Presidents Update #8

President’s Update # 8

As we head into the last days of 2007 and perhaps we will have an opportunity to meet with family and friends. Stories shared often recall the past. When we search our genealogy we become interested in not only who our ancestors were, but also what they did. With the advances in technology, nutrition, leisure time, a nearly unlimited collection of information and knowledge at our finger tips it is theoretically easier today to, “Do something” then ever before in history.

One thing that has not changed is each individual’s personal decision to, “do something of do nothing.”

A popular song asks, “What have you done today to make you feel proud?”

I know many if not most of you are doing great things to preserve and educate about our shared heritage. Let me know so that other can see how you are doing and share in the great feeling of trying to make a difference.

I have been encouraged in recent days to see that some of our members are reading and responding (not always agreeing) to my updates. It shows a passion for ideas, instead of apathy.

Listed below are the President’s updates for month 7. pages 10 & 12 may take a minute to
Come up when opening attatchment
November 17th 2007- Sent out notice of December 8th Board of Manager’s meeting to all IASSAR members with email address on file

17th Sent notice of sick member to IASSAR Chaplain

17th Treasure notified me he would be sending report for BOM

18th Member Mike Hancock shared an interesting website

19th Asked webmaster to add President’s Update #7 to website

19th Member Dr. Terrence L. Kullbom requested his 25th anniversary pin.

19th I asked 1st VP and Treasurer to respond to Dr. Kullbom with his pin

19th Treasurer responded that he would send the anniversary pin out very soon

19th One of our members sent an email saying they visited the IASSAR website for the first time and greatly enjoyed it. He also said that the Iowa Patriot was greatly appreciated.

20th Asked Secretary to send out notice of Board of Manager’s Meeting by regular mail or phone, to keep us in compliance with 7 day notice rule.

20th Received Task Force for the Combined Federal Campaign, requests your assistance in reporting your society’s annual expenditures for educational and patriotic activities. From Joe Harris. I forwarded request to treasurer, board of managers and past presidents.

21st Received request from a DAR member for SAR Patriot Graves database. I copied to our registrar and responded. On the NSSAR site one can search the national burials but it does not contain much info received at NASSAR past mid 2003.

22nd Mike Lyman sent the following.
In Jan 2007 NSSAR up-dated all the graves registrations it had received, plus graves recorded in other sources through 31 Dec 2006. They sent each SAR state Graves Chairman a CD in Jan 2007 containing this up-date but to my knowledge the contents have not been posted on the NSSAR website. Your state Rev War Graves Comm chairman I’m sure has a copy of this CD if not I can send you a copy. I asked Bill Lees if he was aware of this. No response on this yet.

22nd Sent request to SAR-Talk to ask about the Guardsman magazine. I ordered 3 month ago but have not received yet. No response yet.

22nd Helped DAR member with ancestor questions.

23rd Received email informing me of the death of an IASSAR member, Charles W. Elliott, 89, of Ames, died Tuesday, Nov. 20, at Rolling Green Village in Nevada. I notified secretary and registrar and asked them to update records and notify national.

23rd Received email that Dr. K. received his 25 year pin. Thanks to Dean Swearingen

24th Historian Harold Meeker requested information on a Revolutionary War veteran buried in Albia, Iowa. I sent him that info.

24th G.J. of Knoxville, Iowa area informed me he was accepted into the Connecticut SAR. I encouraged him to also join Iowa and become active.

24th (and 23rd) Mapped out and photographed Woodlands Cemetery, GAR North section with IASSAR member Tim Rowley

26th Received request for information from a prospective member in the Cedar Falls area. I responded with information and encouragement.

26th Chaplain John Scarpino sent deceased member report

Dorryl Lee Buck d. 6/26/2007

Lee B. Richards 91




26th Asked Webmaster to add CAR newsletter and ISDAR link and corrected Ladies Aux minutes and Newspaper article from Pa. Nov. 2nd


27th Sent more info to Cedar Fall prospective member.

28th Received an email from a historian that just discovered our website and had info on Cato Mead. I returned her call and after speaking with asked her if she might consider speaking to our group in the future. She also made me aware of a website regarding the monument for
The Washington DC Mall, honoring African-American patriots of the
Revolutionary War:

29th I asked webmaster to make the following changes to the website.On the Cato Mead biography , Instead of “Only African American….” Could you correct to read.. “Only known African American..

29th contacted an IASSAR member that I had not heard from for awhile to make sure he was okay.

29th Discussed budget concerns with John Scarpino and also submitted projects that might qualify for GW or other funding.

