Presidents Update #16

  We are just coming off a weekend that had a SAR event, the first Central Iowa Chapter meeting in years (admittedly very brief) and a bit of socialization.  For me one of the measurements of a successful event is how many members are there that I have never met before, how many “regulars” attended, did I get a chance to meet any potential members and did those in attendance enjoy the program enough to come back next time.  I was please with the results in all of those areas.  Look for renewal and respond ASAP if possible.  Thanks, MJR  Last report ended August 10th  August   10th Received numerous follow ups from B.M. on the possible Rev War Vet buried in Iowa.  11th Received photos and obit from M.S.C. of Montrose, IA Of the gravesite of our possible yet undocumented Rev. War Vet buried in IA  11th Potential new member D.A. of Western Iowa notified me he had completed paper work. I referred him to Bill Lees.  11th B.M. of MN confirms final documentation of Ebenezer Ayres a Rev. War Vet. Buried in Iowa.  12th I sent information on dual membership to a CT SAR member living in Iowa.  12th Sent flowers to our researcher as a small “Thank you” for the literally 100’s of hours of research she has put into this effort.  12th Received a letter from the Iowa CAR (it can be seen in the last BOM meeting minutes).  12th I sent the editor and several writers of the Des Moines Register a copy of the story written by researcher B.M. for possible publication.  12th I also sent article to several magazines and others submitted it to SE Iowa papers.  12th Submitted the below article to the National SAR Magazine  Discovery of 40th Revolutionary War Veteran buried in Iowa August 9, 2008  As members of the SAR, many of you have experienced the thrill of “making the connection” to our patriot ancestor that allows us to apply and join our great organization. The thrill does not need to end there.   Each of us has the opportunity and ability to duplicate that excitement in many different ways if we just share the information we have and continue to look for opportunities to help others.   Even in a state west of the Mississippi River, like Iowa, there are historical links to the American Revolutionary War waiting to be discovered.  Last May PG Wilcox, Joe Dooley and Color Guard members from IA, IL and MO joined together with 200 residents of and visitors to SE Iowa to mark the grave of Cato Meed, a Revolutionary War Veteran of African descent.   Let me share with you a couple of things that have happened at least as an indirect result of that day. Having seen an article about the event in a nearby newspaper, one Iowan was moved to make a $10,000. donation to Montrose Riverfront Inc for the historical museum in honor of his grandfather who had lived in Montrose, Iowa.  I had the great pleasure of “meeting” (through e-mails) and coordinating with Barbara MacLeish. Although Barbara a MN resident has never lived in Montrose, she grew up visiting her grandparents there, as well as her parents who moved back there in retirement. Her ties to the town go back to 1857 when her  Great-great grandparents moved there.   In part, she has been inspired by her grandfather of Montrose, Egner Christensen, who was both interested in the history of the area and a collector of artifacts, some of which are now in the local museum. A current major project of hers involves the history of the first Fort Des Moines, which existed 1834-37 on the site of what became Montrose.  She was responsible for the historical research and documentation of Cato Meed.  After many conversations, e-mails, and amazing military history detective work by her and her contacts, it is with great pride that today we announce the “discovery” of yet another Revolutionary War veteran buried in Iowa.   He is Ebenezer Ayres who died December 29, 1834 and is buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery, adjacent to the burial grounds of the Iowa State Penitentiary, on the north side of Fort Madison, Lee County. Born in Fairfield Co., CT, on March 2, 1761 and baptized at the First Congregational Church of Stamford April 12, 1761, his early life was to be dominated by the events of the Revolutionary War.  