will be a membership renewal notice out soon and we hope to have a 100% response.  When you return those please feel free to include ideas for improvement.

Look for information on the Fall Program to be held in October.  This is sure to start us off in fine fashion for the coming New Year.  Thanks to Committee Chairman Dean Swearingen and his group for making this the special event it should be.

Now for a little idea of what your president has been involved with since the last update.

August 18, 2007 Typed up the minutes to the Board of Management meeting and sent out to all officers for corrections.

Received photos that were taken during the Woodlands Cemetery Tout from Compatriot Mike Hancock. I forwarded on to IASSAR webmaster and sent thank you.
Received and made corrections to minutes from John Scarpino.
Sent out This week’s birthday cards to members

Sent Paris Peace Treaty anniversary information to Fall program chairman.

Received password and user ID from Michael Scroggins to access member roster information.

Received and made corrections from V. Smith and Fran Keith.

Sent Bio to Iowa Patriot editor.

Sent final corrected minutes to webmaster for publication.


Received will for proof of supplemental for member.

Webmaster posted minutes and update #4.  I also requested membership map be posted.

Exchanged e-mail with registrar about ways to improve communication and expedite application process.

Sent duties of officers email to all officers with suggestions for follow up by each.

E-mails to Fran Keith and Peter Heineman.


Email to Ron Reisinger requesting his assistance in setting up a NW Iowa chapter.

Received information from Dr. Heineman on some IASSAR archive records.

Ron Reisinger responded with his offer to help. I forwarded to Board.

Dave Shannon sent website corrections.  I forwarded to webmaster and corrections were made.
1st VP and past Secretary said all IASSAR items sent to current secretary.


Discussion with Fran Keith on the direction of newsletter and future board meetings.

Historical info from V. H. Smith in regard to past Sioux City, Iowa chapters.

V. H. Smith submitted Revolutionary War Veteran Buffington photo of grave stone and story.  I forwarded on to webmaster for addition to our site.

I sent my most current roster with additions to editor Fran.

Spoke with Secretary by phone on how best to improve applications and membership renewal process.


Discussion with Harold Meeker Historian.

Webmaster asked how his application is proceeding (papers and check was sent to registrar on June 16th).  I requested update from registrar and secretary.

Sent list of potential new members to Bill Lees.

Corresponded with Compatriot Charles Wright.  He is recruiting new member.

Sent notice of Oct. 1st national archives records cost increase to potential new members.

Mailed 9 record copies of new members to registrar.
Sent Women’s Auxiliary update and photos to webmaster.  He added to site.

Added to Chaplain Section link to National.

Sent out this week’s birthday cards to members

Mailed copies of Memorial service to Chaplain Scarpino for distribution to families.

Received website corrections from Bill Lees.

Suggestion from Webmaster to add a “Modern Veterans” section to the IASSAR website.  This would honor IASSAR members who are veterans of the military.  There was also a suggestion to have a separate section to honor IASSAR member’s relatives who served.  I asked for feedback from some of our members that are veterans.  Most responded favorably if each veteran were able to submit their information voluntarily.


Sent IRS determination letter to Treasurer.

Sent request to registrar and secretary for contact information of family of deceased members,

Had informal breakfast info added to the calendar.


Sent Civil War Roundtable meeting information to John Scarpino.

Sent request to SAR-talk asking how to order military gravestones.
Started project to mark Civil War veteran’s graves in the South G.A.R. section of Woodlands Cemetery.

Received request from  Peggy Powell   Hornick IA about a possible recruit.

Received email from member Gary Winter.

Received info from VA, Bob Betz on some CW vets buried in Woodland.                             

