Presidents Update #15

  I just wanted to recognize a couple of individuals that are making our organization stronger.  The first is Volney Smith our current secretary.  Volney has improved the communication with new members and been very helpful in helping things run smoothly for the IASSAR.   The second person is Barbara MacLeish.  She is a devoted, gifted, passionate historian and researcher who I have had the pleasure of interacting with on the Cato Mead project and a very important soon to be announced discovery. We are blessed to have the likes of Barbara assisting us.  Although the summer is coming to an end it is never too late to take that first step to get involved in your own IASSAR project.  The Central Iowa Chapter President has put a challenge on the forum section     Support "local" troops, seeing them off and seeing them return home.  They can use all the support they can get.  Are our members up to organizing local runs to support these troops on the move?  It should be simple enough to drive out somewhere smile and wave for an hour and then return home. It is simple and effective.  Below are the activities that IASSAR president has been made aware of over the last month.  July  6th I received a request from a scout leader and the father of an Eagle Scout on how to join IASSAR.  I replied.  7th The Iowa Patriot editor asked how many new members have joined since I took office.  I counted 32 new members and 10 new supplemental approvals.                                              7th The secretary received 2 more members dues for 2008.  7th The Iowa Civil War monument website has added the IASSAR website on their link section.    7th John Scarpino has picked up memorial bulletins for each of the families of our deceased members and will send them out when he gets back to Iowa.  7th Fran Keith supplied the President and the Secretary with his member mailing list.  Just a note to all who read this, please keep us informed of any changes of address for both home and e-mail.  8th I received the following notice.   My latest book, entitled "July 4th- and the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence" was published on July 2nd. Thought your folks might like it.  Latest Book  Thanks, Jay Woodard  8th I am working on getting a tour of the “unseen items” in the basement of the Iowa Historical building for members of the Central Iowa Chapter of IASSAR some Saturday in Sept.   8th Received photos of the event in Council Bluffs and Omaha from Historian Ray Prusia.  Unfortunately they are in a format that the webmaster has not been able to put them on the website.  8th I sent the webmaster copies of the Iowa patriot and photo of Meritorious Medal winner for posting on the website.  9th I sent out the story of the Star Spangled Banner to IASSAR members.    9th Secretary followed up on late dues question for member M.P.                   10th I received the following request.  I replied with my patriot ancestors.  I would urge each IASSAR member to do the same. Compatriots: Patriots of the American Revolution magazine is searching for photos of your ancestor’s gravestone to be featured on the back cover. If interested, please send photo along with your ancestors full name, year of birth/death, service in the war, and where buried to If we use your photo, we will send you a copy upon publication. Visit our website for more information.  Thank you. T.M. Jacobs CTSSAR   10th I received from Bill Strouse a photo from the SAR award to Cadet/Major Jacob M. Dean of the JROTC at East High School in Waterloo, Iowa on May 5, 2008.  Webmaster was requested to post it on the website.  10th Compatriot Bruce Norris of Council Bluffs, has been working on a patriotic musical medley and reports he has about 17-20 songs ready and I think that will probably make about 1/2 hour presentation.  11th Received word of a donation by Compatriot Bob Snodgrass.  11th Note from Joe Dooley of Virginia states that the National annual dues for Junior members was established at $5.00 there is an initial charge of $30.  It might make a nice gift for sons, grandsons, nephews, great-nephews etc.  11th 2 more membership renewals came in for 2008. 11th Fran Keith forwarded on information on potential new member JH and I sent him my contact information also.  12th I copied photos of our Iowa members at the National congress and forwarded to webmaster for future posting if possible.  I also sent to all IASSAR members with e-mail on file.  13th I sent the webmaster a pdf file with the U.S. Presidents that have also been SAR members for future posting on the website if he can.  14th Lime Springs, Iowa member Jenkins sent me photos of the graves of my wife’s g-g-grandparents.  THANK!!!!!  16th A brief comment to Barbara MacL. Brings extensive proof of Daniel Dow service during the Revolutionary War.  Thanks yet again Barbara.  18th I returned information to a DAR member who had questions about 2 new IASSAR applicants.  20th I sent out to all IASSAR members with e-mail on file the story of a SAR member who is 108 years old.  21st I sent updated roster changes to the IASSAR secretary and the Iowa Patriot editor.  