30th Sent out 1st draft of agenda for BOM meeting to officers and asked for suggestions

30th Worked on project to recruit high profile members to the IASSAR to increase awareness to groups that might not even be aware of our group.

30th Dave Shannon Responded to agenda request with information and updates on Eagle Scout program and essay contest.

30th Editor Fran Keith requested any photos from our Fall Program. I suggested contacting Ann Laurence-Scarpino.

December 1, I requested from Bill Lees a list (if it exists) of all those who have served as Chaplain for the IASSAR. The National Chaplain has a website where they are to be honored.

Page 4

1st Drafted a letter of invitation to Senators Grassley, Dodd and Obama to participate in a ceremony in Montrose Iowa to honor Revolutionary War Veteran Cato Mead and to help bring awareness to the sacrifices made by ancestors of all Americans.

1st Sent Chaplain Christmas message to webmaster and asked for it to be added to Chaplain’s section.

1st Received new email address for member Harold Meeker

2nd Worked with respected friends to refine letter to Senators Grassley, Dodd and Obama.


2nd Sent Senators letter, privately to staff members.

2nd 8:02 PM first response from staff member

3rd I have been trying to find out how to present the Gold Good Citizenship medal to Senator Grassley for months now. This was apparently ordered and approved long before I became president. I ran into some Grassley staff members and asked if they might assist me. Today I received a response from Cory Crowley mentioned she passed on my IASSAR contact info to Emily Cook of Grassley staff and they would contact me.
3rd I received an email with concern from a member, I sent my dues renewal to Frank Swallow on 20071022. It hasn’t gone through my bank yet – was it received? Or is he holding the check and taking all checks to the bank at one time?
I replied and copied the Secretary asking for a response.

3rd Received new email address for Volney Smith

4th Member concern, Okay, just trying to balance my checkbook!
You’ve tried to contact him to no avail – should I place a Stop Payment or wait a bit longer? I phone and left voice message for secretary

4th Received partial budget report from the Treasurer.

4th Contacted the VA for assistance with GAR cemetery burial info.

4th Heard back from 2nd staff member on Senators letter of invitation

5th I attended a Civil War Roundtable program and heard a great speaker. I asked if he would be able to speak to our group. He agreed and we will find a date.

6th Sent the following message to member with concern about his dues check,
I want to apologize on behalf of the IASSAR. I still do not have an answer to your question. After repeated phone calls (leaving messages) and e-mails I still have had no response from our Secretary.

We are having a board of managers meeting this Saturday. However I don’t know if our secretary will be there for that of not as he has not responded about that either.

I have copied our Treasurer on these messages and I will ask him if he can tell if renewal deposits have been made to the IASSAR bank account.

If you could hold off on canceling your check, I hope to have more answers by the end of the meeting on Saturday.


Mike Rowley
6th Senator Grassley staff responds that they are not able to attend a program in Montrose at this time due to schedule conflicts.

6th Received additional budget reports from treasurer for BOM meeting.
6th Requested banking information from Treasurer

6th Received ROTC and Editor’s report from Fran Keith

6th sent request to view bank information to treasurer

6th Invited to the BOM, 2 members who have shown an interest in helping out.
7th More GAR cemetery research

7th a great suggestion from Dave Shannon, A very good addition to the state web page would be “IASSAR Patriotic Essays”. I have five great essays written by Iowa Eagle Scouts in 2006 & 2007 which would be educational and inspiring to visitors to our website. This would help us achieve our goal of perpetuating the memory of the patriots who achieved the independence of the American people.

7th Same request from the 6th to our treasurer.

7th CAR newsletter added to Website

8th Attended Board of Manager’s meeting and also recorded notes. Tried to reach the secretary by phone while at the meeting. Left message with the person that answered

8th Sent out 1st draft of notes for corrections to BOM

8th Received some corrections to notes from Fran Keith and sent out 2nd draft to BOM

9th Received DAR contact information and sent a letter asking about our possible involvement at their spring meeting.

10th Received response from ISDAR

10th Sent acting treasurer of the Central Iowa Chapter a request for information on how to install a new board of managers for that chapter. Apparently in should have been done in 2005.

11th Don Frederick of the LA Times somehow received the letter of invitation I had sent out on December 2nd. He contacted me and I responded honestly to his questions.

12th An article appears in the LA Times blog about my letter to Senator Obama.

Page 7

12th NY Time blog picks up the LA Time story
12th Received an email from a member asking.Have the annual membership cards for this year ever been issued? My check cleared in October. I copied secretary and asked him to respond to the member and me.