He enlisted April 10, 1780 in Capt. Reuben Scofield’s company of the 9th Connecticut Militia regiment and served until January 1, 1781, with his brother John and brother-in-law-to-be, Gould Davenport.  Hanging your membership certificate on the wall can be the beginning of great moments of discovery.  With the rich resources now afforded by the internet and the Revolutionary War service and pension records now made available on, you could be the one, with special knowledge of local and family history, who will bring to light the service of a patriot.                                                            Join us soon in Iowa for the “thrill” of honoring this American hero.  Submitted by, Mike Rowley President, IASSAR 1825 NW 129th Street Clive, Iowa 50325              515-975-0498  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13th I learned that one of our SAR members made a donation and it was also added to by their employer to help build the Iowa Monument at Allatoona Pass in GA.  Do a Google search and remember, “Hold the Fort.”  13th Received a response from the editor of the DM Register that she will consider a story on Ebenezer Ayres.  13th Col. Ayres of the IA National Guard make the update on 40 Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Iowa to the new building plans.                                        PAGE 3 13th Received e-mail from Linda Hayes, Registrar Jean Espy Chapter NSDAR.  She would like to assist with ceremonies for Ebenezer Aryes.   13th Sent inquiry to SAR-Talk to see if anyone joined through Ebenezer Ayres.  13th Received Congress report from Chaplain John Scarpino and an article for the website Chaplain’s section. Forwarded to webmaster.  14th Received information from an IL DAR member as she had seen my inquiry on SAR-Talk.  14th Received the following e-mail and replied.  Compatriot Rowley~   I'm the editor for Patriots of the American Revolution magazine. Our December issue will feature articles on African-Americans that served in the war. I found a very interesting article in the Daily Gate City newspaper by Dianne Vance (May 2008) about Cato Mead. Curious to know if any of your members have photos and a write up about the dedication? It would fit into our Revolutionary War Today section of the magazine. We would also send you a few copies upon publication. Thanks for your time and consideration to this request.   Patriotically,   Timothy M. Jacobs, Editor  Patriots of the American Revolution  12995 S. Cleveland Ave.  Suite 141 #1776  Fort Myers, FL 33907   CT & FL SSAR   CT Soc Genealogists   American Historical Association  Gulf Coast Writer's Association  14th Researcher B. M. finds ancestor of Ebenezer Ayres and makes contact.  14th Newspaper prints article. Fort Madison Daily Democrat. Front page and 3 photos!   14th Received inquiry from potential member GLS of Cedar Rapids.  15th Sent and received e-mail from ILSAR member Michael McMeins on Color Guard activities.  15th Secretary Volney Smith sent letter of welcome to new Compatriot Krog.  15th Received the following link from IASSAR member R.M. of TX   YouTube - The Second American Revolution   15th Another front page article.  This time in the Keokuk Daily Gate Newspaper.  16th Sent announcement of 40th Revolutionary War Veteran buried in Iowa to Webmaster for posting.  40th American Revolutionary War Veteran Buried in Iowa, just discovered and documented.  For the first time in perhaps 80 years or more, a previously unknown gravesite of a Revolutionary War Veteran buried in Iowa has been discovered and documented.  The entire story below is provided by Barbara MacLeish.  Lee County, Iowa, Has Yet another Revolutionary War Veteran  by Barbara MacLeish  To uncover a "lost" Revolutionary War Veteran buried in Iowa, it took    one woman in Minnesota, and two women in southeast Iowa who searched   through tall grass and library records, aided by others in Washington,  California and Connecticut.  