22nd IASSAR webmaster reports over 20,000 visits to the website.  Not a bad return on investment for $6.70 per month (and countless donated hours by our webmaster, Scott Rowley).  24th I received and responded to questions from JW, a potential new member from Waterloo.  24th Posted items on the forum section of Iowa SAR website.  25th I received a call from an Iowa state employee that said they have had complaints about the condition of the rose bushes around the Iowa Revolutionary War Monument.  There was apparently an agreement that the Iowa DAR would take care of these.  27th I sent in an application to the DAR for my mother in law.  28th I sent out notice and request to participate in the Iowa State Fair parade.  29th Volney Smith volunteers to drive his convertible for members that might have trouble walking in the parade.  Thanks Volney.  29th Barbara MacLeish finds and forwards yet more information on a Revolutionary War veteran buried in Iowa.  Mike, I thought you might appreciate having this description of Abraham  Clark, Rev. Vet. of Lee County.    Early Meetings - Frank Mathews - Sept. 27, 1899   The winter of 1843-44 myself and brothers, Jesse and David, went to  school in a little log cabin at what was then called Clark’s Point,  some three miles from our house. There I met the Foggy brothers, James,  William, John, Andrew and Adam. A dam was a little boy just beginning to  go to school and was very spry and active. There also attended the  Boxes’, Norrises’, Kirkpatricks’ Beerys’, Hamiltons’ Kennedays’,  Clarks’ and some others I can’t remember. Grimes Givin was the teacher,  and a very good one for the time. He and his wife, Elizabeth Beery, were the first couple that I saw  married. Everybody for miles around were invited. It was warm weather,  and they stood up among the tables in the door yard to be married, and  amid many jokes and lots of fun and hilarity, the feast proceeded, and  there was an abundance for all. He and his wife emigrated to, what was  then called the New Purchase, and for many years I lost sight of my old  teacher. After the order of the Patrons of Husbandry was organized I  was elected a delegate to the state Grange at Des Moines. Judge Givin,  a Gentleman from Van Buren county and myself, were appointed a  committee to examine the secretary and treasurers’ books. I was  introduced to him as the delegate from “High Henry,” and we went at  once to work. Several times I noticed him looking at me, and when we  finished out report, he said to me, “Did I understand you were from  Henry county?” I said, “Yes sir.” He said, “ I used to live in Lee   county, and I knew a Mr. Mathews there, and it seems to me that you  resembl e him very much.” I said, “Was it Hermon?” “Oh yes,” said he,  “That is the name.” It just dawned upon me then that he was my old  teacher. It was a real pleasure to me to meet him and talk over all  times. I asked how it came, he being a lawyer and judge, that he  belonged to the “Order of Patrons.” “Why says he, “When I left Lee  county, I came here and took up land that now joins the city; improved  a good farm and still live on it. I studied law while improving my  farm; went into the Grange among the first, and expect to live and die  in the order.” He is now probably eighty-five years old, and a man that  Iowa people feel proud of; a good farmer, an able jurist, and a self  made man, -one of nature’s noblemen, if there is such a thing. May the  sunlight of God’s favor shine upon him, here and hereafter, is my  desire.  While living in Lee county, one way and another I met many of the  prominent men and some of her notorious characters. I well remember  Abraham Clark, father of Thomas Clark, of Clark’s Point, Lee county. He  was at that time, I should think, at least eighty years old; was a  jolly old fellow and loved the company of boys. He lived not far from  the school, and I often talked with him. He would take his staff and  mark on the ground the position of the British and American armies ;  tell how many were killed, and how many were wounded, and would get so  interested and animated that it was a real pleasure to be with him. He  was like most other old soldiers, fond of corn juice, and like to  sample other beverages when they came in his way. They told a story  about him. I do not know whether it is true or not. The first quarterly  meeting held at Clark’s Point, was held at the house of Wm.  Kirkpatrick, near Mr. Kirkpatrick’s father of Mrs. James Miller, of  Jackson township, this county; had just finished a frame farm house,  and the people came in for miles around. Thomas Clark, then an old man,  was one of the church officers. He with his aged father started to  church, having the wine, and other things for the sacrament services.  