Presidents Update #7

As we close in on Thanksgiving it is the 6 month mark for the officers elected in May. Many thanks to those who have taken on the duties of their office and performed them well.

Thanks in advance to those of you who have so much to contribute to the IASSAR in the future and are now planning to do so.

For those who have been elected and trying to figure out the best way to carry out your duties, we are now officially in the second half of the year. Time to make your plans to finish your 1st year strong. If you have questions about any aspects of your office and duties, or you would like to be an officer, feel free to call me at any time.

October 16th 2007

16th Requested agenda for Fall Program

16th Responded to a member’s email with his concerns about his negative perception about the direction of the IASSAR

16th Sent to all officers a suggested agenda for a BOM meeting to be held the 2nd day of the Fall Program after being advised by the Chair of the Fall Program that that day would be a BOM meeting/

16th Received a letter from the Central Iowa Chapter Treasurer asking to be relieved of his duties as Treasurer. Since the chapter should have held elections in 2005 and never has.

16th Advised by Chaplain and member of the Fall Program Committee that the 2nd day was not a BOM meeting but instead a members meeting.

17th Asked Chancellor to clarify if it should be a BOM or members meeting. No response offered.

17th Received the following agenda for Fall Program
Program for IASSAR Banquet Friday, October 26, 2007, 7:00 P.M.
Pledge Allegiance–John
Pledge to the SAR–Dean
The Star Spangle Banner–Group
Comments-Dean and others
Benediction-John page 1
17th Asked webmaster to add items submitted by IASSAR Chaplain John Scarpino

17th Spoke with member John Brockway

17th More discussion of Fall Program agenda

17th Sent the IASSAR website link for photographs of Rev War Vets buried in Iowa to Sar-Talk

17th sent request for genealogy help on John Parker Hildreth

17th Requested correct address for member Ewoldson

18th Sent Color Guard opportunity to appear with a Tuskeegee Airman at a DAR meeting with 80 attendees to all IASSAR members. Only response was from a member in Turkey who would have liked to attend but of course could not.

18th Received an amazing video of a 7 year old singing National Anthem

18th Received information from Compatriot Ron Breardon that allows me to file an application for one more supplemental through my g-g-g-g- grandfather Jarrett Menifee

18th Discussed ideas with The Iowa Patriot, Editor Fran Keith

18th Contacted 3 more sources to try and help a new applicant prove eligibility through Hosea Hildreth

19th Received updated email address from Karl Kludas

19th Received obituary for ex-member Lee B. Richards from Chaplain. Sent to Secretary Frank Swallow and asked him to notify National and make roster changes

20th Asked Treasurer to follow up on Eric Laurence check.

20th attended informal breakfast and asked for attendees to help with phone calls to Des Moines area members that might attend Fall Program. John Scarpino volunteered to make phone call with me.

20th Attended a grave re-dedication for 2 Civil War Veterans buried in Woodland Cemetery. Good attendance. About 35-40 people with more than half from the general public

page 2.

20th John Scarpino invited 2 new potential recruits to the Fall Program

20th Sent email to member Charles Wright

20th Sent list of possible recruits to John Scarpino

21th Working with Glendale Cemetery officials on our project to get 14 new gravestones for unmarked Civil War Veteran’s graves.

21st Sent out notice to cancel BOM meeting because no response from
First VP
Second VP
Past Presidents or
And as a result the required 7 day noticed passed

21st More agenda discussions

21st Sent Meeker Modern Veterans Section submission to Webmaster for addition to website

22nd Received Bates Compatriot’s ancestor information from Harold Meeker

22nd More discussions with cemetery officials on Civil War Vets stones

23rd Sent out Battle Flag Rotation and opportunity for SAR members. No response.

23rd Requested and Received membership information from Bill Lees on Lee Richards

24th Received RSVP from Chancellor Lance E.

24th Received book recommendation from Compatriot Mike Hancock
Dear Compatriot Mike Rowley,
Here is a URL of the book that I mentioned during the Breakfast. I found it very interesting.
It made me admired the Father of our Country even more.

24th Received agenda for Ladies Auxiliary

25th Received and responded to request to join IASSAR from Duane Pierce

26th Set up exhibit table with SAR items for attendees to view
page 3.
26th Attended the Fall Program, Enjoyed the wonderful decorations by Helen Swearingen and Ann Laurence-Scarpino

27th Attend the Members meeting

27th Sent Thank you notes to those out of town members that drove in to attend the Fall Program

27th Received the CAR newsletter and forward to Scott Rowley the webmaster and asked him to add it to the website

27th Drafted a membership renewal reminder notice and sent to those attending the members meeting requesting corrections and suggested changes.

28th Sent Raymond Collin a story idea for his local newspaper. He agreed to research, write and submit an article to local newspapers.

28th Corrections to renewal form

29th Asked webmaster to send calendar update directions to Frank swallow

29th possible new recruit from Dave Shannon

29th email to DAR webmaster for permission to add a link from IASSAR website to IADAR website. No response.

29th Received letter from LTC Jacobus, our Fall Program speaker, replied and asked permission to put on our website, granted and forwarded to webmaster.

30th Sent list for projects sections to webmaster

1. Revolutionary War Veterans Buried in Iowa–Begin Feb 2006
A. Locate and photograph all known Rev. War Vet. Graves in Iowa- completed 08-05-06
B. Copy to DVD-completed 11-26-2006
C. Post to IASSAR website-completed 08-12-2007
D. Photo of IASSAR member in Color Guard uniform next to each grave
E. Submit (D) photos to local newspapers, memorial day, 4th July, etc

page 4.