Received report of inventory held by 1st VP
August 27 2007, 1st Vice Presidents Inventory.
Application blanks
6 for nomination for Minute Man Award
4 for nomination for Patriot Medal
32 nominations for Gold Good Citizenship medal
Blank certificates
1 for Appreciation
1 for Silver Good Citizenship
Certificates already made out and not delivered.
1 To David Gustafson as a Junior member: signed by Mike Mulford and Pete Heineman, year 2003
1 Silver ROTC to Reginold N, Preston  , signed by Mike Mulford and Pete Heineman year 2003
1 small for participation to John Doe ( Eagle Scout Program) signed by Mike Mulford. (Could be a sample)
3 Heroism
5 Good Citizenship
1 Law Enforcement  with a Bar
1 Meritorious Service
1 CAR of Appreciation
4 SAR of Appreciation
1 ROTC with a Bar
14 SAR Military Bar pins
5 Past President Pins
3 SAR 25 year pins
1 Roseett
1 outstanding Citizenship pin
A Black Note book
2 certificates from NSSAR for Traveling Banner Year 2005 (For transferring most members)
1 CAR Activities Year 2005 (for work with Children)
1 Ohio Award: (enrolling highest percent of new members under 30 year of age) year 2004-2005
1 Walter G. Sterling Award (enrolled largest number New Members transferred from CAR) Year2004-2005
1 Houston Chapter Award (enrolled largest percent new members transferred from Car 2004-2005)
1 Officers Streamers Award (Whose President and National Trustee have attended both preceding Trustee Meetings and last National Congress) year 2000-2001.
(These certificates should be in the Historian’s things)

Noted that some Wal-Mart Funds might be available for projects.
Responded to 1st VP questions on committee responsibilities.
Responded to questions from SAR potential new member Greg Dallas.
Received Biography for Historian Harold Meeker.

Received Survey contact form from member and forwarded to Chaplain.
Contacted Deanna Clausen at Glendale Cemetery about project to mark Civil War vets graves in Woodland

Contacted Dave Deboldt from Iowa Veterans Affairs about Woodland project.
John Scarpino sent breakfast invitations to potential new members.

Re-sent Mike Hancock cemetery tour photos to webmaster.

Emailed and mailed IASSAR member Bruce Norris application and information for potential new member.
Received message from Chaplain and forwarded to webmaster to add to Chaplain Section of website.

Update from webmaster with his additions to site.
Request for Essay Chairman name to send to National.

Request from Kathy Smith for Eagle Chairman contact information.
Received offer of assistance from Deanna Clausen for Woodland project.  I sent thank you note.

Thank you to Bob Betz for his assistance with grave registrations.
Worked on Greg Johnston application and then returned to him for additional information.
Scanned portrait for webmaster.
Dave Shannon responded to Kathy Smith.
Spoke with Banker and sent her information to allow treasurer and secretary to access account.
Reviewed changes to photos, media, news and awards sections, sent thanks to webmaster.
Researched grave records, obits, city directories, census records and GAR records for Woodlands project.

Sent photo and bio to editor. Sent out this week’s birthday cards to members.

Received Woodland Cemetery tour photos from Fran Keith.  I forwarded on to Webmaster.
Requested renewal form from board members to be included with newsletter.
Compatriot Board Members and Others,

It seems to me that perhaps it would be more cost effective and also enhance responses, if we include a “Membership Renewal” form with the next issue of The Patriot.  Editor Keith has so wonderfully put together yet another edition.

If anyone has a form that they have used in the past (or could make one on short notice) for either Iowa or for their dual membership from another state, would you please forward a copy to Fran Keith, Frank Swallow and myself ASAP?

Frank if you have already done something with the renewal notices let me know.  When I get a copy I will send out to the 110 members with e-mail, Scott (our webmaster) can post on website and Fran will include with his mailing.

Responded to Eagle Scout chairman.


Worked a bit more on Greg Johnston application.

Asked Secretary about status of Scott Rowley application.  Check was sent in June 17th.

Worked on Jeff Nesler application.


Received, reviewed and responded to Fall Program Chairman on the hotel accommodations.


Completed documentation and forms for 27 new military gravestones for Woodland Cemetery South G.A.R. section Civil War veteran’s graves.


Attended informal IASSAR breakfast that was organized by Compatriots Scarpino, Swearingen and V. H. Smith. 10 members and 6 addition guests.

Received and reviewed next Iowa Patriot edition received from Fran Keith.

Requested Fall Program information sheet from program Chair so that we can include it in with the Newsletter mailing.

2nd request to secretary for renewal notice to include with newsletter mailing.

Watched ISU beat Iowa  (sorry I couldn’t resist)

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