12th I sent out final copy of the note from the BOM meeting of Dec. 8th

12th Sent out the following email to all IASSAR members.

As you know I have been involved in many projects (they can be seen on the IASSAR website , under the Projects section) for the IASSAR.

One of the projects was to attract new members and in particular minority members. I would like to call attention to the sacrifices made in the fight for liberty by the thousands of African Americans as well as all the other citizens.

If you have been to the website you may have seen a photo of the grave of Cato Mead. This is a story very few Iowans and Americans know about.

I invited Senator Obama to join the IASSAR and assist us in the effort to help ALL Americans to be proud of their heritage. The letter was sent privately to his staff and a few others.
It has come to my attention that this letter has now become public and I wanted you as members to be aware of it.
All of the candidates are extremely busy as you might expect. I hope to hear from them in the future as time allows.

Dear Sir,

I have been tracing my genealogy for over 30 years and only 2 years ago was able to document a direct ancestor that fought in the Revolutionary War.

While I was very excited to join the organization I soon found myself in the challenging position of, President of the Iowa Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.


Of the many projects I have started, the one of most importance is the project to inform, educate and recruit Iowa’s African Americans to further all American’s understanding of the contributions of this group in the early fight for liberty. Including our own Cato Mead.

Would you please see that Senator Obama receives the below letter of invitation? We will need a rather quick answer from him to be able to pull these plans together very quickly.


Mike Rowley
1825 NW 129th Street
Clive, Iowa 50325



12th Received first response from a member.My check has not been cashed for next year’s dues.
Please send it back and cancel my membership in the Society. I want nothing to do with a political environment.
Thank You,
12th I responded to member.
I will forward your request on to Frank Swallow our secretary.

I in no way am endorsing any politician or party. I am trying to create a greater awareness those who might be descendants of those who stood up for liberty. I hope you will reconsider.


Mike Rowley

12th Received another response from a member.Good job that needed

12th Received yet another response from another member.
Bravo, Mike!

Thank you for reaching out to Senators Obama and Dodd on behalf of the IASSAR and also for getting some very nice publicity for our organization.
12th One more response.
Your work has been extraordinary, especially in attempting to put new life into our organization and recruit new members

12th My response to all who voiced concern..
Thank you for the comments. I have already heard from some members who are resigning from the organization after reading about my efforts.
This is not and never was a political issue. I never gave any indication of endorsing any particular candidate or party.
The Liberty Memorial monument has been sponsored by both sides. Senators Grassley, Dodd and Obama are all cosponsors.
Representatives from all sides were invited. I am disappointed some felt my efforts had other motives than to preserve history, educate about history and create a pride in our heritage.

I will continue to promote the IASSAR as long as the members wish me to do so.

Mike Rowley
13th Yet another response.Every braggart shall be found. My thoughtsIn this my light. A bit incoherent and the email address would not accept my reply.
13th Received by regular mail a response from Senator Obama’s office.

I really can’t say for sure if it is really from the Senator or not, however the signature looks authentic.

14th Received an email from
Joseph W. Dooley, Chairman
NSSAR Membership Committee

15th Attended SAR Informal breakfast. Weather and busy holiday schedules may have had an impact on attendance.

15th Attended as a IASSAR Color Guard, with Iowa Patriot Editor, photographer and IASSAR member Dr. Fran Keith, as well as Congressman Boswell, VA Pat Palmershiem, DAR representative Judy McNamara and about 25 others (including KCCI TV and other members of the press) at the invitation of Judy McNamara.Sat Dec 15th @ 11am west of the State Capitol and west of the Christmas Tree by the United States Flag we be having a wreath-laying ceremony. The Worchester Wreath Co. from Maine had donated 75,000 wreaths to be placed at Arlington National Cemetery and every State Capitol in the US, plus 24 veterans’ cemeteries on foreign soil and abroad U.S. ships sailing in all seven seas. I would love to have a good turn out, please attend.

Judy McNamara Regent
I would encourage any of our members to consider participating (in uniform) at a program in your own community. You will find it very rewarding and quite humbling to have veterans and their families come up to you to thank you for being there to honor their loved ones. I would encourage any member with a uniform to allow others to borrow it for local events. Let me know if I can assist.

15th Received word that one of our members made a generous donation to continue the preservation of Woodlands Cemetery after attending the IASSAR tour by historian Gerald LeBlanc.

December 15th 1:09 PM

As always I welcome all comments and suggestions for improvement

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