Ebenezer Ayres died December 29, 1834 and is buried in Hickory Grove  Cemetery, adjacent to the burial grounds of the Iowa State  Penitentiary, on the north side of Fort Madison. Born in Fairfield Co.,  CT, March 2, 1761 and baptized at the First Congregational Church of  Stamford April 12, 1761, his early life was to be dominated by the  events of the Revolutionary War.  He enlisted April 10, 1780 in Capt.  Reuben Scofield’s company of the 9th Connecticut Militia regiment and  served until January 1, 1781, with his brother John and  brother-in-law-to-be, Gould Davenport.  How could his service have escaped becoming a matter of public record  for Iowa and Lee County, especially when Thelma Shepherd of Fort  Madison did the research and wrote the book on Iowa’s Revolutionary War  soldiers?  Until recent years, the National Daughters of the American  Revolution attributed that record of service to his uncle, also  Ebenezer Ayres, born 1716.  However, their records have now been  adjusted to identify the Ebenezer Ayres who died at Fort Madison as the  man with that record of service.  Why wouldn’t the Iowa DAR have been informed of this change?  The woman  who applied and was accepted into DAR under his record indicated that  the last record for him was the 1830 census in St. Charles Co., MO, and  he was presumed to have died there.  It is true that he appeared in  that census and that his wife, Deborah Davenport Ayres, died there in  1826.  Therefore, the national DAR is still attributing him to Missouri.  Fortunately, his family has had a long and distinguished history in the  Fort Madison area and appear in local histories and records.  They also  had the money to erect fine stones in Hickory Grove Cemetery which  detail the family record.  In May of 1834, he moved from St. Charles Co., MO, to Lee Co, IA,  Washington township, with other family members,  They included=2 0his son,  Ebenezer Davenport Ayres and family, and a daughter, Rebecca Ayres  Parmer, widow of Anthony C. Parmer, and her two sons.  Joining them in  October, 1835, were Emily Ayres Stewart, widow of Dr. Abraham Stewart,  and her two children, Joseph Buffon Stewart and Martha Maria Stewart,  who in 1838 married Dr. Joel C. Walker.  One of the daughters of Dr.  and Mrs. Walker married Rev. George D. Stewart, pastor of the Union  Presbyterian Church for many years in Fort Madison.  Their daughter  Anna applied for membership in 1917 in the DAR under a Walker ancestor,  rather than under Ebenezer Ayres.  Why did she not apply under Ebenezer?  A genealogy of the Ayres family  had just been published in 1916 which attributed the service in Capt.  Scofield’s company to the elder Ebenezer Ayres, born 1716.  While doing research on the history of the first Fort Des Moines, which  existed 1834-37 on the site of what would become Montrose, I stumbled  upon the story of this Ebenezer Ayres as for some months, I have been  trying to identify the elusive Revolutionary War veteran described by a  dragoon of Fort Des Moines as living near Fort Madison in October of  1834.  That soldier was so enamored of the veteran’s beautiful  granddaughter that he neglected to give us the soldier’s name.  Could  this have been Ebenezer Ayres whom he and a group of dragoons visited?   Two key details don’t fit, but it=2 0did lead me to the interesting  history of this man.   Chronology: --Born the son of John Ayres and Rebecca Potts Ayres. --Married Deborah Davenport. --Moved with a group of settlers called the Ohio Company to Fort  Harmar,     Marietta, OH. --Lived briefly at Cleveland, OH --Moved to St. Charles Co. MO, by 1802; was appointed a Justice of the  Peace in 1803 (abundant records exist of his long service as a JP); was  a founding member of the Presbyterian church with his wife Deborah. --Moved to Lee County by May, 1834 --Died Dec. 29, 1834 during what has been described as a particularly  harsh winter, and in an era when there was no church or local  government to keep records or a newspaper to print an obituary.  Two stones exist for Ebenezer in Hickory Grove Cemetery, Fort Madison.   