2. Build Functioning IASSAR website
A. Get Board permission-Sept 2006
B. Find webmaster-March 2007
C. Get access to current in-active website-April 2007
D. Open Website – May 2007
1. Home
2. President’s Updates
3. Meeting Minutes
4. Media
5. Links, SAR, DAR, CAR neighbor states, member’s sites
6. Women’s Auxiliary
7. History
8. Iowa Patriot Newsletter
9. Projects
10. Modern Veterans (IASSAR Members who have served in military)
11. Eagle Scout/ROTC
12. Chaplain’s
13. IASSAR member’s ancestor graves,
3. Planning and Events
A. Rededication of Charles Henry in Tipton-completed Oct 2006
B. Fall Program Cove Restaurant-completed Oct. 2006
C. Memorial Day Veteran’s Auditorium and Capital grounds-May 2007
D. Meet the Author Program-completed July 2007
E. Urbandale Parade-completed July 4th 2007
F. Woodlands Cemetery Tour-completed Aug. 2007
G. Fall Program with speaker-completed Oct. 2007

4. Civil War Veterans gravestone replacement GAR south section Woodland
1. Map entire section on grid paper-completed Aug 2007
2. Transcribe all readable gravestones-completed Sep 2007
3. Photograph all existing stones-completed Sep 2007
4. Order VA records of burials-began Aug 2007
5. Document with Census, obits, City Directory, pension records etc-Aug 2007
6. Get approval from City/Cemetery officials-completed Aug 2007
7. Completed Govt. order forms-Sep 2007
8. Recruit Volunteers to dig out old & install new stones-Oct 2007
9. Coordinate installation with officials-Oct 2007
page 5

11. Plan rededication
12. Publicize
13. Write and submit article to SAR Magazine
14. Submit Binder of all documentation to cemetery officials and I-SAR historian
15. Start over at #1 for North GAR section
16. Encourage all IASSAR members to duplicate at their local cemetery

5. Articles to SAR Magazine and local newspapers
1. Tipton -sent Nov 2006 published 2007 SAR Magazine
2. Webster City Newspaper
3. Two PA. Newspapers and Chicago Sun Times
4. Revolutionary Vets in Iowa to SAR Magazine
5. Webmaster article to SAR Magazine-sent Oct 2007
6. Des Moines Register Photo Memorial day-published May 2007
7. Woodlands tour story to SAR-sent Oct 2007
8. Stech Cemetery restoration to SAR Magazine-sent 10-30-2007
9. Suggested idea to member Ray Collins of Aurora IL-Oct 2007

30th Sent to all IASSAR members with email address on file

30th Information to Brenda Hare DAR

30th Submitted article on Stech cemetery to SAR Magazine

30th Submitted article to Public Opinion Newspaper of Chambersburg, Pa.

30th Asked Webmaster to add Women’s Aux. minutes to website
30th Received word that member Ward Salisbury died

31st Discussed article with reporter from newspaper

31st Received Fall Program photos from Jeff Nesler

1st Sent response to Virginia Society about minority members
2nd Received Tax information request from VPG Scarpino, passed on to registrar and treasurer. Treasurer says he will take care of it.

2nd 14 stones installed at Woodlands cemetery as a result of IASSAR project research
page 6.
2nd Obituary and Death certificate request for SAR applicants

4th Discussed direction of the Iowa Patriot newsletter with Editor Fran Keith

4th Requested Color Guard uniform information from SAR-Talk

4th Sent project information to webmaster for new section

6th Sent historic Iowa National Guard photo out to IASSAR members with current email

6th Asked to attend Veteran’s Day ceremonies with DAR

6th Invited by DAR to participate in Christmas Wreath laying ceremony on Dec 15th

6th Submitted Menefee to supplemental to Registrar

7th assisted DAR member with genealogy request

9th Article submitted to PA newspaper published.
6th, 7th generations restore family graveyard – By VICKY TAYLOR Staff writer

10th Asked Secretary Frank Swallow for update on membership renewals and copy of minutes to the fall members meeting

10th Mailed out birthday greeting to IASSAR members for the week

11th Attended Veteran’s Day ceremonies at Veterans Auditorium and Wreath laying at Revolutionary War Monument in Color Guard Uniform. Joined by John Scarpino as the only other IASSAR member

12th Received an email from a prospective member who felt he had been treated unfairly while trying to apply earlier in the year. I responded and asked for explanation. I offered to assist.

12th Spoke with prospective member directly.

13th Received material from Chaplain with his request to add to website. I forwarded on to webmaster and asked him to add it.

13th Sent get well message to IASSAR member

13th Reviewed story from Compatriot Raymond Collins

page 7.
14th Sent SAR-Talk Genealogy search request for potential member

15th filled out application for prospective member and sent to him

15th Attended Iowa Genealogical Society Open House in Color Guard uniform with John Scarpino to promote IASSAR

16th Sent second request to Secretary for membership renewal update and meeting minutes request.

17th Attended SAR breakfast with Volney Smith, Harold Meeker and John Scarpino

17th Sent out BOM meeting notice for December 8th. Requested all officers to RSVP, attending or not.

17th Notified Chaplain Scarpino of member who had surgery.

17th Received story from member Raymond Collins. He submitted to 4 local newspapers and Genealogical Society. Sent him congratulations and thank you note.

17th I submitted a story and photos to 2 local newspapers.

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