August 18, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Mike Rowley, President, Volney Smith, Past President, Bill Lees, Registrar, Dean Swearingen, Treasurer, Fran Keith, Editor, Lee Ayers, 1st V.P.

Absent: 2nd V.P Tom Heit, Secretary Frank Swallow, Chancellor Lance Ehmke, Historian Harold Meeker, Chaplain John Scarpino.

Fifes and Drums music on CD played prior to meeting.

1. Meeting was called to order at 12:40 PM, At the Central Des Moines Public Library Conference room.

2. After Pledge of Allegiance and Pledge to S.A.R. approvals or corrections to the minutes of last meeting were requested. Motion to approve was made and seconded. Motion was approved on a unanimous vote.

3. Next order of business was a clarification of who are considered voting members. There was a discussion of enlarging the members of the Board of Managers. The current Constitution, Article V Officers, describes the members of the board of management and their terms of office. Article XI gives the rules to amend the Constitution. A historical perspective was offered by Past President Volney Smith. After discussion there was no agreement or motion to enlarge the BOM.

Next there was discussion of elected officer’s obligations to attend BOM meetings and to participate in the business of the Society.

Further discussion was held on the importance of each elected officer’s need to fully understand and then seek to fulfill their duties as stated in the membership directory. If a member is unable or unwilling to do so they should request a replacement.

4. Women’s Auxiliary report was given by Helen Swearingen. Helen first reported on some of the activities in representing Iowa at the 117th National Congress in Williamsburg, VA. One of these projects was the donation of a basket made of Iowa products and paid for by a $100 contribution from the IASSAR and $50 each from both Mrs. Swearingen and Mrs. Scarpino. Comments were overheard at the Congress that it was one of the best baskets in the program.

The Board expressed their thanks to Helen and Ann for their efforts and pledge support to make this group a success.

Helen also reported that they had developed the plans for by-laws from the Florida Society and re-worded by IASSAR member Dean Swearingen.

A name still must be chosen for the IASSAR Women’s Auxiliary.

Comments were made that the re-establishment of the Women’s Auxiliary was a step in correcting past mistakes by the Society.

It was also reported that Dean Swearingen was appointed to a National Liaison committee to the Women’s Auxiliary. It was actually Dean’s suggestion to the National Society during the 117th Congress that there was a need for a Liaison Committee.

5. There was a motion proposed to remove last meetings motion on budget from table so we could reconsider it. The motion was seconded and approved. Next was a motion to approve the budget plan as submitted. The motion was seconded. Discussion ensued regarding how to handle those expenses that were considered, out of the ordinary, non-routine or not stated in proposed budget plan. The motion was approved on a 4 to 1 vote.

6. There was a motion to approve the reimbursing of the $25 fee paid by IASSAR members to attend the fall and spring leadership conferences. The motion was seconded. After discussion the motion was approved by a unanimous vote.

The suggestion was made to try and get as many IASSAR members as possible to attend leadership meetings, to ensure active participation upon returning home.

7. Member Demographics was discussed. A map showing the distribution by counties was presented. It was suggested that this visual might help those in all parts of the state know where to go to form more local chapters.

Members by County

Dean Swearingen mentioned that along with Volney Smith, John Scarpino he plans to have informal SAR breakfast gatherings. Those most likely to attend will be contacted. All are welcome.

8. There was discussion on the need to get as many of the IASSAR records to a central location and then to sort and catalog what we have and what is missing. After this plans need to be made on where to store these items.

Lee Ayers committed to inventory all SAR items in his possession and report to the board. Dean Swearingen agreed to get all SAR materials not needed to perform current duties from Frank Swallow.

It was noted that many of the IASSAR records from 1926-1961 are stored in the Special Collections section at the University of Iowa Library.

9. Historian was absent and no report was given however recent materials and photos were mailed to historian to file, and submit for possible publication in the SAR magazine.

10. The need for committees with specific purposes and staffed by members was again addressed. The need for the following 4 immediate committees was determined.

1. Fall Banquet Committee-Dean Swearingen volunteered to chair this group and is working toward a very special program sometime in October.

2. Committee to establish local chapters. No volunteers at this time. President may contact those who have offered to help over the last 4 months.

3. Awards Committee-It was discussed that there is a need for a group to monitor the many awards possible, the requirements for each and the best way to implement these.

4. Flag committee-group is needed to locate those who correctly display the flag and promote pride in the country by their display of same.

11. Treasurer assured the board that the necessary steps were being taken by him to resolve the I.R.S. information request.

12. The need to reduce the time from when a member applies to when he is notified was addressed. One of the things that can and should be done immediately is that when the IASSAR Secretary is notified by National of a new member he should contact that new member ASAP and inform him of his acceptance.

13. It was noted the IASSAR member Bill Lees was serving as a member on at least 6 National Committees.

Eagle Scout Fund

14. IASSAR Website changes and improvements were viewed by those present. Suggestion was made to get biographies of each IASSAR member’s Patriot ancestor and post on website.

Closed with: Until We Meet Again. Adjourned 4:00 PM

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