A small foot-stone bearing “E.A. 1761-1834,” is set among other family  foot-stones, and then, apparently in the late 1880’s, a tall,  impressive stone was erected inscribed with the names and dates for a  number of family members, including Ebenezer. One of the four faces  bears this inscription: “Ebenezer Ayres   A native of   Connecticut   Died Dec 29, 1834   Aged 73 years   and 9 months     Deborah   Davenport   His wife   died in Saint Charles Co, MO   April 27, 1826   Aged 64 years”  Mary Sue Chatfield and Linda Hayes of Montrose20visited this cemetery  recently and took photos of the family graves which are enclosed with a  low cement wall.  Both have contributed significantly from the  beginning to uncovering Ebenezer’s story.  Linda, as registrar for the  Fort Madison DAR chapter was immensely helpful in interpreting DAR  records.  At the Fort Madison Library they found obituaries for a  number of family members and have transcribed from microfilm this  obituary for Ebenezer’s daughter, Emily, which offers details not  included in the county histories: (Fort Madison Weekly Democrat, July 23, 1879, p.10, col. 4) DIED   On Friday, July 18th, 1879, in this city, at the residence of her  son-in-law, Dr. J.C. Walker, Mrs. Emily Stewart, aged 84 years.   Mrs. Emily Stewart was born at Ft. Harmer, in the Northwestern  Territory, now Marietta, Ohio, January 22, 1795.  Her parents, Ebenezer  and Deborah Davenport Ayres, came from Connecticut to Marietta and  afterwards lived in Cleveland, Ohio.     About the year 1802 they moved  with their family to St. Louis, in Upper Louisiana, then in possession  of the Spanish government.  Miss Emily was married to Dr. Abram  Stewart, a surgeon in the army, in July 1816.  He died October, 1834.   She came with her children to Fort Madison in October, 1835.  At the  time of her death she was the oldest resident of the place.  She was  one of the original members of the Fort Madison  Presbyterian  organization, and was for more than seventy years a member of the  Presbyterian communion.   Another interesting aspect of this family’s early history in Lee County  involves his daughter, Rebecca Ayres Parmer,  as the first woman  teacher in Iowa.  From the Annals of Iowa, Jan.1884, in an article by  T. S. Parvin:  “’We learn, however, from a communication in the Gate City (in answer  to an inquiry, from Marcus D. Box, whom we believe to be a son of Hon.  John Box, one of the Representatives from Lee county in the Wisconsin  Legislature of 1836, that a school was taught in Lee county, about two  miles from Fort Madison, on the road lending to Augusta and Burlington,  as early as May, 1834. The teacher was a lady, too, Mrs. Rebecca  Parmer, sister to E. S. [sic E. D.] Ayres one of the old settlers of  Lee county. "The house used was a small cabin with dirt floor and split  rails for seats." Some of her scholars are still living (1882). and we  have heard from their own lips recitals of the events of their school  days in that primitive school house.’”  Significant help has come from a number of people in clarifying this  story of Ebenezer Ayres so that he might rightfully be recognized as a  Revolutionary War Patriot buried in Iowa.  Mike Rowley, President of  the Iowa Society of the Sons of the American Revolution has been both  encouraging and helpful in20finding records.  Barbara Kaye, formerly of  Stamford, CT, but now living in California, whose carefully documented  records of early Stamford families have been invaluable, sent the key  DAR document showing that indeed, the National DAR had changed their  identification to the Ebenezer who died at Fort Madison.  Maureen Mead,  of Olympia, WA, Coordinator of the CTGenWeb, as part of the USGenWeb  Project, as well as longtime coordinator of the Fairfield County CT genweb site,  has been extraordinarily helpful in finding records.  As this story was developing in the last several weeks, Mike Rowley of  the IASSAR, who was so excited about this discovery, jestingly said he  was ready to go over to the monument erected a few years ago to honor  Iowa’s Revolutionary War Patriots at the State Capitol in Des Moines,  with his chisel to inscribe Ebenezer’s name.  At times, as this story  was unfolding, I had to tell him “Not yet.”  