After going a little ways he found that he had forgotten something. So  handing the bottle to his father, he told him to go on and he would  soon overtake him. But being delayed, he did not overtake him until he  was near the church, and to his chagrin, much of the wine had  disappeared. It was said that in consideration of the large crowd  present, it was thought best to dilute it considerably. When his son,  Thomas scolded him, he cried and said “that it looked and smelled so  good that he thought he would just take a little swallow. But the more  he took the more he wanted.” When he died he was near ninety years old,=2 and was buried in the Williamson grave yard, near where he lived. I saw once or twice a Revolutionary soldier, who lived over near the  southwest part of Lee county. In the early settling of this country  many soldiers of the war of 1812 came to Iowa. I well remember one of  our near neighbors, “Grandpa” Long, father of Louis Clay, Strander, and  Samuel Long, well known citizens of early days. Samuel spends part of  his time in Mt. Pleasant, and part of his time on his son’s farm in  Nebraska. I often talked with him of his battles. When I was a boy he  told me that he was near by and saw Tecumseh killed at the battle of  the Thames. Colonel Neal of Danville, father of Mr. John Neal, of Scott  township, Henry county, was a vigorous, well cultured old man. He knew  all about the conditions and progress of the war of 1812, and could  tell of it the most vividly and intelligently of any soldier I ever  saw. But they are gone, and few are left whose patriotic blood was  stirred by the recital of their interesting stories. I heard Robert  Box, commonly called “Old Bobby”, tell of the hardships of the Florida  campaign. He said one time his regiment had nothing to eat for two  days. Then a small beef fell to them and when it was divided the hide  fell to his company. He said they cut it up into strips about one inch  wide, laid it on the fire, and after the hair was bu rned off, and it had twisted up into a cracklin so that they could chew it, it tasted  very good.  Barbara MacLeish  August  2nd Sent out State Fair Parade information to members.  3rd D.A. notified me that he has filled out IASSAR application and sent for signatures.  4th 9:30AM Barbara MacLeish notifies me of her research and discovery.  4th Received, signed, recorded in membership books and forwarded onto Secretary Smith the approved certificates fornew members Schindall, Bogle and Krog.  4th Further discussions with researcher on loose ends and how to proceed.  5th Reserved a conference room for the August 16th BOM at the Urbandale Library.  All members are welcome to attend.  5th sent out notification of meeting to BOM. To: IASSAR Board of Management members,  The next IASSAR BOM meeting will be Saturday August 16, 2008 from 9:00 to 10:15 AM.  Please RSVP either way.  It will take place at   Urbandale Public Library			 3520 86th Street	 Urbandale, Iowa 50322			 278-3945  Let me know of any items you want on the agenda.  I have some very exciting news that will have to what until our meeting.  Note the length of the meeting.  Thanks,  Mike Rowley 5th Corresponded with potential new member CW on questions.  5th Received general items that Treasurer wanted on agenda.  He will send to me before the meeting.  6th Historian reports finding a good template for an on-line historian ‘newsletter”.  6th Walked in uniform in the Iowa State Fair parade.  I was joined by Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War past Commander Ron Rittle as well as Volney Smith and members of both the Iowa DAR and CAR.  This was great exposure of the IASSAR to thousands of Iowans.  7th Received CAR newsletter from Kathy Ehmke.  This is a great group.  You need to look at their newsletters on the website.  7th The Secretary received yet another member’s 2008 dues.  8th Responded to questions from potential new member JG.  8th Webmaster adds Richard Doyle photo and current newsletter to website.  10th Sent Agenda for BOM to officers. IASSAR BOM Meeting  August 16, 2008  1. Welcome and Call to order 9:00AM      Acknowledge new board members, Ray Prusia, Scott Rowley and Fran Keith  2. Pledge of Allegiance  3. SAR Pledge  4. Approval of Minutes from last meeting.  5. Old Business  6. New Business             A. Proposed By-law XV change- Dean Swearingen     B.  Major historical discovery     C. Attendees to National (report by Dean Swearingen)     D. Color Guard suggestions-(funds)     E. Report of Officers (only 1 submitted)          1. President's Update  #15          2. 1st VP  no report          3. 2nd VP no report          4. Secretary report, (drop non payers?)          5. Treasurer (update)          6. Chaplain no report          7. Editor (planning September issue)          8.  Webmaster (new forum section)          9.  Registrar no report         10. Historian (Working on a Historian on-line newsletter)         11. Eagle Scout Chair no report    F.  Chapter Reports?  7. Close 10:15 AM       I have received the following confirmation responses so far from President, Chaplain, Treasurer, Historian and Secretary.  I have received the following regrets so far from Webmaster, Editor, and Chancellor.  No responses yet from 1st VP, 2nd VP, Registrar, or Immediate Past President.  10th Sent Col Ayres of Iowa National Guard an update.  

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