May 23, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Attendees-Lee Ayers, Bill Lees, Lance Ehmcke (by phone), John Scarpino, David Shannon,
Harold Meeker, Dean Swearingen, Dean Timm and Mike Rowley

Meeting was called to order at 12:35 pm at Urbandale, Iowa Library Conference room.

Invocation was given by Chaplain John Scarpino, followed by Pledge of Allegiance and
Pledge to S.A.R.

Presidents update was a brief (maybe not) overview of what he has been working on the last 18 days since taking office. It included the following…

1. All members are being contacted by phone and or voicemail to introduce new President and find out how we can better serve all members.
Updating email and home address list. The thought was that this should be done at least yearly.
Request was made for mailing labels to be printed for all members ASAP. Dean S. said he had these and would get to Mike Rowley.

2. An author and aide to former U.S. President was contacted and has agreed to speak to SAR members and guests (bring a friend!!!) at the Border’s Book Store on University Ave. in West Des Moines, Iowa on June 7th at 7:00PM.

Suggestion was made to invite DAR, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, and other Genealogy groups. Mike Rowley will do this.

3. The Iowa SAR website is now updated and active for the first time in over 7 years. Not yet where it needs to be but getting there. Special thanks to Scott Rowley our webmaster. Go to then click on members tab, go to state websites on drop down tab, click on Iowa flag. Send Scott an email to tell him what you would like to see. Some suggestions include,

Photos of all Revolutionary War Vets buried in Iowa
Presidents Update page
Roster of members
Member biographies (at least what you want to share)
Ancestor’s biographies
Our Revolutionary War Ancestor’s gravesite photos
List of members who are veterans and list of those in active service
Links to member’s websites (check out the Brockway site!!!)

First 24 hours it was active we had 3 inquiries about membership and 1 complaint (valid).



4. DAR has invited us to participate in Memorial Day ceremony 10:30AM Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium on May 28th. Join us!!!

5. DAR has invited SAR to join them in the July 4th parade in Urbandale. They have the 3rd position and are in need of a flat truck/trailer to carry some of the members not able to walk the whole parade. Contact Mike Rowley if you can help.

6. Ron Evangelista was thanked for his great photography work at the Spring meeting in Ames. Some of his photos can be seen on the Iowa website under the awards section. A suggestion for a Certificate of Recognition was suggested for Compatriot Ron.

7. Big thanks to Dave Shannon on his work on the Eagle Scout Award Program. This year’s winner is an amazing young man. An Eagle Scout and not yet even 16 years old.

8. Get stories, photos and updates to our Editor Fran Keith.

9. President encouraged all members to go to and sign up for SAR-Talk. It is free and a great way to see what the SAR can be at your local level.

10. We would like to link members who are close in proximity to start a type of SAR “club” or informal gatherings until local chapters can be established.

11. Promote SAR memberships as gifts. Do you remember what you got your son in 2006? He probably doesn’t either. I bet he would if it were a SAR membership.

12. Chaplain requested the names of members, their families and their contact information in order for the Chaplain to be a continuing contact of caring and concern. All notices of members’ need for care and support should be given to the Chaplain. The Chaplain’s responsibility is also to keep a record of contacts for memorials and other activities. The Chaplain have all been contacted and invited to be a part of the newly formed Chaplaincy Corps for training and support of Chapter Chaplains by the State Chaplains. The Corps was tarted in Georgia and is spreading across the nation.

13. Requested funding for mailings. We must communicate with our membership on a timelier basis.

Treasurer’s Report and Budget Proposal-Dean Sweringen, Treasurer

Treasurer’s report was approved.

Dean spoke of the need to have a working yearly budget. There was discussion and on the importance of this as not only a financially responsible thing to do but also as a means of “calling members to action” by budgeting for certain programs and then holding them accountable to carry out plans. Other members felt a budget might be too restrictive and since the board needs to approve all expenses anyway it was not needed. An informal show of hands showed a nearly even split. Motion for adopting budget was tabled until next meeting.



Future Board Meeting Schedule

Discussion was held on the frequency and the need to schedule meetings farther in advance. Most felt quarterly would be often enough in the future, however with the society trying very hard to make positive changes it was agreed to schedule the next 2 Board of Manager meetings and 12:00 PM for the 3rd Saturday of the month to coincide with a veteran’s genealogy group that meets at the Iowa Genealogy Society. The next scheduled BOM meetings are June 16th
and August 18th. Any member may attend if you have any interest in serving as an officer or on a committee or have any issues that should be brought to the attention of the board.

Programs-What is the goal?

a. Education
c. recruit members
d. socialize

A concern was mentioned that we are all unique and that if we can’t even agree on a budget we probably also have different political values and ideas and that the Society is best served to not impose the politics of one group on another. There was a discussion on patriotism and how we define it.

There was a discussion on the need to have programs that would be of interest to our members. Think big and outside the box. Newsmakers, Historians, Media people, professional of all types, those with unique experiences etc. DON’T FORGET JUNE 7th

Future Project Ideas

What can our group do to make a difference? Project for schools and students, preserving history, marking graves (perhaps ‘real sons” of Revolutionary War veterans buried in Iowa), genealogy projects etc. Any other ideas?

IASSAR Newsletter

Our editor Fran Keith was not able to attend today. Most in attendance would like to see the newsletter become a much more frequent publication. Sorry Fran you have spoiled us already with the 1sr issue. We will get Dr. Keith’s feedback and work out the budget issues involved. In the meantime we can add items of interest to the website, however you must submit them.

Officer’s Duties



We ran out of time and this was only addressed briefly. The need to have a recording secretary and a corresponding secretary, instead of having one person do both was mentioned as a need for the future.

Ladies Auxiliary of the IASSAR

The IASSAR Board of Management approved the establishment of a Women’s Auxiliary. Membership will be open to wives, widows, mothers, daughters, sisters, and nieces of IASSAR members. Funds were made available for communication with prospective members. An organization meeting will be held during the IASSAR 2007 fall meeting. A communication will be sent prior to this fall meeting. Please plan on attending this very important opportunity to participate in the formation of the IASSAR Women’s Auxiliary. If you should have any questions please contact one of the following by mail telephone or e-mail.

Helen Swearingen
210 Parkview Drive
Waukee, IA 50263
Ann Scarpino
7725 Wistful Vista Unit 702
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266

A motion was made seconded and approved to pay the IRS approved mileage amount for ROTC travel expense in Iowa.

A motion was made seconded and approved to set the amount of $285. to pay the registration fee for IASSAR delegates attending the National Congress.

National Director Joe Harris needs to be contacted for delegation authorization forms for those attending the National Congress. The names of new board members also need to be sent in.

We have an individual that is a Life member of the national SAR but apparently does not show up as an Iowa member. This needs to be corrected ASAP and confirmation sent to Mrs. Scarpino.

Past President Dean Timm is to be featured on KCCI News at 5:00 pm on his musical ministry in local hospitals.

Meeting Adjourned 3:00PM

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