Now that we have  confirmation from the DAR in Washington DC that this Ebenezer Ayres is  the one who served in Capt. Scofield’s company, Mike Rowley will  probably not do the chiseling, but it is time that the name be formally  inscribed.  16th Sent list of 2008 Nonpaying members to Secretary, Treasurer and Editor.  16th Continued correspondence with additional Ebenezer Ayres descendants from around the country and also B.M. who continues deeper research into this Patriot.  16th BOM meeting in Urbandale, Iowa.  Minutes are already posted on website.  16th Historian Ray Prusia presented a possible example of an online Historians update. I will resubmit to webmaster for posting on the website.  17th I identified the possible grave location of one of my g-g-g-g-grandfathers (a Rev War Vet) on the NSSAR website.  17th Ordered copies of the Keokuk and Fort Madison papers for IASSAR archives.  17th Dean Swearigen put together a list of those members having membership anniversaries this year. It would be great to honor them in person if they were able to attend such a celebration.    Here is a copy of the 2008 anniversary list that I told you I would put together for you to check out.  If you find errors let me know.  Dean   Last	First 	Middle	National ID	Approval	  Name	Name	Name	Number	Date	Years  	 	 	 	 	  Scarpino	John	J		09/13/1973	35 Heit	Thomas	Anthony		01/09/1978	30 Creger	Richard	J		06/13/1978	30 Brown	Ralph	Roger		09/20/1983	25 Meeker	Harold	Laverne		11/21/1983	25 Gilson	Thomas	Robert		01/12/1993	15 Irvine	John	Robert		05/25/1993	15 Bollenbaugh	Jeffrey	Jack		06/22/1993	15 Horner	Warren	Murdock		10/25/1993	15 Zuehlke	Gary	L		10/29/1993	15 Peters	Michael	Eduard		11/05/1993	15 Carson	John	LeRoy		08/04/1998	10 Lira	Lee	Michael		11/30/1998	10 Parker	Russell	Duane		12/23/1998	10 Cahill	James	John (M.)		12/23/1998	10 Doyle	John	Richard		12/23/1998	10 Hansen	Brent	Tyler		05/28/2003	5 Linderman	Jack	LeRoy		06/10/2003	5 Davis	Mark	Earl		07/14/2003	5 Swearingen	Donald	Dean		09/23/2003	5 Stanford	Robert	Thomas		09/23/2003	5 Stanford	Christopher	Holden		09/23/2003	5 Epping	Carl	Joseph		11/12/2003	5 Hancock	Michael	Edward		11/21/2003	5 Magee	Larry	Dean		11/21/2003	5                             17th Sent out draft of Meeting Minutes for corrections.  18th Corrections sent to the editor of the Patriots of the American Revolution magazine on the Cato Meed article.  18th Planning and coordinating possible tour with SUVCW.  19th Sent member change of address to Editor.  19th Sent out BOM minutes to all members with e-mail on file. Mailed information to 1st VP Lee Ayers.  20th John Scarpino heard SAR mentioned on the Glen Beck National radio show today.  21st Reminded Registrar of discussion about his ideas to help Iowa Eagle Scouts compete on a national level and asked for his suggestions.  21st Received information that one of our members, John Scarpino is running for the office of Polk County Supervisor in District 2.  I thought it might be a good idea to send out an inquiry to see if there were other IASSAR members serving in public office or running this year.  22nd Delivered most of the Secretary items to Volney Smith.  21st Webmaster added Chaplain article.  21st Received an interesting article from 1901. I stumbled upon this when looking for someone else, again.  Nashua Reporter  Nashua, Chickasaw, Iowa  December 12, 1901  The Daughters of the Revolution will petition the state legislature for  a monument to erect over the grave of Charles Shepard, a negro of  Revolutionary fame. He served in the war of the revolution as a  private, and came to Iowa in an early day and died and was buried near  his cabin at Millspaugh Mills, Henry county.  After many, many hours of research by a volunteer, this seems almost certainly un-founded.  22nd Request from IASSAR Chancellor on the National Award for CAR activity given to the IASSAR at National Congress.  I forwarded on to those in attendance.  22nd I received a request for the IASSAR to assist in the below areas, I could use some local volunteers. Wreaths Across America  Iowa Cemetery Locations (NSSAR North Central District)  Keokuk National Cemetery, Keokuk Contact Information Lead Squadron or Group: American Legion 41/SAL Sq 41 Iowa Detachment/VFW Post 3508 Location Leader: Gary Folluo Contact Number: 319-524-5410 or 319-795-1348 (cell) Email: Participating SAR Chapter:  Chapter Contact:  Contact Number:  Email:    Iowa Veterans Home & Cemetery, Marshalltown Contact Information Lead Squadron or Group: Patriot Guard Riders - Iowa Location Leader: Mike Luken Contact Number: 712-225-3388 Email: Participating SAR Chapter:  Chapter Contact:  Contact Number:  Email:    Oakland Cemetery, Iowa City  Contact Information Lead Squadron or Group: RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Location Leader: Le Ann Tyson Contact Number: 319-338-9888 Email: Participating SAR Chapter:  Chapter Contact:  Contact Number:  Email:  25th Inquiry from potential member JAL of Waterloo Iowa. I responded and copied Registrar.  26th Continued correspondence with yet more Ebenezer Ayres descendants and other interested in planning a summer 2009 celebration.  29th Nice editorial written by our tour guide from our August 2008 cemetery tour.  29th found the grave of my g-g-g-g-grandfather (Patriot) near a tobacco field in a small town in KY  September   4th IASSAR member article appeared in “The Drumbeat.”  This is the National Magazine of the General Society of the War of 1812.  4th I received a great poster from Michael McMeins of the ILSSAR  5th Discovered that my g-g-g-g-grandfather’s name appears on a monument in Stanford, KY.  Requested photo of it from the Chamber of Commerce.  5th Request from DAR member BH of Eastern Iowa for a contact at SAR Syracuse, NY chapter.  I responded.  6th Noticed 3 new members approved for IASSAR membership on the NSSAR website.  6th Discovered a possible 5th g-g-g-g-grandfather who served (with help from both Iowa and IL DAR members). I will submit for supplemental approval.  12th Sent information on Constitution Day to WHO radio hosts Jan Mickelson and Steve Deace.  12th Just received notice that my mother-in-laws DAR application approved.  Do you have relatives that might consider joining IASSAR?  14th Volney Smith notified me that he has completed renewal notices. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Please return them to Volney ASAP and if you renew for sons or grandsons, thank you.  14th IASSAR member John Brockway is the featured subject in a great Des Moines Register article today.  I sent him congratulations.  14th Yet more documentation and research found by B.M. on Patriot Ebenezer Ayres.  15th I received a call from a DAR member (N.G.F.) in LA (but from Des Moines) telling me her son was being admitted to the Iowa Bar in a ceremony at Hoyt Sherman place on the 19th and she asked if any of our members might be able to attend.  1 Color Guard did attend and she was very grateful.  16th   Jeff Nesler, 2nd VP of the Central Iowa Chapter arranged for those members that wanted to socialize after the tour to meet at Zimm’s Food and Spirits.  18th Nice photo and story appeared in the National SAR Magazine.  Yes that was our own Bill Lees on the far right.  18th Received congratulations from ILSAR on the SAR magazine articles.  19th Sent in address change for IASSAR member B.S. of Grimes.  19th New member D.F. informed me of a couple of ancestors that served during the CW.  I found some documentation on  20th Notified the DAR member that submitted the paper work for our 2 newest members that they had been approved.  20th Received a thank you note from one of the couples that attended the tour.  21st Received photo of tour group from Jeanette Shannon.  I forwarded on to webmaster.  21st Sent out Central IA Chapter minutes to officers and attendees for corrections.  22nd Renewed domain names and for 3 more years.  Total cost $90.  22nd Followed up with B.W. from Cedar Falls.  I met him on the tour and he may be interested in joining IASSAR.  I was also able to find some documentation on for his Patriot ancestor.  22nd Sent MSC of Montrose a copy of the SAR Magazine article as they want to run a mention of it in the local paper.  END   Mike Rowley  President, IASSAR    

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